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going to see a neurologist,and have some ??'s

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  • Posted By: whats_next
  • August 6, 2009
  • 05:47 AM

Hello all Im new to the site and thought I might get some advice or just some views on what might be going on with me. Ok so heres a lil info as to why Im going to see a neurologist. For a few years now I have been having ALOT of health problems with ALOT of symptoms. I have been having bladder issues such as: not being able to completely empty my bladder, sometimes I cant even urinate at all. When I am unable to urinate (my uroligist gave me sterile cath kits) I have to cath myself several times a day for days at a time. I also have swelling of the bladder with lots of pain in the lower belly which at times feels like someone is squeezing the life out of me. My uroligist did a urodynamics test on me which showed that the nerves from the brain to the bladder were not sending signals correctly or at all. Also the muscle in the bladder is not getting the message that my bladder is full and time to empty its self. My uroligist then asked me a bunch of questions and here are the other symptoms that worried him and made him refer me to the neuro doc: I have tingiling and burning at times in my arms that causes my elbow area to swell and this gets to be very painful, I have tingling in my legs that shoots pain from the top of either side of my buttocks down the back of my legs, at times I have dizzy spells, I am always tired and runned down, I often bump into things and seem to be very clumsy(bad injuries have been result of this such as:broken toes, huge bruises and even falling down), my symptoms also seem to feel worse when I am overly hot from either the tempature outside or just doing regular housework. So I guess my question is could all of these symptoms be related or do I just seem to have alot of bad stuff going on inside me. Also why the consult with the neuro doc, what could be wrong like what kind of disorder would the neuro be checking me for? lastly has anyone else had similar things wrong with them and if so what did your doc find? thanks for your time and any insight as to what might be going on with me would me would be greatly appreciated.

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  • am so sorry to hear what your going through. I myself have all the symptoms you are describing plus more and I know how painful it is to deal with. I ended up being diagnosed with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) it is a neurological disease caused by nerve damage. Mine started in my foot but is now full body and in my internal organs, which sounds a lot like what your going through. My RSD affects my bladder which it does the same as your it retains and wont empty as the RSD affects the nerves. If you look up RSD go under RSD Puzzles they have some things about how it affects internal organs. All the pain and swelling are also all part of RSD. You can ask the neurologist about this as some know what it is but I have found many dont yet know or believe this disease is real. The doctors I have found that know most about this disease is Pain specialists or Anesthesiologists. Niki
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  • doesnt all of us live near those cell towers now? But honestly I have no idea where the towers are and I have moved 3 times in the last 3 yrs and once was from Columbus OH to Youngstown Oh where I live now. I dont think my illness is caused by some tower but hey what do I know, that seems to be a question that is asked an awful lot on this board. Seriously maybe all of us are going to be sick the rest of our lives and we can all sue sprint for suffering? Do these towers cause people to have severe nerve damage that controls all kinds of functions in my body? Sounds kinda like a far cry but hey what do I know im just a suffering housewife? No one else in my family has these issues at all.....????????
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  • I checked the site you sent and it says the closest one to my house is 4 miles away?
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  • The neurologist will mmost likely be considering autoimmine conditions, such as MS. It may not be that severe, it could be a minor condition, but I would think generally they would want to rule out the major things first. An MRI may help reveal the cause. Good luck and let us know how it goes. God bless!
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  • Thank you tkeys, I have a grandmother who suffered ms and didnt even think about that. Just wondering does MS get passed down like alot of other diseases such as cancer? I will keep everyone here posted as to what I find out. Today the Neuro's assistant called and asked me some questions similar to those that my uroligist asked me. She said she would get more of my history when I come in for my consult.
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  • I know that there is some genetic link with MS but it is not a strong link. This is some info I found on a quick search. "While MS is not contagious or hereditary, MS susceptibility is increased if a family member has MS. The average risk of developing MS in the United States is one in 1,000, or one tenth of one percent. For first-degree relatives (such as a child or sibling), the risk increases to three or four percent. This is not true for adopted children or half siblings (who do not share the same parent who has MS), whose risk is the same as unrelated individuals. In instances where one identical twin has been diagnosed with MS, the other twin has a 31 percent risk of developing the disease. The risk for twins who are not identical is five percent - similar to that of other siblings." I don't know the risk for a grandparent, but I'm sure the increased risk is not much greater than the average person. However, there is some genetic link, I don't think they are totally sure of it yet since it is a fairly difficult disease to predict. I wish you the best. God bless!!
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  • Thank you to everyone who read and responded to my post. I will keep you posted tkeys as to what I find out at the Neuro doc. Im really worried now because I read up on MS and I seem to have EVERY symptom on the list!!:( Thanks for all of you guys here on the forum everyone seems very supportive and very friendly.
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  • I wouldn't worry too much yet. I'm sure there are many other things that can cause the same symptoms, and the doctor will look into all of it. At one point they thought I had MS, and I know it's scary but it's kinda a sneaky disease and hard to diagnose so it very well could be something else too. It just best to check it out now, because they have some effective meds for it now.
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