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Getting new symptoms and no diagnosis, I need some ideas please.

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  • Posted By: ldksor
  • February 17, 2009
  • 09:29 PM

I am experiencing a multitude of symptoms. In a nut shell I am an active 43YR woman with healthy eating/exercise habits and a lean body build:

1. dull headache (sometimes involving teeth) for l+ month. Pretty constant round the clock.
Previously it was very rare for me to get a headache.
Responded to intermittant ibuprofen or tylenol. Maybe took an average of 1-2 doses 4 days/week.

2. minor cold symptoms almost 3 weeks ago.
Son had sore throat 2 weeks ago.

3. 1.5 weeks ago fainted while at work.
(I have only done this in the past if I was late pregnancy or feverish and I was neither.)
> Appt with a PA (although I had specified a doctor) and BP with orthostatic pressures measured okay. I had CBC w diff/chems/FT4/TSH and brain and sinus CT scan > scheduled to review results following week.

4. Then I began mild swelling around my eyes in the morning (R>L).
(I had facial swelling one time last year with a bad case of likely the flu.)

5. 4 days ago woke with a mildly sore ankle (no trauma previous) and that evening I broke with a petechial rash of my lower limbs and motled pink rash of all extremities and back.
> Emergency room visit: doctor suspected hypersensitivity vasculitis dt ibuprofen usage and recommended no treatment.
Numerous tests run: CBC w diff/chems/CK/CRP/PTT/PT/sed rate/Troponin I/ANA/Epstein-Barr/UA/Chest rads/ECG=no sig finding. ASO-pending.

5. Next morning: Both ankles swollen and mildly painful and swelling of limbs (edema). One patch of itchy raised and rough pinpoint red rash on lower leg. That night low grade fever.

6. Wake up to increase of swelling to all 4 limbs and all joints are swollen/mild painful. Rash is now on other leg too. Fever is gone by mid morning.
Make an appt and specifically request a doctor > the clinic agrees but when I check in they send in a PA saying they don't have any MD's on staff on a Sunday. I figure at least I can get my CT scan results (mild sinusitis L side) and prvs lab work (all BW normal). The PA chides the ER Doc for running lots of tests and for even considering some rare diseases. He thinks it was definitely not a vasculitis but the swelling (not apparant during the ER visit) was from ibuprofen sensitivity and the joints are from the cold virus 3 weeks previous. I just need to 'deal with it' for 8 weeks and it will go away. He wouldn't address causes for the petechia or the increasing rash saying they are non-issues.

7. Today I have the raised rash in sparce patches on all 4 limbs (each day a new spot or 2), a yeast infection that started the day after the ER visit, geographic tongue that began a few days prior to the ER visit, but no longer joint or leg swelling. I still run a mild fever (100) in the late evening and early morn and dull headaches intermittantly throughout the day, intermittantly jaw aches primarily L side and get a bit light headed if I'm up walking around a lot.
I have taken 1 dose of tylenol yesterday when the headache was bad and a dose of benedyl in the PM so I won't scratch. No ibuprofen since a few hours before the petechial rash. And, oh yes, I did go the dentist last week bc of the jaw pain and no problems were found with exam or xray.

Any ideas? Weird strep or staph infection? I don't know what to think or with whom I should pursue this.


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