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Getting nowhere for past year and half!!! Please help

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  • Posted By: kayjoy
  • October 20, 2012
  • 11:00 PM

I will do my best to keep this as short as possible. I am a 36 year old female. I was in a minor car accident about 15 years ago, I had some pain in my neck. I healed within 6 months. I had another car accident last year in April. I had Xray done, Dr found something odd which they didn't tell me what it was ( I asked 5 times, they wouldn't tell me!!!) So I had CT scan and that came back supposedly normal, I say supposedly due to having no faith in the clinic/hospital I have been receiving medical care from. I had a follow up with a MD, he gave me pain meds (Vicodin) and said I had neck strain. I went on my merry way, lived life in minor pain for a couple months. Then progressively got worse. Pain in neck radiated to my jaw, shoulder, shoulder blade on right side. Same MD refilled my pain med scrip and had me start PT. I went to PT religiously 3 times a week for about two months, very very slow progress and I was still in pain. I also was referred to a Chiro for acupuncture which was painful and caused tingling in my mid back ( maybe he put needles to far in??), I did stop seeing him due to that. However, that Chiro was the only Dr that has listened to my symptoms at the time and cared about what I had to say. He diagnosed me with Raynauds and Arthritis in my neck. Around the same time I was referred (by same MD) to a specialist for "test injections". I had three of those over the course of about 6 months. They decided I was a good candidate for RF Rhizotomy (burning of the nerves). Well due to getting sick of how disrespectful my MD was towards me I switched Drs (at same clinic). New Dr advised to not get rhizotomy, he stated the specialist wanting to do it is not respected and only wanting to do rhizotomy for money. So I didn't do it. I had a cervical/thoracic spine MRI done February of this year, radiologist and MD said nothing is wrong with me. However, MD referred me to Orthopedic Surgeon who stated I had 4 bulging discs and said white spots on vertebrae are normal. No one still to this day will tell me what they are!! They all say, "I cannot comment on that". I have pain all over neck, between shoulder blades, right shoulder mid back and some lower back achiness. So fast forward to June 2012, I recieved an Epidural injection in my neck on the right side, Dr couldn't get it through vertebrae on left and he had a hard time getting needle in on the right but after quite awhile he finally got it through.
Since day I got epidural I have had twitching which got pretty bad the end of August. Lasted for about a week and half. Finally someone told me I should really go to ER, it was evening after clinic was closed. Dr did MRI of my brain which came out normal for no MS or tumors. They diagnosed me with movement disorder and suggested I see a Neurologist. A few days later severe twitching subsided to mild but weakness and tingling started in my right leg and I couldn't lift my foot off ground. Then next day my right arm felt heavy and pinky and ring finger was numb. Also had a hard time writting, grasping, buttoning buttons, etc. Lifting a coffee pot full of water felt like it was 20 lbs. I went to my MD and asked for another MRI. It came back mostly normal, radiologist found something abnormal with how bone marrow looked so he suggested blood work. That came back normal.
Yesterday I had appointment with Neuro, she stated after a 15 minute physical exam and nothing else that I have Conversion Disorder. Also, she only looked at my brain MRI, she didn't see any other MRIs. She said due to my depression from my daily chronic pain that my body has developed physical symptoms. I told her I may have mild depression and mild anxiety but no major stressful events going on in my life.
Here are some of my symptoms that I haven't mentioned:
Headache going from neck and over back of head
Unusual weight loss-I have asked Dr about this for a year now but they don't either want to listen or deal with it
Horrible short term memory-has gotten worse the past 6 months
Constant muscle spasm in neck, shoulder and back
Major heat intolerance for past few months-very sensitive to hot water and hot summer sun(I have never had this, I have always tolerated heat better than most people)
Occasional blurry vision-I really should get an eye exam
Whooshing sounds in my head
Pressure inside my right ear- like a big piece of wax is trying to push itself out
Loss of balance
Both legs have been weak once in awhile for past year-sometimes felt like gummy worms
Fast heart rate-started a little over a year ago and it is constant-I have expressed some concern to Drs about this but they haven't done anything
Occasional night sweats-I have to have bedroom cold when I sleep (my husband hates it lol)

Ok so guess it is long! Any help would be appreciated because I am at my wits end and Drs are thinking I am just crazy.

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