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Girl troubles....that i just dont understand

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  • Posted By: blueyestokill
  • August 6, 2009
  • 03:45 AM

So I am 18 years old, and yes sexually active.

I havent been sexually active for 8 months until May. But it was only for maybe a week. And i havent had sex since. And ever since then my periods have been different. Now ever since I started my period they have been peicular. But now its getting out of control. I was on my period from maybe May 20th- June 15th. And the bleeding never lightened, just got heavier and heavier then one day just stopped. I woke up once int he middle of the night, I probally only had my tampon on maybe 3 hours. And I had blood running down my legs and it was everywhere uck. But I also was having really bad back pains and lower ab pains like cramps, but worse a lot worse. I dont have medical insurance, so I just thought it would go away but a month later, it has came back.

Im going on my 4th week of being on, and ive gone through 3 boxes of tampons. The pains are comming back, but now it jus makes my entire body ache. I tried to make an apointment to see someone but the cheapest place was $140 for just an office visit, no testing nothing thats just to get to know whoever is going to look up there. She didnt tell me how much the testing would be, and i dont think i would want to know. I dont have that kind of money. I would really love to get a feel for whats happening, I mean maybe it could just be an irregular period that is reoccuing for awhile. But i dont want to sit here and think it is, and it not be. I dont know what to do or think.

Anybody that thinks they know what could possibly be wrong?

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  • For heavens sakes, go to the doctor. Your health is worth more than that. Just send the doctor $10 a month. There is something wrong.
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  • Are you on birth control? Certain one's caused the same problem for me. Nothings worse than flooding for 3 weeks per month. If you are on the pill- change to a different one. Also, are you polycycstic? This will give you all kinds of issues and pain, etc. Been there and maxed out credit cards because of it.
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  • if it was $10 a month to see a doctor....i would have gone by now....its 140 to get an office visit, thats not for testing then whatever it is for testing and they want it when i go in....and i dont even make 140 in a weeks pay and poly what? i dont even know what that means I was on the pill for jan. and feb. because this happened in december but i got off it because it made me feel ill....and idk if it helped my period or not because it just did it in december...then it hasnt since may
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  • wow - I am 40 years old and I've never heard of this happening to anyone in my entire life. But, at 40 years old, and looking back on when I was 18 years old I would be taking myself to a doctor really quick! Go to the Health Department if you don't have health insurance. That is what they do, take people who are low income and have no health insurance. They will probably not charge you a dime. You better call and get an appt. really soon because you might have to wait a few weeks to get in. Tell them your symptoms, they may even ask you to come in right away. Good luck.
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  • Since you are just a kid, I would imagine that your income is low and you may qualify for a state insurance program. Check into the income requirements for your state ( Department of Economic Security/State assistance programs, etc)...you may find that your county has a free woman's clinic. I know parts of Colorado did. They may be able to do a pap, at least. There are also clinics that use a sliding free. They don't advertise, but they are there--depending on where you live-- so get on the phone. Ask your doctor or secretary if she knows of any sliding fee clinics...that's a start.Could be hormones, but they will do some blood work, pap...you should get an STD screening, too. Acupuncture is wonderful for excessive bleeding, as long as it's not a real serious situation. Watch yourself because you may be anemic. Take iron regularly and go to the ER if it is hemoraging more.
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  • You must see a doctor immediately. Perhaps you are pregnant and are having problems with the pregnancy. If you have an ectopic pregnancy, your life could be in danger. Please call an ob/gyn in your area and explain your situation. If they cannot help you, they will refer you to an agency that can. As someone who has chosen to be sexually active, you must take responsibility for your health NOW. Wishing you well.
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