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Frustrated and in Pain...HELP!

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  • Posted By: RIDotson
  • April 3, 2010
  • 05:29 AM

I am writing this to find some help for my partner.

We visited the ER of a hospital we happened to be near (not our "normal" ER/hospital) last Sunday. She was having pain in her stomach in intense episodes to the point of tears and inability to walk.

The pain is in her lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone. The pain also radiates to her back, upper groin, and down her legs.

The doctor we saw was concerned, as this pain was different than any other abdominal pain she had experienced. She has IBS, but her problem presented with NO digestive symptoms of any kind.

They found, in the doctor's words, "a slight urinary tract infection," and Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, which usually occurs in children and teens, most often after or during a "stomach virus". She is 27, and has had no stomach virus or digestive problems.

They discharged her with pain meds and Cipro for to treat the problem. They also gave her Levoquin before we left the ER.

He told her she should not work until Wednesday, but should probably be fine by then. She rested, took the meds, and went back to teaching ballet on Thursday.

Thursday evening, another incredibly intense episode of similar pain drove us back to our "normal" ER. The doctor we saw was incredibly rude, and said she just had "chronic abdominal pain," and there was nothing anyone could do to help or treat her. All she did to follow up with the other hospital's CT scan and urine screen was blood tests and another urine screen. This urine screen came back clean, and she said all the bloodwork was "fine."

She told my partner she just needed to go home and rest, change her diet, and continue taking pain meds, even though they were not helping at all, only making her more tired. She said that she shouldn't be working, as my partner teaches dance, but the classwork she had been doing prior to Thursday's visit was light ballet with preschool children, not Zumba or something. The level of activity was no more than normal walking.

We are at the end of our rope! I am listing her symptoms below. If anyone has any thoughts, please let us know. The pain episodes are becoming more frequent, and it is not getting any better; if anything, worse.

* Intense episodes, as well as constant pain in the lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone

* Constant drowsiness

* Elevated liver functions, to the point that the doctor she was seeing did not feel comfortable putting her on medication for high cholesterol.

* Back pain, radiating from the abdomen and down her legs

* Excessive thirst, despite drinking more than the average required daily water intake

* Frequent "hot flashes"

* Sensation that she is going to pass a huge blood clot (as one might during menstruation), yet without any bleeding, and not in the PMS or period time.

* She is on several medications, some very recently prescribed. The new medications are listed in BOLD print.


Please help! If you have any thoughts, please share them with us.

Thanks so much.


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  • I deeply feel for your partner.I am happy with some of the medical help you have been given, but other bits I am not 100% satisfied with, but also because I know a bit more, I will not bame them for their reactions.There are a great number of logical possibilites, one could be a trapped nerve in the spine.A slightly higher probability of having pulled several muscle, that area on adults is often not very well toned. Have a quick think, when you go round the corner in a vehicle, do you push you stomache out or pull it in to brais yourself ?The answer should be pull them in, which is the same when you get in and out of bed, but we all get bad habits. This is also a good portioin of why most peoples belt line increases more than would be expected.There may be other symptoms that have not been noticed, basically things come on slowly and so you get used to them and adapt with out realising.If you had a glandular problem, that can influence other parts of the body.But go for simple, as genrally that is the real answer.Stress might be an grevating cause (IBS, slight urinary tract infection)"Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, which ... teens, ... stomach virus" body stress growing, pubity stress, teenagers do stress about going out and more.There is also addtitional stress from the pain and also the frustration of not having an answer and also the worry that it might get worse.There are many different types of pain killers (Asprin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen & many more), so try different ones. Topical applications might not help if it is a deep muscle, but the use of a very hot wheat bag might be helpfull (as hot as possible, BUT must not be uncomfortable).Ballet Teachers tend to do pilates or similar, so body toning is not normally a problem, perhaps she has cut back a bit over the past year or so and since she is not quite so toned, thus has pulled a muscle, also it came back Thursday night, probably as she eased up.A change to a low GI diet and reducing stress can have a substantial improvement on the body (GI - Glysemic Index). If you want to loose weight you would reduce sugar and fat intake, low GI diet has many benifits.Pain killers can have the side effect of tiredness, but also the body often recovers better in rest or sleep mode. So is the body telling her something, or should she try different pain killers.What agrevates the condition and is there a delay between cause and resultant pain (in some instances, it can take up to 48 hours to show up, genrally it would normally be minutes or hours).Possibly consider fluid intake on a sipping basis, rather than a cupfulll at a time, also try using different fluids e.g. tea, water, iso tonic, etcPerhaps consider 2 or 3 simple health problems, rather than 1."hot flashes" could be related to sugar, glandular or medium or high GI food.There might be some glandal imbalance, hence the sensations and liver tests.Family life is stressfull, driving to work, job security, balancing life, medical illness, and more, are all stress' on the body, which can cause glandal imbalance (sort the problem, rather than treat with medication).Good look and I wish a quick recoveryTerry
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