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  • Posted By: h0ser81
  • March 14, 2008
  • 08:49 AM

Alright without getting to overly long here I've been having chronic neck pain for several months now. I saw a chiropractor and the pain subsided for a few months so I stopped going. Then the other night I was laying down in bed for a nap before work when I experienced what most people call sleep paralysis. Now I've had sleep paralysis episodes before and know exactly what's going on so they don't really bother me. But this time was different. During the episode I had this tingly pressured feeling in my chest and arms and I couldn't catch my breath. I remember trying to call out to my wife in the next room but obviously I was paralyzed so no words came out. Then I remember trying to kick my feet around on the bed to make noise which I don't think my body responded to either. Finally I had come out of it enough to get myself awake and sat up. I called for my wife to come over and she asked me what was wrong. I explained what had happened and now that I'm awake I had sever pain in my hands, arms and neck. I figured it was just my neck acting up again, although the sleep paralysis shook me up a bit. So I went to work. About 3 hours into my shift I couldn't take the pain anymore and left work and headed to the ER. There the doc said I probably just strained my neck or I might have a herniated disc. Now the herniated disc does explain the neck pain and tingly hand and arms but doesn't explain the weird sleep paralysis. Also as of the past 2 weeks my ear canals have been itching me like crazy and it feels like I've got something caught in my throat that I can't hack up no matter what I do. I'm scheduled to go for an MRI on Monday but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this? I'm tired of my wife saying "Oh it's no big deal you're fine." when I know something is definitely not right here. I have rarely been sick throughout my life and in the past year I've had nothing but problem after problem.

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  • Why don't you have a sleep study done? Also, don't fall asleep on your back. (Sew a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas). wikihow.com has a lot of tips. Just type in "sleep paralysis with other". There are about 20 tips. I assume you are going to have a MRI of the neck?
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  • I too have sleep paralysis, also feels that something is stopping me from breathing, cant call out, feels that a great weight is on top of me.....even have had bouts where i think i am levatating.........scary stuff. I also broke the 4th vertabrea in my neck, with it lying on my spinal cord, the 5th vertabrea is collasping, also a leasion there. Suffer now with TN (trigeminal neuralaga)......sorry im only giving u a brief outline........this has now been going on 11yrs. Why im telling u this......as mine has been going on so long, this is what i have figured out.........firstly.....this is a fact i know for sure. My oxygen levels drop during the night. I think this triggers my bouts of TN also my sleep paralysis. I have a supply of oxygen at home now. You could possibly have Sleep Apnea, this would cause your oxygen levels to drop. Do you snore ? this is a sign that sleep apnea could be a problem. Now this next bit is totally of the cuff & makes no sense at all & kind of contradicts what ive said above. AS you know how scary sleep paralysis.......i was so frightened, i started sleeping with a dim light on........& believe it or not i have never had a bout of sleep paralysis when the light has been on.......i still go into TN pain & still have to go on my oxygen. I thought this doesnt make sense so i started putting the light off again & the sleep paralysis started again..........weird i know ! but from now on my light is staying on. Sure give it a try & see if it helps (it wont do any harm) & try & find out if u have sleep apnea ! Good luck:)
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  • Rad - I don't normally sleep on my back. I most often sleep on my stomach. And yes I'm going for an MRI of the cervical spine. Tootsie - The wife says I snore but it's not overly loud. The sleep paralysis doesn't concern so much as the neck pain and hand pain does. I'm on motrin, narflex and oxycodone and still in pain.
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  • I dont sleep on my back either, most of my bouts of sleep paralysis have been when im sleeping on my stomach. Your oxygen levels could still be dropping for some reason......maybe just shallow breathing......i know mine do drop but dont really know why. I have a small hole in my heart, docs say its not the cause, tests on my lungs show not the cause......who knows. Regarding ur neck, if its nerve pain it is very difficult to treat & alot of the meds wont work. My neck injury was caused by a whiplash injury caused my car accident when i was 17yrs old..........only to cause me serious problems when i was 37yrs old. Have u ever had a whiplash injury ? When things go wrong & doctors cant wave a wand & help or cure u, u start to try & figure things out for urself....ive now got to the stage im trying to live with it. Also try accupunture it does help. Firstly u need the results of MRI, hopefully there will be an easy answer for u. Once again good luck:)
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