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Groin Lumps

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  • Posted By: Becky D
  • August 23, 2012
  • 07:48 PM


I was diagnosed with TNBC (triple negative breast cancer) last October and started chemo in January of this year. In March, I found a groin lump. My oncologist looked at it and scheduled an ultra sound. We were told the lump was two lymph nodes together and was infected, but would resolve itself. A large mass appeared below the lump, so a CT scan was ordered. It wasn't done per her request, so it wasn't helpful - they only scanned the pelvic area and not the thigh as well. So, she ordered a petscan and biopsy. The petscan said it was cancer, the biopsy said no cancer - they only did a biopsy on the first lump. So, tissue was sent off for a culture - it came back negative for infection. The end of June, I found a third lump. I was already scheduled for a CT Scan for this month prior to an appointment with the oncologist. My appointment with her as been rescheduled until next month so I had them attach a note to the results to call me as soon as they were received. I got the call, a voice mail was left on my phone - the CT Scan was normal. How can it be normal when I have three lumps no?.

I'm having other issues and don't know if they can be related. When my surgeon removed both breasts and 8 lymph nodes,one of which was cancer, I was in therapy in the lymphedema clinic within a month. I had fluid buildup on both sides of the chest. After six weeks, I was taught how to do the massages for it at home. Could sending the fluid down into my thigh have caused these lumps? I'm now back in the clinic with major buildup on the non-cancer side with a different therapist and I asked her. She doesn't think so, but doesn't want to mess with that side until she gets the ok from the oncologist. She wants to work both sides, because while my left arm is 2cm larger than my right at the top, both are larger than they were in January.

I have constant pain in both legs where they meet the trunk - the right side, the pain is also in my hip. The side with the lumps causes me intermitten pain while I'm just sitting, but after a half hour of walking around the pain becomes intense. While I drive my stick shift my right leg will go numb. When I drive my husbands automatic, I get constant pinpricks. She says that has nothing to do with the lumps so she ordered an MRI on my lower back. All that was found was a bulging disk. I was sent to an orthopedic doctor who said that can cause my leg to go numb and has me driving with my seat reclined back further and using a pillow to keep an arch in my back. It's helped in that respect, but pulls me further from the steering wheel, so now my right arm has pain and my hand goes numb.

My other source of pain over the last two or three weeks is the right side of my neck. I feel no swelling or lumps, but when I turn my head to the right, it feels like a car tire going over a hose. And the headaches are intense and often. This morning I awakened with the base of my head hurting and seeming to be the source of the headache. There usually isn't a specific spot of soreness.

I finished chemo the middle of May and after six weeks, my energy started to return. When I'd get out and do things I was hyped up and enjoying myself. In the last couple of weeks, the fatigue has returned and when I get home from doing things - I can't function. I hurt from head to toe and totally exhausted to the point I sit and stare into space. My balance has been off, my mind can't stay focused. It's crazy. It's almost like I'm going through chemo again.

My primary doctor has me on 50mg of paxil, I take a 1000mg of aspirin for the headaches and pain - it's the only thing that takes the edge off, I started taking Super B Complex vitamins in the hopes of regaining energy, and I take Vitamin D3 - my level was at 30 when I started chemo.

I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion about the groin lumps? And how to go about it?

My husband's insurance is changing as of September first, so I know I have to wait until then, but should I go through them about setting up the appointment with someone else?

My first grandbaby is do in less than a month and I want to be able to enjoy her and the holidays.


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