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GI Tract problems after anti-biotic - pls help

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  • Posted By: Ronniejames
  • February 15, 2009
  • 01:41 PM

I am a normal 39 year old male who is average in every way - dont smoke or drink.

About 3 weeks ago I had a bladder scope to look for causes of frequent urination (in which they put a scope up my penis and found nothing) and was given a 1 pill anti-biotic (I dont have the name yet).

The very next day I had severe diarrea - chills - dizzyness and a low grade fever (my temp was normal but felt flush), and a very sick flu like toxic feeling. The symptoms were coming in waves - chills first - then diarrea - then sick feeling. I went to the ER who did bloodwork and urine/stool who said they saw nothing wrong. They said I probably had the stomach virus which was currently hitting the area - which lasted about 1 week. This made sense because I have a tendency to get wreaked by flu virus.

The next 7 days I went up and down with both good and bad days. Sometimes I felt really good and then I would plunge quickly back into a cycle of chills then diarrea - then the sick toxic feeling. It felt like the flu but the good and bad days I've never had in my life - it felt weird.

Week 2 I got much worse - no more more good days - I had constant pain in my stomach area which caused non stop diarrea - which caused a non stop toxic feeling. At one point I had serious pain in my penis and prostate area. I went back to the ER who checked for bacteria in the urine but found none. My urologist said I probably had a flu virus attacking my prostate causing the sensation of pain in my penis. The overall pain - and not eating or sleeping for 1 week - was beyound horrible and I felt like I was dieing.

At the start of week 3 the constant stomach and penis pains went away - and I went back to diarrea once a day. I started taking probiotics after reading about it on this website - ALIGN and Acidophilus (I have been taking for 3 days now with mild improvement). What I see now is a daily cycle. I start with chills at night and it feels like my diarrea is moving through my system (like I feel little squirts in my rectum area) - my intestins do alot of gurggling - and I have a funny taste in my mouth - I have diarrea in the morning and then feel toxic for about 12 hours. Around 6pm i feel better (only to start the cycle 6 hours later).

Questions - Aside from any help to keep me alive - because I sense I could tip back in total sick despair at any time.

1- Can you take too much probiotic and/or whats the best dosage. Is it OK to take two at once.

2- Is it possible to have the flu and some type of antibiotic induced GI problem at the same time. Maybe I got hit with things things.

3- My doctor is thinking about trying another antibiotic if the probiotics dont work - because maybe i have salmanilla etc... but the last anti-biotic almost killed me (he says it was just a co-incidence and it could cure me immediately).

4- I had an IV and that helped alot - is that a clue.

5- I had a stool check and they said they found nothing - but can they really see if it is say a colitus induced problem from the antibiotic - or maybe they didnt check for that - like can they see all bacteria or just what they decide to look for.

Thank you for helping.

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