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  • Posted By: magpie1019
  • April 8, 2008
  • 11:26 PM

:( It's been over 3 years and still no diagnosis. I am told possibly MS. But they're just treating me with cymbalta. Cymbalta has stopped the pain but I still have the other systoms. I have 2 small lesions in my brain, demylenation of my cervical spine c4 c5. Some bulging discs in the cervical area. Periods of legs feeling 100lbs each with an unsteady, sort-of peg legged gait. Vertigo occassionally. Numb face and numb, tingly arms and legs. And did I mention FATIGUE?? It's been really difficult to concentrate and my memory has flown out the window!:confused: So far I have seen 3 different nuerologists. All are eager to hand out pills, but not a diagnosis. I did have a + diagnosis for EHRLICHIA, 6 months ago. Treated with Doxycycline.
Anyone that can help??:confused:

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  • who said stroke? or those spots could be bleeds tumors ect. the fact that they have not stuck a needle in your brain. they suck out a solid, tumor. they suck out blood. bleed. they suck out juice, abscess, or fungus.
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  • Thank You So Much For The Info And Much Needed Help!:) I Have Been Going Through A Ton Of Local Dr.'s. All Of Which Say That The Antibiotics Taken For 30 Days Would Have Knocked This Disease Out. Seems It Is Not The Case. When I Finally Found A Dr. That Tested For All The Strains, Coming Up With An Old Infection From Ehrlichia, It Was Comforting. Though He Too Said That The Antibiotics Was Enough.Should I Be Taking This Cymbalta? Yes It Helps The Pain, But Not The Other Symtoms.I Will Register On The Link You Provided And Find A Good Dr.Again, Thanks Again For All Your Help!!;)
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  • Sorry you have neuro symptoms and NO answers yet. I had symptoms similar to yours and went 8 years undiagnosed. Finally, my 8th neurologist- a movement disorder subspecialist diagnosed me with something called Hashimoto's Encephalopathy. It's a rare complication of autoimmune thyroiditis and it's diagnosed by checking thyroid ANTIBODIES, even if your TSH and other thyroid hormones are normal, as most HE patients' are. Most neurologists still have not heard of it. My worst symptom was the FATIGUE. For years, I had my TSH checked over and over and was told that my thyroid gland was okay. After the HE diagnosis, they found that my gland was actually full of tiny nodules on ultrasound.My doctor also checked me for celiac disease, which is another MS mimicker apparently.I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope you get some kind of answers soon. It really sucks to have MS-like symptoms but no MS diagnosis. I remember at one point I got so desperate for an answer that I was actually hoping that it WAS MS, just so I'd have a proper diagnosis. I wanted the spots on my MRI to be bigger, but instead they were more perivascular in appearance.The beauty of HE is that it is quite treatable with steroids- much more so than other neuro diseases, so for me it was worth the wait I guess.Here are some other things they looked for in me, just in case your doctors need more ideas:porphyriaDevic's diseaseLupusantiphospholipid syndromevitamin E deficiencyheavy metal poisoninghereditary ataxias 9but I couldn't afford the testing)sarcoidwegener'sThere's probably more. If I remember them, I'll add them later.Again, sorry you are going through this.Please know that you are not alone.Whatever you do, do NOT let them refer you to a shrink. I fell for that and for years I thought I was creating my own symptoms- they had actually talked me into believing that!Best Wishes
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  • Thank you for all the encouragement! It's been very confusing. I've been sleeping so much these days. The "Happy Pill" Cymbalta hasn't been making me very happy!! All of the same symtoms are still hanging on. I have gotten a few names of Dr.'s that specialize in Lymes. I'm going to look into that further. Maybe another Nuero?? I've heard so many possibilities... it's so confusing. Very strange new thing... the hair on my legs has stopped growing. I guess that's not such a bad thing!!I have had my thyroid checked and also Lupus. A bunch of other stuff. I'll have to pull out the stack of results again. UGH!!! I'm glad that you have found some answers and extremely happy that you responded to my plea. It's great to know that I am not alone. Thank you!:)
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