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Had stroke like symptoms but not a stroke?

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  • Posted By: Jeffrey.Sutter
  • September 15, 2013
  • 05:20 AM

This event happened yesterday at 9pm 9/13/2013.

I am 22 years old
in good health
160 pounds
74in tall

I was sitting in my friends room just watching TV when I suddenly felt like something was very wrong. For unknown reasons I grabbed my phone and used it as a mirror. I imminently noticed that my face looked different. Thinking this was signs of a stroke I smiled as big as I could, and found that only the right side of my face moved. I immediately started screaming for the people in the room to call 911. Unfortunately the words failed to come out of my mouth. When I went to stand up I felt weakness in my legs and fell to the floor, and started pointing to my phone and yelling stroke. While my friend was calling 911 I noticed that drool was running out of the left side of my face. My friend asked me if I could get down stairs on my own power. I stood up using the stair railing to support myself. Once I was down stairs I feel back to my knees and waited for the ambulance to arrive. I felt like something very wrong was going on in my head and noticed that I also had a hard time moving my left hand. The ambulance took about 10-15 min to arrive, and before it did started feeling better and regained my ability to speak and walk. Once the ambulance arrived I was able to walk under my own power and could speak but still had a very hard time forming full thoughts without having to stop and think about it. By the time I arrived at the hospital (took about 15 mins) I was feeling much better and was able to fully tell the doctors what had happened, but was still feeling like something was wrong inside my head. By the time the doctor saw me (30-45 mins after arriving at the hospital) I felt like I was completely fine and had regained my strength. She did a basic test for signs of a stroke (No MRI or anything like that was conducted). After doing the test she told me that she did not believe I had a stoke to spite the fact that what I experienced was very much like one. They than run blood tests and monitored my heart. The blood tests came back all clear, and after only being there about 5 hours told me I was being released. They have no idea what happened to me and told me to come back in 2-3 weeks... Today I feel completely fine.

List of symptoms I experienced:

Left side of face droop
drooling out of left side of face
Trouble walking under own power
Loss of strength in left hand
Trouble saying full sentences
Trouble understand what was being said to me
Trouble forming thoughts
Rapid heart rate (145 beats a min)

Please help

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  • I do believe there are many things that could cause this but think it is crazy that no one did an MRI on you. I would highly suggest going to a neurologist and cardiologist for follow-up and tests. I do not believe they are able to rule out something neurological that could have been serious without at MRI, heart monitors and etc. I have heard blood test can indicate things as if your white blood cell count were high it would be indicative of something of the sort but medication reactions can cause this, and rare migraines. I do believe at 145 you are considered to have tachycardia however I think stress and anxiety alone can cause this so it may or may not indicate anything. I would retrieve my medical records and read them to see what they determined the cause might be and relieve blood tests. The first thing that comes to mind if it isn't heart and/or neurological like stroke is a rare migraine they are called Hemiplegic Migraines. I have a friend who has them. They are very bizzare and it is unlike typical migraine features. I know when people say migraine you tend to think it is the worse pain you have ever experienced but that isn't true. Migraines come on in many types of pain severity and in fact there are some kinds of migraines that do not produce pain. It could be a simple headache but each type of migraine has different diagnostic characteristics. I also would like to say that this could be a symptom of different neurological conditions...neuromuscular comes to mind. I think of bells palsy and would suggest typing that into the search engine and selecting images to see if it looks similar to what you experienced. I have something that is quite rare called hemifacial spasms and also had an episode at 19 where my face drooped and I drooled on myself for three days. I was told it was a medication reaction which it wasn't. I would not suggest or expect to find a true diagnosis in an Emergency Room setting. I have had several strange conclusions where I had to go there for when I was in an ER. Twice as a teenager (virgin) I went to the ER due to severe pelvic pain and was told I had a STD and it ended up being multiple ovarian cysts, cyst rupture, and endometriosis. You can also look into conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis (although I know it can cause drooping of eyelid one sided-not sure about body weakness one sided), Graves disease. However I wouldn't even remotely consider any of these things without seeing a Neurologist and Cardiologist with all follow- up tests. I suggest they rule out stroke. Hope that helps...
    Mercys87 2 Replies
    • September 25, 2013
    • 01:12 PM
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