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Head protusion collects fluid?

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  • Posted By: Paulppaul
  • January 21, 2009
  • 05:43 AM

Hi, I'm going to make this quick and to the point. I've been suffering from nasal pain along with some weird head issues for the last 3 years. Taking a toll on my overall health and havn't been able to get a diagnosis from 10 different doctors. I'm 26 years old.

Here is the story:

My symptoms first started with my nose and nasal passage ways. I believed I got sinus infections and treated it with colloidal silver and water/salt rinses. I started to have boughts of suffucation. I just felt like I was not getting any fresh air. I had to have all the windows open during the night. I would get pain in the chest also. This would occur after a night of drinking. Before this I use to drink heavily but quit for a year and then drank occasionally. The suffocation got really bad and was constant for 7 months. When the suffocation got bad, I started to get bad migraine headaches also. This continued with chronic inflammation of the nose. Mainly the ridge. The inflammation of the nose slowly went away and I was left with inflammation in the head and chest and weakness. Lack of fresh air through the nose, dryness, achying of the cartiledge of the nose/nasal passagways. I developed a protrusion of the ridge of the skull during this time.

I doctors went on pills, diets, whatever I could think of with no avail. During this time there were several times when I would feel fluid drain all at once from the protrusion in my head down my body. This caused me to become feverish and weak. After all of this I ended up completely weak, lifeless, chronic inflammation of the chest, numbness on the left side of my body, numbness of the skull and neck. I also get a feeling of fluid retention around the bottom left rib and left side of abdomen. I see mainly through my right eye and my eyes have different contrasts. Hypersensitivity. I have several other symptoms but the main ones are:

Main symptoms:

Protrusion in skull (Middle left), collects fluid and will drain out down my body every 5 months or so. Chronic numbness of the top of the skull and tingling.

Nasal cartiledge pain/dryness/aching, expecially on the ridge of my nose. There is scare tissue at the tip of the nose going into the left nostril, where all of my ailments seem to have come from. From this spot on up to the protusion in my skull I have numbness of my skin and muscles on down the left side of my skull and neck and left side of mid section. I get a strange numbness around my left bottom rib and left side of abdomen. My muscles twitch at times. I have a very low sense of smell. I seem to get mucus stuck in the back of my throat above the palate.

Doctors have said:

I have reactive hypoglycemia (over the phone), liver iritation, slightly low vitamin D, hair analysis:calcium high everything else low. Other than that no one can find anything wrong. I'm not over weight but a little under. Been to 6 different ear nose and throat specialists and nothing. I try to treat reactive hypoglycemia but nothing seems to help with the nasal pain and head issues.

What seems to help:

Stinging nettle
Castor oil/heat water clothes on nose (toxins?)

Any suggestions?

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