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Generalized Pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 21, 2008
  • 03:35 AM

My doctor has given up on me. I have terrible generalized pain all throughout my body. The most painful is, oddly enough, my right wrist, but I will, at any time, have pain at 5 - 10 locations throughout my body. Other than my right wrist, it doesn't seem to be joint pain. The best way I can describe it is "bone aching". Here are some (maybe) contributing factors: 1) I've had a spinal fusion of L4 - L5 - S1. 2) I had Dengue fever while I was working in Indonesia. 3) I also have very little motivation to do even the simplest things. 4) I seem to have an allergic reaction to something in toothpaste - possibly fluoride. After using fluoridated toothpaste for 4 - 5 days, I get mouth ulcers, swelling of the tongue and jaw, and large welts, especially on the trunk of my body, accompanied by a rash on my wrists and ankles. 5) I have been diagnosed as having Epstein - Barr, but my doctor says there is no treatment for it - just treat the symptoms. 6) I am still very strong for my age (62), but am very easily fatigued. 7) My sister-in-law reports that she had the same symptoms, and it was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia, also untreatable. She also tested positive to food allergies, and has drastically changed her diet, and feels better. 8) I think my doctor thinks my pains are due to depression, but I don't feel depressed, other than frustrated that I have constant pain to look forward to each day. 9) Nothing, so far, has been able to cut the pain besides percoset, and he wants me to go down to Lortabs. I've used Lortabs before (during my severe back pain prior to the spinal fusion), and they were no better than ibuprofen. I think the doctor thinks I'm whining, and is tired of dealing with me. But I know how I feel, and I feel terrible. I have a very high pain threshold, and I still feel extreme pain constantly. Can someone help me? I would be forever grateful.

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  • I see that no one wants to tackle this one. I'm beginning to think it's just in my head. My symptoms don't exactly match anything I've seen on this website. In particular, I have no pain, no obvious symptoms of depression. Can't someone take a stab at it?
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  • I see that no one wants to tackle this one. I'm beginning to think it's just in my head. My symptoms don't exactly match anything I've seen on this website. In particular, I have no pain, no obvious symptoms of depression. Can't someone take a stab at it? hi, sorry i thought id replyed to u earlier.......at the min im going to have to dash, but i will get back to u later to night ! in the mean time hang in there !:)
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  • Maybe the dr needs to screen you for Porphyria? While you are waiting for some brilliant answers, here is a cute video link just for fun....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov1d50yOtVg&feature=related
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  • Hey, thanks to the few of you who replied. I'm going to research each post. In the meantime, I wanted to add new information. I tested positive to Epstein-Barr antibodies. Of course, almost everyone carries the EB virus, but some of them "flare up" in a number of ways. He now has me on Lortabs, 2 a day; diazepam, 10 mg/2x a day (for back muscle spasms - I have 3 fused vertebrae, and familial tremors); Amitripolen, 1 at bedtime; and Lyrica, 2x a day. I feel 100% better, have energy, motivation, much less pain - I don't know which of these is doing it, but it is a miracle concoction. I can't explain the change it has made in my life. I still don't know what is causing the pain, but these drugs have made a miraculous change in my life.
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  • I wonder if you might do better by seeing a DO? These are real trained medical doctors by the way. Osteopathic doctors use all the conventional methods of diagnosis (and medicines) and treatment but they are trained to care more for total body and place additional emphasis on the achievement of normal body mechanics as central to maintaining good health. (some taken from Wikipedia). You may be able to find better relief dealing not only with the medication and things that have already been diagnosed but ALSO with whole body issues and treatments that may include, herbals (I live in Japan and I can defend the REAL science of herbal and kampo treatments), acupuncture (again real science and clinical trials at major university hospitals in the states and you can check the internet if you are leary), diet, exercise, and other over-all health issues. Many, many people are helped with more over-all treatment when dealing with hard to treat, but not life threating, chronic pain and problems. I don't know your feelings on alternative methods, but we are not talking voodoo here, D.O. are trained medical doctors that have additional training and I think it is worth at least talking to one or even more than one and seeing how they might help you....it will NOT be over night cure (what is) but in the long run, help your quality of life...and that is the bottom line isn't it? :) I sincerely hope this will help. Joan
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