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Have not felt 100% not even 70% in years! Please Help

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  • February 2, 2009
  • 02:13 AM

I am a 21 yr old male who is 5'7 and weighs in at exactly 10 stone. I dont carry an exess fat and I have quite a slim shape but not skinny. I've always had something niggling wrong with me and in 2005 was diagnosed with depression and was given a dose of fluxotine. After a course of the medication I started feel myself again and started to enjoy the things I found I just couldnt during that dark period. Since the beginning of this year however I had a lot of problems and ended up having to move alot while starting a new job. One day in work I started getting this headache that was unlike nothing ive ever had before, it was painful more like a fuzzy feeling where I just couldnt focus and would start slurring my words, lately they have become more of a more common feature of my life. Ive also started to pick up other niggling problems which ill give you in a list below. I also dont know if its worth mentioning that my diet is extremely poor (large amounts of coca cola, chocolate, chips) and I find myself although I enjoy walking most places (even over long distances) infront of my games consoles during my days off for long periods of time. I have been diagnosed with a slightly overactive thyroid which to be honest I am not sure if it contributes to alot of my current problems.

Heres my list :

- Fuzzy head feeling with unable to focus, slightly blurred vision on some occasions and slurred speech (not all the time)

- Find it difficult to sleep in the nights but very difficult to wake up in the morning even if I get (7 to 10) hours of sleep. Also leg pain while sleeping has started to occur. Like constant tiredness

- Get sore neck and now pain has spread to shoulders!

- Occasional Nausea (not so often lately but it comes in patches)

- Red eye in one eye, apprently caused by clogged tear duct by I find it can often be affected by stress

- Blocked nose, more often in the morning and then just starting running for no reason

- Tight chest but not very often

I dont know if its worth mentioning than about serveral times ive turned my head quick and ive had this shooting pain go up my neck into my head but its literally happened several times during my life time but I am wondering if I might of caught a nerve when doing it.

When I play the xbox which is alot I also tend to lean forward and lately ive found that I have been sitting quite close to the TV.

I am going to try to completely cut out the caffiene in my diet which in all fairness is quite alot. I usually have 2 litres a day of coca cola aswell as serveral cups of tea. Ive decided to go for a complete detox aswell as trying to fit in breakfast in the morning and added supliments to my diet. I am aiming to drink the recommended daily intake of water to try to flush out the bad stuff from system. I did read it can take up to a month/2 months to be completely rid of the effects of exessive caffiene use.

I wonder if you guys have had similar problems or if you have relatives who have similar problems. I havent been to the docs since last year but thats purely because (and I see that quite a few of you on here get the same problem) my doctor seems to think its in all in my head.

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  • Heya, well really there are thousands of possibilitys that could be wrong/not quite right with you, so don't be alarmed by all the stuff i'm gonna say becuase it may not effect you at all :) Well there are some of your symptoms i reconised from my dad, who has ms. Such as nausia, slurred speech, sore neck/shoulders, pain in leg whilst sleeping (if parhaps it is something called restless leg syndrome), and tight chest. Now the reason i didn't want to alarm you is because many of your symptoms could be - Like i said restless leg syndrome, sore neck shoulders could be from doing anything (most likey sitting foward whilst playing the x-box, which puts more pressure up there), the blurred vision and slurred speech is something i get i went to the optitions they said it could be just where i'm on the computer/watching tv to long which dries out the eyes and the speach i don't know, and again with your nights sleep i have to get about 6 hours sleep otherwise i am just very tired thoughout the day! You are seriously just like me, i tend to really reallly get worried about all the things that are wrong with me, my list being double yours (Just like i am completely positive i have arthrisus in my finger right now haha). But sometimes ya just have to realise our bodies are never going to be perfectly running. Hope this helped :)
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  • Been looking for fuzzy headed and speak problem and seem this post.Seems like multible problems and a few ive had. Start with the caffine, thats what is probably keeping you up ant night, expecialy if your having it a few hours before bed!The headachs, neck pain and shooting pain, is most likely muscule knots in your up back/neck, best see about getting them massarged out, leg is probable a cramp from in activity. Dont know about the sickness :/Hope this helps
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    • January 1, 2011
    • 11:14 PM
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