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Generalized Muscle weakness - suggestions?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2010
  • 05:16 AM

Hi, I've been having the following symptoms for the past 4+ years:

1. Generalized weakness: feeling of weakness on wrist, arm, thighs, shoulders, etc.
2. Lifting even a small bottle of water - I can feel a strain on my wrist.
3. Lifting a gallon of milk is a real strain on my wrist, arms & shoulders. I feel the ache along my arms, shoulders, back and even along my legs and feet. It's like lifting a bag of rocks.
4. I've been tracking subjectively how much it strains to lift the same weight over years - it's markedly increasing. The strain and ache - started off with just the arm muscles, but now affects shoulder, back and even thighs and feet muscles.
5. Pressing at certain areas - such as shin, shoulder, etc. aches. If I jump or run for a few yards, my shin and feet bottom hurt. If I run a bit longer, my back, shoulder - pretty much whole body aches.
6. Thighs and calf ache with a searing pain after I do about 10 sit-ups. I can manage till 25 in one stretch, but by then the thigh and calf muscles ache like crazy.
7. Climbing stairs - knees & calf ache soon. Thigh and calf muscles pain uncomfortably after walking up and down a small flight of stairs multiple (say, 5) times.
8. For the past 4 years or so, I can feel my skin getting wrinkly along various parts of my body - feet, hands, wrists, upper arms, thighs, etc. My shoulder area, thighs, etc. has also become little narrower - not sure whether this is muscle mass loss or fat loss. My weight has been more of less steady though.
9. General tiredness and fatigue most of the day. I'm at a desk job, so this doesn't affect my work routine much. But has made me cut down on any physical activity.
10. Exerting a bit - such as running or walking fast gets me out of breadth very soon.
11. The ankle and wrist area feel week, and after about 10 times of stretching around, they start to ache and then feel numb.
12. When standing for 30+ minutes, my upper thigh and sometimes ankles feel numb.

The weakness (initially arms) and lethargy started 4+ years back, and has been steadily progressing. I've visited a few neurologists (including Stanford), done a couple of EMG+nerve conduction tests, brain MRIs, etc. As per them, no signs of any nerve, neuron or muscular disease. I've also done extensive blood tests for rheumatology, lyme disease, blood disorders, etc., with no conclusions.

At this point, I can function and go about with my work, but the rate of deterioration is agonizing.

Any suggestions?


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