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Head pressure, anxiety, some Nausea, gets worse at night

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  • Posted By: HashimKhan
  • January 16, 2013
  • 11:10 PM

Hi guys...Please Help, I am 18 years old, live in southern California, and have been suffering from head pressure for 6 weeks. I dont know what to do. The doctors says its not sinus related, because they took an x-ray and it showed up clear. I had sinusitus 5 weeks ago but took anti-biotic for that, it lowered the headache but it never fully went away. I have Nausea, feel like I can focus, just gong through the motions. I have trouble sleeping at night for some reason. Could it be Allergies? I have never had them before. I just want to go back to normal, Please help.

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  • Allergies can appear at any stage in your life. After a lifetime of not being allergic to aspirin, I suddenly developed an allergy to it. What you are experiencing certainly sounds like what everyone here calls hay-fever. It is usually brought on by pollen but the symptoms can be caused by dust or other things. My brother who was working at one of the wind farms in Southern Cal suffered from the same thing all the time he was there. Another thing that can bring it on is pollutants. Check you home for anything that could be causing the problem.1. Heating and air filters should be clean. If they aren't, change them.2. Do not use strong smelling sprays. Look for more natural cleaning products.3. Do not burn candles in the home.4. If you must be out when it is windy and dusty wear a filter.5. Wash all bedding frequently. 6. Don't allow people to smoke in your home. Even if these things don't make the problem go away, they will help to keep your lungs healthy. Hope you get better.
    Grandmom 25 Replies
    • January 18, 2013
    • 00:05 PM
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  • Hi,May be or may be not sure about your Allergies. But suggest you to not take a stress and, sleep on time. Consult your doctor, and to know that whether it's an allergy problem or something else ,ask him for medical tests. Don't use deodorant , perfumes ,and try to use masks.Regardsasbestos training
    marinajason 3 Replies
    • January 25, 2013
    • 09:59 AM
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  • Anxiety has many unusual and sometimes frightening symptoms. In addition to rapid heartbeat, sweating, and trembling, it's possible for anxiety to cause other physical sensations, one of which is head pressure. Head pressure can occur in different ways. For some it feels like a tension headache. For others it feels like something is simply wrong inside your head. Some people even feel as though they need to faint. In all of these cases, it's possible that your head pressure is caused by anxiety.Head pressure may be caused by responses to anxiety. Those that start to squint more may be putting tension on their eyes which can lead to head pressure. Sitting or lying down in an uncomfortable way may also contribute to the pressure, because it puts stress on already tensed muscles.
    alex25 1 Replies
    • February 6, 2013
    • 11:23 AM
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  • Hi guys thanks for the replies, I really dont have any head pressure, It is really the constant spaced out feeling, the surreal feeling, When I blow my nose sometimes, I feel air come out of my right ear, and hear a high pitched noise. This only occurs in my right ear. The spaced out feeling is not going away, I just got my blood work done to check for allergies, I also got a CT scan done and it showed up clear. The main thing is the SPACED OUT FEELING
    HashimKhan 1 Replies
    • February 10, 2013
    • 00:14 AM
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  • Hi, I'm 21 and have been having similar symptoms-- head pressure, drowsiness fatigue, confusion etc etc-- over the past year or two, which progressively got worse and they eventually became debilitating. I saw many doctors and was tested for SO many things with no conclusive results. Recently I came across a suggestion made by another user on better medicine to consider something called Candidiasis-- an overgrowth of a type of yeast in the bowls. The treatment is a strict diet of basically no sugar (no grain, no dairy, no fruit)-- so meat and veggies. I gave it a whirl and was shocked that it had actually worked!I've been looking further into things and now believe that I actually have a dairy allergy and possibly a gluten allergy. The fact that your symptoms get worse at night makes me think that your problem is dietary. Maybe ask a physician to be tested for different allergies-- Keep a food journal with times and record your symptoms along with it. You can also try an elimination diet. Untreated food allergies can cause a plethora of strange and inconsistent symptoms because it weakens your immune system and can cause different deficiencies. Here's some good information on it: http://www.three-peaks.net/annette/allergies-death.htm (give the first paragraph a read) I hope this finds you well and is of some help!Pamela.
    PamelaPowley 6 Replies
    • February 24, 2013
    • 03:17 PM
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  • Go to neurologist asap, ask for mri, could be brain problem, multiple sclerosis, encephelitis, etc.Could also be heart problems..I've had both, same symptoms.ankle/feet/leg swellimg could be hearthead pressure c/be brain issues...MULTIPLE SCEROSIS, BOTH same as your symptoms , I ended up being dx'd with many yrs later, BUT IT COULD BE NOTHING MAJOR, BUT FIND OUT NOW.see below... AND DISREGARD LAST SENTENCE. DUPLICAFE OF ABOVE..GOOD LUCKTRY TOget dr.to haveyou admited & have a series of tests done, MAKE NOTE OF ALL OTHER SYMPTOMS, DAILY. TYPE THEM UP. COULD HELP SMART DR DIAGNOSE YOU. get second opinion dr. or third. do not stop, especially if more, and different or severe symptoms occure.Dont take a chance w/ your life.itcould also just be minor, sinus imfection recurring, inner ear, whatwver it is.... GET TO TH BOTTOM OF IT.DONT LET DR'S TELL YOU IT'S NOTNING, IF YOU AND YOUR VOCY FEEL IT IS SOMERHING.I HAD SAME THING HAPPEN AND 25 yrs later, multiple deadly, incurable diseases later, and now last one, rare1 in a million muscle disease is kiling me, be ause I DIDNT FOLLOW THROUGH ENOUGH. I WENT TO 10 or more dr's' thwn life, raising family, suffering, deali g w/it tons of advil, etc. and bang 25 years later, its too lateto treat.DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU OR ANYONE WHO DOESN'T FEEL THEY ARE GETTING ANSWERS, KEEP GOING TO DR'S, GET MORE TESTS, KEEEP ON..GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS. PS. ANY LEF/ANKLE SWELLIMG,'RAPID'JEART BEAT?
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  • Hey, check if you have any vitamin deficiencies! WHere is the pressure on your head? everywhere? you also might have stiff neck muscles tightening up on the nerves to your head.
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