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Head pain and also smelling blood

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  • Posted By: GingerT
  • March 31, 2007
  • 02:32 AM

My daughter has had head pain in her right lobe for 7 days. The pain is at a 10 on the pain scale and the doctor thinks it is stress. Today she all of a sudden had a sharp pain in the front of her head and smells blood. Anyone know what this might be because I dont think it is stress?????:(

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  • Ginger, I would take your daughter to an ER immediately and have them run a CT and/or MRI. This does NOT sound like something stress related, rather it could be raised intercranial pressure from a tumor. She needs to be promptly evaluated by a doctor. Has she been taking any medications recently? Has she been acting oddly recently?
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  • How old is your daughter? Does she have any nasal congestion, fever, runny nose, cough, or any other upper respiratory symptoms? Any nausea or vomiting with the headache? Is she eating normally? Drinking lots of pure water daily? More info would be helpful.Best wishesDOM
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  • This could very well be a migraine. Smells are not uncommon during a migraine and they are finding that younger and younger children are having them. Ask the doc for a CT of the head just to make sure that she doesn't have a clot. We just had a young lady of 7 who had a stroke preceeded by headaches. I don't mean to scare you, this is very rare, but I would insist on the test.
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  • Thank you all for responding, the dentist figured out that is was TMJ which is her jaw clicks because it is not aligned correctly which causes severe head and neck pain and that her wisdom teeth are coming in and she has some how cut part of the skin, thats where the blood is coming from. WHAT A RELIEF. We did have a ct scan and everything was clear. yeahhhhh
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  • please don't stop there...migraines...smelling blood, TMJ and many others are sx of ME please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com there you will find her symptoms also know that in USA, ME does not exist on our diagnostic codes listOnly Chronic Fatigue...The CDC removed ME from list years back...why?? Please know you could have 2 or 72 symptoms and still have this There are hundreds...if not thousands on this forum alone...all having ME sx there was an outbreak in our country in the 80's it is real...please do you daughter a favor and keep looking into symptoms I have TMJ also...along with countless other symptoms Best to you...........mommy cat
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  • After twenty years of being told I had M.E (dizziness, muscular pain, headaches, weird smells no-one else could smell, occasional loss of limb function, stick neck, back, flu like symptoms and constant fatigue) I insisted on a CT scan. My doc didn't even want to let me have it but I insisted after hearing that smelling smells that aren't there can be a sign of brain injury.They treated me as though I was being overly dramatic wanting this scan. They found a 7mm cyst in the right hand side of my brain, I am told that these cysts can cause M.E symptoms. The two symptom lists are virtually identical. I have to have more tests (snd no doubt they'll say I have M.E AND a brain cyst to avoid answering why they didn't do the scan 20 years ago and to avoid a negligence). Has anyone else had similar misdiagnoses??? I recommend all M.E sufferers to get a CT scan done. In fact it should be on the list of things to rule out so similar are the symptoms. Hopefully they can remove this (if they are willing to concede its what causes my symptoms) this may mean my life goes back to normal, though I don't recall what this is. If this is this IS the case you can bet your life I ll be wanting answers...the whole of my twenties, much of my teens and my WHOLE working (or non working) life so far. Anyone who has M.E symptoms but WITH a smell noone else can smell GET A CT SCAN DONE ASAP. Best of luck to you all xxxxx
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  • Hi, I'm senthil, writing from Chennai,Inida. My Friend has had head pain in her right & Left lobe for few days, blood smell, shivering sometime, too much of angry, depression & she cries sometime. One day she called & told me that she forgot the way to her home but she used this way for the past 10 years, she started to act oddly sometimes. I'm worried about this & What could this be?
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    • February 5, 2011
    • 06:23 PM
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