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Going from one doc to another,Help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 8, 2007
  • 00:56 AM

I feel like a hot potato being sent from 1 Doc to another .
In Feb I started to feel nausea daily (Was not on any meds at the time) I was told I was ok CBC normal except cholestol was high. Couple of weeks later I took a bath and blood came out of the pores of my leg . It looked like I had cut myself shaving but I didn't. Bleeding resolved quickly and I let it go .
a week later was having pain and thought I had blader infection Drs.did too b/c bllod in urine. Sent to uroligist. Had CAT Scan said possible pnemonia and treated for that. Then I had severe pain under right rib same side lung inflamation. Checked for gall bladder all ok then developed GERD never really had it before. had endoscopy and colonoscpy all ok meantime cholestrol getting higher with every blood test Total Cholestrol 331. Don't know why. Put on Welchol and Nexium. Had tingling in face and arms
Sent to ENT because lymphnode in neck enlarged 2 CM had biopsy came back begnin but reactive (They don't know why) See ENT in another 4 weeks.
Now my eyes are hurting first the left one went to eye MD said inflamation but no reddness. Pain is so sever I feel like my eye will pop and vision is blurred.
During alll this time I get extremly tired. If I do "too much" for one day I am so sick the next day with nausea, and fatigue. Some times my arm feels like a dead weight.
Anyone know what maybe happening to me? Eye Doc calls me an enigma and say maybe some sort of autoimmune starting up

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  • Lupus? You have some of the symptoms. Bleeding disorders.
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  • I had the same problems...doc to doc to doc...test after test after test...that revealed nothing.If you want to help yourself, Find local NAET or Bioset therapy.I went for 6 treatments after someone in this forum suggested it...I was desperate for help, so I went...................IT WORKED!!! The western docs will give you meds to "mask" your symptoms...this therapy, nips the symptoms in the bud.... Be well....get your life back in control....find a practicioner near you and go!! It works no matter what your "diagnosis" is. regards....mommy cat:)
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