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full body muscle spasms in sleep

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  • Posted By: mjl_001
  • March 28, 2007
  • 06:56 PM

Almost every time I start to drift off into sleep, I experience a full body muscle spasm (sort of like a "jump").

Sometimes this happens when I (for example) am having a "dream" of tripping or falling off a ladder or sidewalk, but often it just happens (without the "dream", I mean).

Has anyone else experienced this or got an explaination for what it can mean? It's driving me crazy.

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  • My daughter has similar 'episodes'. They are called myclonic twitches and can sometimes to linked to epilepsy. They can also be attributed to depression and also anxiety. I would suggest speaking to your G.P for a referral to a Neurosurgeon for a scan if the problem worsens.
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  • I have the same problem and I don't have epilepsy or nerve problems. From what I have read in the medical journals this is just an abnormality in the inital sleep cycle that allows your body to react to the dream. If it doesn't happen except just as you fall asleep it is nothing to worry about. If you continue to have problems during the night or are awakened from a deep sleep by it then you may need a sleep study. Good Luck and God Speed
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  • My boyfriend has those body spasms i can be in a deep sleep and all of a sudden he jerking around his legs and arms fly evereywhere sometimes im scared that he is gonna hit me during one of his fits..is it cause from drinking.he drinks but not often.and he doesnt have epilepsy and as far as i know he isnt dreaming .but he does talk in his sleep and loud.i dont understand what is happening to my boyfriend and he is only 34 yrs old.
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  • Deme--your boyfriend needs a sleep study to find out what is going on. There are a number of different sleep disorders that can cause this behavior. My boyfriend does the same thing and I think his is from what they call night terrors--he is actually fighting while having terrible nightmares, but there are also REM disorders and disorders that override the "paralysis" that we are supposed to have when we sleep.Good Luck
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