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Gynocological issues--- help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 21, 2007
  • 04:25 PM

I am having a series of symptoms that seem to puzzle my doctors. I am preparing to have an exploratory laparoscopy but was wondering if anyone could tell me if they had heard of anything like this happening before.

I am a generally healthy 21 year old female. I do take birth control to regulate my menstural cycles as they are sometimes long and heavy and irregular without birth control. But since I've been on the pill for the past three years my cycles have been very regular.

Well two weeks ago I awoke to severe left sided pelvic pain and nausea. I called my gynocologist and was seen the same day. I was told I probably had a small ovarian cyst and an internal ultrasound was ordered. Between that thursday and the tuesday when the ultrasound was done I ended up in the ER with even more severe pain. I was put on percocet. That tuesday the ultrasound did not indeed show a cyst. In fact the ultrasound was completely normal. I was sent back to the hospital later that week for severe nausea to get a CAT scan. The CAT scan was normal. I was placed on phenargen. The phenargen is not helping with the nausea just as the percocet is not helping with the pain. The doctor scheduled an exploratory laparoscopy for mid july. Then three days ago I started to have severe diarrhea. This co-incided with the start of my period. I contacted my gynocologist who is doing the surgery and she is now concerned about doing the surgery. I am also having chills but no fever. My temperature is 97.7 F.

None of these symptoms seem to go along with one another when I put them in the symptom checker. If anyone has any idea what may be going on please share your insight!


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  • I can't think of anything that would have all of those symptoms either. Could you have Kidney stones? What about endometriosis? They can suspect that from symptoms, but to be sure of it, they have to d some kind of surgery and/or scrape your uterus. Not sure exactly what. Everything fits for that except the diarrhea. Good luck with your surgery.
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  • You could be looking at some kind of IBD. (bowel disease - ulcerative colitis or crohns). It commonly presents itself with lower abdominal pain, diarreah with or without mucous and/or blood - usually right sided and can often get mixed up with appedix problems! You should ask for a colonscopy. Good luck!
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  • This is very similar to some of the symptoms I had prior to being surgically diagnosed with endometriosis. Endo can only be diagnosed through laparoscopy, but it some symptoms associated with it are pain (often connected with your period, but often not) and irritable bowel symptoms (often before or during your period). Endometrial lesions occur throughout the abdomen and, in rare occasions, the rest of the body. The size of a lesion doesn't correlate with how much pain an endo patient has, either. Some women are full of lesions and never know it until they experience fertility problems - and some women have lesions that are barely visible but have intense pain.Personally, I had intense pain develop on one side and persist throughout the month. It was bad enough to require Percaset and almost resulted in one trip to the ER. I've been told by some fellow endo patients that the pain from endometriosis can rival childbirth!There is no cure for endo, but it's treatable. There are several good associations and support groups out there for endo. I suggest that you look up a few for more information, preferably before your next gyno appointment. There you can find lots of advice and support from women who have been there!Best of luck to you-
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