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  • Posted By: Sxymmy
  • April 29, 2007
  • 02:10 PM

Hey Everyone!
So .. First time Here, long Time Sufferer! I guess the best thing is to just jump into my story!
I am 31 Yrs Old, and I have been suffering with illness for Three years now! Three years ago i had a hysterectomy due to Adenomyosis. I have also Been on Anti Depressants for many years as well! We Recently moved to a small town approx Three years ago as well and It was upon moving that this all really went down hill! I have generally suffered general issues, here and there and have always been one to easily get sick with Virues or Bacteria however in the last three years its been a nightmare! It all started when i was walking with some friends, I had been doing it for approx a month when all of a sudden i couldnt keep up and Struggled for breath etc. I had been feeling more tired and had to eventually stop walking, I wondered around life for about another two weeks, Then went to the dr Turned out I had strep throat and an Ear Infection This began a very HELLISH year.

I went on to suffere EVERY MONTH with some form of Bacterial Infections, Chest, ears, Throat... etc.. Every time the Anti biotics would take longer and longer to respond ( for obvious reasons ) .... Nothing was ever decided as to why i was experiencing numerous infections ... or why my immune system is so weak! I was basically Told i had a weaker immune system due to stress, Fine Fair enough I get that mental illness is a real whammy on our bodies.

This Carried on for MONTHS, spanned into Two years, In the latter time it did slow down slightly as to the frequency of the illnesses. I have always struggled with ear problems and It turned out for the ear infections they could put Tubes in my ears to help some of those issues ( i needed them for the 13th time ) I had this surgery done in Feb Of this Year. It seems to have quieted the ear infections, but the pain since then OH BOY, But i just thikn thats my ears saying they dont like the tubes. Anywhoo....

For The hysterectomy Part some of you will see the link between The hyster and the timing on getting sick but i Kept my ovaries and have been tested NUMEROUS times for Peri Menopause and they are all negative. Since my Hyster I have had abdominal pain, painful ovulationa nd other not so fun symptoms. I was told they were adhesions, But nothing ever comes of it .. Just basically it seems im to suffer. Over time the pain has gotten worse and some of the pain and issues i was having when i menstruated have returned with a vengeance and a new issue! BREAST PAIN! WHOOPEEE! I am soooo tired of feeling like a fruitcake, Hypochondriac and being personally attacked by people. My best friend of seven years basically just ripped me a new one stating thigns like its for attention, its in my head, Its my negative thinking and that im damaging my kids. Boy did i feel loved! Anyway ... I havent been specific about my symptoms yet because i feel it better to list them in a list form for easier read. I wanted to explain some of the issues first hand however. I realize it could be two seperate things but Im just at a loss and no one seems to care, nor can anyone figure out what the heck!!!!


Constant Fatigue
Sore Throats regularily
ear pain
mild headaches
Tender Breasts ( sometimes swollen, sometimes aching )
Bleeding After Sex
Spotting of dried blood occasionally
Excrutiating Ovulation
Back pain
Joint pain
Achey Body
Neck Stiffness
Muscle Stiffness
Occasionally numbness in limbs
Intolerance to Cold
Irritable Bowel Symptoms
Thyroid is visible On right side ( Newest Issue )
Anxiety/Sensitivity To noise ( jittery )
So Thats the general List, i think thats most of them I have had my thyroid and anemia levels tested NUMEROUS TIMES, to no avail i have had my estrogen Levels tested a few times to no avail. I am faithfully Taking my Depression meds, and It may help on some level but alot of my symptoms are still present, All of the above symptoms are made worse by any sort of business in life or activity. Its hard to push through all this, My support system has dwindled, and I have no choice to just push through it all alone and suffer and feel like a nutcase!
I appreciate everyone reading this far and So hope someone has some suggestions, MOMMYCAT, I read the link you put up and I cant find a comprehensible ( to me ) list of Symptoms, Is there a better place to read the symptoms ?
THats the other symptom i forgot to mention I have noticed a decrease in my general intelligence, Its like ive become and Idiot ? As well as Foggy BRain, Memory impairment, and Confusion!
Thanks Again for youR time everyone!
Best of Luck to Everyone With their struggles as well!
Much Love

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  • Mommy cat Did you actually READ my post ? Because I specifically Addressed you in it that I did already read the sight and I find it Hard to Follow and asked if there was something easier to read, From What i understand its a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome !?
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  • Wow, All these people with the same symptoms, makes me wonder whats going on in this world. I hope you find your answers, I'm looking for mine too. This is crazy!
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  • Nat...on the home page of the hummingbird site, to the left shows a list, symptoms, myths,ect...when you read sx page, at the bottom of the first paragraph it says a summary is available of symptoms...sorry, I had read your sx and as soon as I saw how many you had, I responded...There are so many people here with ME sx...I've been trying to tell anyone that will listen...I'm not crazy and this is not some conspiracy theory...it's very real...it is caused by a virus...it is contagious even through just breathing and there was an outbreak in the 80's...there is tons of helpful and useful info on that site if you can just get through the format of the way it's written.....I haven't looked around too much but if you search for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, you should be able to come up with a lot more sites and perhaps some easier to read than others...Good Luck Nat...I'm here if you have any more questions or need help in any way...mommy cat PS what do you do for a living?? teachers, students and healthcare workers run a high risk of this
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  • Not sure if it is a type of chronic fatigue or people confuse it with it....ME has been around since 1934...in the 80's when there was an outbreak, the CDC renamed it chronic fatigue...People are confused, they think they need to be fatigued all the time to have this. I have days of agitated exhausion(tired but wired) and days of complete exhaustion which is not suprising considering it is affecting so many of my body's systems....I have nightmares every night, pain in muscles and joints and I don't sleep well...That in itself will make you tired but it is not imperative that you are tired all the time in order to have this...just trying to help...everyone....mommy cat
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  • Mommy Cat While I appreciate your Fervour on the Subject what you are talking about is in Fact Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is the same thing, and yes Chronic Fatigue Can start because of a virus but it is n fact NOT a virus. It Can also be brought on by severe stress, It tends to attack the Bodys Multiple systems therefore Causing multiple problems. Im well aware of Chronic Fatigue because My oldest son had it for awhile , Or so they suspected.. We never did truly find out if that was in fact the matter.. But In the interim i had done extensive research. I understand your relief in finding something that seems what you might have and I totally hope you find some course of Treatment to relieve your symptoms but I just wanted to suggest to you that perhaps bombarding people wiht the same message is not particularly great for your cause I think people wont take it as serious! Especially When You note that you havent done much other research on it Save for that one website which is an extremley confusing website to follow and read. Also You have yet to go to your Dr ? How come ?!( just curious ) I think you should do some more research based on your findings, Talk to your Dr and Then perhaps counselling ppl on the Evils of Chronic Fatigue will be more credible a cause from you !? Just my thoughts Im not trying to be mean at all ! I also want to point out to you Mommy Cat that Fibromyalgia also has alot of the symptoms ppl here show, As does Depression , As does Lupus, As does Thryoid Issues All of which go HUGELY undiagnosed for years so as much as you see how common the symptoms are for Chronic Fatigue there are a MYRIAD of other Illnesses we all portraty signs of having as well ! I wish you the best of Luck on your quest to find peace and wellness!
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  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis has been around since 1934. There have been 60 outbreaks since then. In the 80's there was a huge outbreak...The CDC renamed ME to chronic fatigue syndrome...It confuses people all the time...They think that in order to have chronic fatigue syndrome, they need to be tired all the time...not so. If an ME patient does have some fatigue, it's due to lack of adequate sleep due to pain, nightmares, insomnia ect...It is caused by a virus, that's why I'm posting that it's viral...Please do not be offended by my posting on so many threads...I believe this to be of epidemic proportions and I have been geeting e-mails from several people who agree and are printing this information and taking it to their doctors...They, like me, have been sick for years, on and off, been to countless doctors, been accused of having psychological problema and accused of being a hypochondriac...Take Care and God Bless you and your family...mommy cat
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  • Im well aware of how long it has been around and im not offended at ALL that you are posting about it .. I feel you ahve found something that answers yoru questions and you wnat to get information out there! I think ppl around here will thank you for caring enough to let ppl know! I just think that withouth the proper research and Cookie cutter responses its starts to look non credible! Im well aware of Chronic Fatigure Syndrome and I have researched it extensively ! I think those ppl taking the lists to their drs should alos look at Fibromyalgia as well Because they are CLOSELY RELATED, and have Similar Issues! Also I know Being Tired all the time is not a huge requirement for Either Fibromylagia or Chronic Fatigue! I have thought it possible i have either or .. But yet to get a diagnosis and i have brouight it up to my Dr as well , He doesnt beleive thats the issue, I get its allergies or Stress ( read IN my head )
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  • ME may be mild, moderate or severe...Perhaps Fibromyalgia is a mild form..it is also often confused with MS, Lupus, chronic fatigue, fibro, epstein barr ect...on the hummingbird site is a myths page...perhaps that would shed some light for you...Keep in mind, this is an Australian website there are over 50,000 people in Australia...over 100,000 in the UK and over 2 million in the US...more than lung cancer, breast cancer or AIDS...My fervor is for a reason...If ME patients see this sight and truly have ME, the lightbulb will click on for them as it did for me....As far as going to my Dr., I had an appointment for June 21st...I called this am after spending 6 hrs in ER Fri night having stroke-like sx whick is part of ME and told my Dr. about this...He is seeing me Wed am at 10:15 Please do not think I'm being too harsh, it's just that there are far too many cooincidences here to be ignored Please read post from 9/27/06 titled"contagious joint pain" I think this will also shed some light
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  • Forgive my cookie cutter responses..PLEASE listen to me just for a minute...go to the sx page, write down how many you have...really...just for the sake of it...I'm trying to help but I can't if noone will listen......Healthcare workers, teachers and students run a higher risk, but it does not discriminate...If you have chronic fatigue symptoms or ME sx and your Dr. doesn't believe you, get another dr. I've been in healthcare for 21 years and this may be the reason for ME...Until...mommy cat
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  • Thank you for your good wishes for finding treatment for my symptoms...I do appreciate it. You are very kind...mommy cat
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  • Dear unregistered...have you looked around the site?? Is that why you wrote what you did??? REALLY SCARY isn't it...Nice to know I'm not the only one catching on here...mommy cat
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