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Good Health suddenly down the drain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 5, 2007
  • 06:58 PM

I have been in good physical health my entire life (I'm 24) until the past four years I've increasingly fallen apart. To cut to the chase I will just list the symptoms, although I am unsure whether they're all related.

*Dizziness ( even while resting) Dr. Diagnosed me with Middle ear syndrome

*Head and Face numbness and tingling

*Poor eyesight, pain in eyes(pressure) and unfocused. A couple months ago I went cross eyed while driving due to sudden sensitivity to the sun. Seen Optometrist recently, no change in prescription.

*Underweight, can't gain (5'5, 108lbs) Dr. checked Thyroid-negative.

*Fatigue (Frequent)

* Uncontrolled neck and hand ticks. My partner say my body "jumps" when I'm asleep.

* Calf cramps along with painful forward bend of either big toe or one next to it. (Frequent)

* My legs tremble when walking (inconsistent)

* Developed full blown migraines this past year> vomiting, seeing wavy lights, full blown!

* Headaches

*Sudden Throbbing/stabbing pains (usually in arms or legs) (Often)

*Osteoarthritis in Hips...I'm only 24!!! Found during catscan of my torso(I had gallstones last year>gallbladder removed)

* Itching of both legs w/o rash or dryness. Itched for six weeks straight then disappeared!
I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I don't smoke, use drugs, less than 4 alcoholic beverages a year.Get 6-8 hours of sleep. Rarely eat fastfood. My doctor has done a bunch of Blood panels. Tested negative for diabetes, Lupus, HIV/AIDS. I've finally been referred to a Neurologist.

I don't understand how at such a young age I could be experiencing such problems. I try to just tough things out (I have very high pain tolerance and I hate to take any medicines unless I absolutely have to) but the fatigue, dizziness, and shakiness really gets to me.
Any suggestions/comments on relief , causes, similar experience? thanks

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  • Have you ever seen a doctor for lyme disease? The only bad thing with that, is that it's hard to detect. I actually had a good friend come down with a lot of those symptoms. She kept going to the doctor for close to 2 years, and they kept telling her that she was nuts. Her vision was worse. Her nervous system was out of wack. She had headaches so bad, she couldn't function. She lost close to 40 pounds in a small amount of time. It made her so sick she was in bed for quite some time, then eventually she found a doctor that knew to check for it, it took some time to find out what it was.. but eventually with lots of doses of antibiotics she got better.It's worth asking a doctor about.
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  • My hunch would be that this is GI (gastro-intestinal) related and whatever it is that is keeping you from gaining weight is also keeping you from absorbing nutrients which would explain a lot of your symptoms. Get an appt with a GI dr, start taking a good multi-vitamin (think Rainbow Light or Source Natural, not Centrum) and a quality calcium with magnesium supplement. Add some fish oil while you're at it. Make sure GI guy checks for everything -including parasites, ulcers and celiac disease.
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  • Dear Original poster... Can you trace the onset of symptoms backwards? Do you know when they started?Can you trace them back to a severe trauma? an illness....like a "flu"? a recent vaccine? Your symptoms are the same as mine...but I had many more....over 75 when I stopped counting.I have been officially diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Alot of research, doctors, tests and time before it happened. No matter what your "diagnosis" is, the only help I found was NAET or Bioset therapy. In just 5 treatments my sx are 80% better. I'm going tonight for another one and I can't wait...I feel better everyday and 2 months ago I was convinced I was dying...literally.Get your life back....find NAET/Bioset and GO!!!! Best of luck....mommy cat
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