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Headache for 5 days straight?!

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  • Posted By: Janet6
  • July 23, 2008
  • 01:07 AM

Hi everyone. Since friday I've been having a mild headache. It comes and goes, but it's getting annoying and of course it has me really worried. Today it got worse. I've been taking Tylex, Supradol, and Tempra these past days but nothing seems to help much. Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but we recently picked up a stray kitten and I'm thinking that maybe it might have rabies or some flea-borne disease and passed it to me. I know the chances of the kitten having rabies AND passing it to me without biting or scratching me are close to none, plus the kitten seems perfectly healthy. But I still can't help but associate my headache and sore throat with rabies, especially because I feel that my throat is swollen and I read that rabies causes spasms in the throat. I feel like a hypochondriac. I try telling myself that I might be overexaggerating but I am very scared and I get really nervous. I've been close to having a panic attack several times.
Should I even worry about rabies? What could cause a headache to last 5 days? I also have a sore throat.
Please, any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Go to the doctor. Rabies is far down on the list of things that cause a mild headache and a sore throat. Use some common sense.
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  • There are other viruses you can get from animals, cats in particular. Can't hurt to call the doctor and have it looked at.
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  • Janet6 you don't say where you live or give other environmental factors. Is weather changing? Do you snore or have sleep apnea? Possible sinus issues, is face sore. Do you have history of headaches or migraines? Are they headaches or migraines? Any auras?Have you been around any product that had fumes that could cause issues such as paints, house cleaner products, house deoderant problems, perfumes, moldy areas, etc. Do you have TMJ problems and ears and throat hurt? Food allergies? Change in bedsheets and laundry detergent?See so many things to rule out. I have a metabolic problem that leaves me with headaches up to 4 or 5 months at a time. There are several sources for the continued issues. Relax and think about everything you have been doing. By the time you start showing rabies symptoms that cat should also. And rabies are rather rare. You would be more apt to get ringworm or something. So doubt related. It is a long shot. Good luck. Are you taking meds under direction of a doctor.
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  • im on here for my mum she has had a headache for 5 days stragight what do i do to make her feel better????? plz help
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  • im on here for my mum she has had a headache for 5 days stragight what do i do to make her feel better????? plz helpAnyone who could help will need a lot more information before they could make suggestions such as:1. how old is she?2. does she have any chronic illnesses/conditions/syndromes that you know of?3. what kind of headache is it and where? dull pain, stabbing pain, throbbing pain, where in her head4. what has she already tried?5. do you have any new environmental factors: new apartment, new job, new stress, work being done outside/inside your house/office, bad weather conditions such as recent flood, high humidity, higher pollen or mold levels in the air?6. is she doing any new activity?7. when did it start and has it been continuous or has it come and go?8. is she on any new medication including vitamin supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies?9. does she have any other symptoms?
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  • As I've noted on the forum in many past cases, it's really not prudent to use the internet as a source of diagnostics. Most people inquiring here have already been initially evaluated by their primary care physician or specialist. While a mild headache X 5 days is not typically life-threatening, it apparently constitutes a symptom outside the normal realm for you. I will have to tell you here that any association to handling a stray cat is not only remote, but impractical. If the cat had bitten you, then some consideration might be given to other symptoms that were not mentioned, but suffice it to say that any association is again, remote at best. I think someone had already stated the best advice thus far; "go to the doctor." Headache of unknown origin that is unrelieved by common analgesics requires further evaluation. You should, however, relax and not let your fears elevate the circumstances to the extent of panic. I see nothing of your symptoms that would warrant such concern whatsoever. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • cats are nasty.
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  • If the kitten had rabies, it would be dead! or very close to it. If it has feline leukemia, feline aids, or distemper, it would again be very ill and close to death if not dead already! Fleas carry tapeworm, which you would see coming out of the cat's anus.. and would not give you a headache or an irritated throat. Is it possible you are ALLERGIC to the kitten? maybe the dander? try taking a benadryl and see if it gets better.. It would be highly unlikely and extremely rare for you to receive and illness via transspecies contamination! especially from a cat! The common things that are spread from cats to people and visa versa are limited to only a few things:wormsring worm (fungal infection)conjunctivitis (pink eye)all of these things are easily treatable, and none of them would cause a headache! However; allergies do!! they also cause throat irritation!!Consult a vet by phone, and they will reassure you that your kitten did not give you a disease! Good Luck! to you and the kitten! (hopefully she does not become homeless again due to allergies)
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  • In the past I commented on this post (with rather poor grammar, I should add)...I wanted to make the observation that the new individual posting about headache should start a new thread, it seems to be a new topic unrelated to the stray cat issue (the original post was made in 2008).
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  • In the past I commented on this post (with rather poor grammar, I should add)...I wanted to make the observation that the new individual posting about headache should start a new thread, it seems to be a new topic unrelated to the stray cat issue (the original post was made in 2008).You know, you really don't have to be an ******e
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  • My FEWD4THOUGHT post is directed at 123456789.... so that individuals complaints aren't confused with the cat/headache complaint.
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  • I am a male 40 years old. Last friday I got home from work with a fun evening planned and feeling fine! I changed clothes and out of nowhere I got a massive headache that froze me in my tracks! I made it to my bed and slept to saturday morning. Since then I have a headache, it is now 5 days later! Sometimes it is just a mild feeling in the top back of my head, but it can kick in anytime. Also my face hurts and feels hot to touch! I don't belive in medicine so I haven't takin any and my doctor says since I haven't seen them since 2004 that I have to start all over and apply to be a new patient.....BS! I don't get to concerned but this is starting to worry me. Any help? TIA
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    • November 25, 2009
    • 02:35 AM
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  • cats are nasty. Cats are not nasty, they are a source of great pleasure, we have seven indoorcats, foster care anywhere from 2-6 at anytime in the summer, and currently we are feeding 4 feral kittens that are 5 months old, their mother, father, and two other stray/ferals and onehas babies about 3 weeks old that we havenot found yet. We need to trap as manyaswe can to neuter so they do not populate again next year and adopt out any that can be socialized.On the topic of headaches I have had migraines for along time andpain behind my right eye which I was told was a nuero-optic migraine or something like that. They tried all different medicines on me until about a month ago when I saw something on TV doctor show that pain behind the eye is called a cluster headache and can only be relieved by oxygen. It works like a charm, so any thing you think of bif or small make sure to tell your doctor so he can diagnose and treat with appropiate treatment that will remedy the problem.
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    • September 3, 2010
    • 03:18 PM
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