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Hair Loss... at 19 !! maybe due to bad habits

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  • Posted By: cool_cooler
  • February 21, 2009
  • 06:59 PM

I was a fitness conscious boy who used to go to the gym and used to have good food , but due to foolishness , misfortune and bad company i got this habit of inhaling toluene which continued for 7-8 months. Then I somehow managed to quit it by myself as I saw negative changes in my body and mind.

Its been 3 months since I've quit and I'm losing hair , I got back my muscular physique by exercise and dieting but I'm losing hair and I'm really worried about it and need a cure to stop hair loss and get back the lost density of my hair.

My other habits are : smoking and drinking.

Please help me ,

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  • I just came across your post, and first of all I'll say "Good For You!!" that you had enough sense to quit the snorting of toluene! That's great. And if you get yourself back into an exercise program that you can handle, that's even better. It can take awhile to force out the 'poisons' we sometimes expose ourselves to. I remember the first time I worked around toluene in a shop, and the older guys would say, whatever you do, stay away from THAT stuff, it can not only destroy your health, it can kill you!. I listened. (Plus the fact that it's flammable as ***l). As far as your hair loss, I don't know the chemical effects of the stuff on peoples hair growth, but I come from two families that have baldness and hair loss. My two brothers give me trouble about how I haven't lost all my hair as they have. (I'm 50 now, they're 49 and 60). My older brother started losing his when he was in late high school, and not long after college, his was history. I've read a few reports on sebum, the oil that your body produces naturally to, I think, lubricate the hair follicles. I had really oily skin as a teen, and so I would wash my face and hair at least twice a day. I worked out with weights and ran 3 times a week. I also drank and smoked weed and did a plethora of other recreational drugs. Nothing steadily, and nothing addictive, but a lot of things. I always figured I would sweat it all out with a good workout and a 3 mile run. I sweat profusely when I work. Anyway, I, as a long haired hippy type back in the 70's, wore a bandana and didn't wear hats. My brothers both wore caps all the time. I read somewhere that sebum can close up the hair follicles and kill off hair growth. To this day, I still kid my brothers about how they should have worn bandanas instead of caps. Actually, if it had to do with sebum and not a hereditary quirk, it was probably because my skin was so oily that I showered and bathed a lot. I was going to a dermatologist by the time I was 13, and the tetracycline and zinc lotion (for face and shoulders) may have possibly retarded some of the sebum that my brothers didn't excape. But, to be honest, I don't know how it worked, but I ended up with a bald spot on the top\back of my head and a receding hairline, but not the bozo-doo of my brothers. Do you wear a hat constantly? So you have skin problems? That might be part of it. Hereditary male pattern baldness may run in your family. The toluene? I don't know. But if it will kill you, or even kill brain cells, it might. Good luck in figuring it out. But I'll leave you with this saying that my brothers subscribe to. "God only made so many perfect heads...the rest he put hair on." And, as my little brother says, "I don't care what it looks like. I don't have to look at it."
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    • February 22, 2009
    • 08:24 PM
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  • is there any history of premature hair loss in your family? Are you getting enough B12?
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