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Genital and Brain Electrocution - HAARP targeted individual

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  • Posted By: Haarp TI
  • November 4, 2013
  • 06:47 PM

I'm a victim of HAARP. They have a bubble around my aura and continually use the nuclear reactions of my body and brain as well as anything I eat to 'arc' to ******; constant electrocution using power levels of sound and static eletricity. They use my 'dreamhead' to create a living breathing snuff film in a virtual reality digital overlay they have on every souls existence "on the other side of life"; basically using the GPS imaging tools of the world and people in an xray in scalable digits. Most of the electrocution is through a direct attachment to the clitoris .. you can see this in many images and videos. I have images of a 'quantum cubing center' in my torso completely removed from my body. They use what they call an iron curtain to do this which is inserted in my body through the digital overlay. They use gamma as a arcing tool for the 'ons and offs' of the dying body as they remove, literally, various body pieces from the body and create such horrors as gangrene, also seen in videos and brain hypoxia, for the green goo light of fluorescent photonic imaging used in the Philadelphia Experiment. I refer to their brain hypoxia technique they pulse ****** to as a freeze f'd dried brain with two laser beams -- one boiling the targeted area as they freeze it with another picking up and receiving the energy they create. I require testing asap and the knowledge of what I can do about these horrors. Many more.. they use the nuclear reactions of the body to encompass, place into a diode, and blast your body into little bits -- a constant nuke blowing you up with the bubble they have the body in as well as blowing up the body protein in 'nanometered waves' of bi-polar quadrants using the clitoris and energy of ****** as a etch-a-sketch thread. I can keep going. I would like to set up an appointment asap to discuss these and many horrors as well as any testing. I live in Michigan. Do to HAARPs clitoris clamp on every souls existence, which they call money and the spiritual self through your belief system of God, I am very poor. They use money as a needy wanty. I do have Medicaid now. They made sure of it. I am trying to get my full Social Security Disability not just SSI and would like to know if it can be proven that HAARP has been using the lumens of my frying vagina flesh for over 40 years.

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