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From Walking Pnuemonia to Neck Tightness

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  • August 1, 2007
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History: I was in the hospital a little over a month ago. I went into the clinic for swollen ankles (which has never happened to me before in my life, and not since), and was kept overnight because I had an "unusual blood pressure". Through many tests, it was determined that my blood work was clean and the "unusual blood pressure" was simply "one of those things" (there were several EKGs, both sitting up and laying down and oddly no one seemed to know why; also a heart ultrasound which seemed to show nothing abnormal). Because I'd been sick in January and never fully recovered (from many conversations with friends I'd come to think it was walking pneumonia if only because I fit all of the classic symptoms), there was also a chest x-ray. Heart and lungs looked fine, normal, nothing retaining fluid, lungs and heart also sounded fine to everyone who checked. I got two weeks of antibiotics "in case" I actually did have walking pneumonia (as doctors scoff at self-diagnosis--not that I don't understand, just that it irritates me). Two weeks later, I got over the Doxycyline side-effects... and promptly felt sick again with extremely mild flu-like symptoms. It's now three weeks after that, and I've had two days of neck tension and stiffness. Not anything I'd consider agonizing or something I can't deal with with a heating pad and the occasional massage, but it was obvious and uncomfortable. The neck stiffness is very mild now, but I have noticed just the slightest stiffness in my jaw. And every once in a while it feels like the very vague beginning of an ear infection, with a wash of heat inside both ear canals. Nothing about my neck, jaw or cheeks seem swollen. I don't currently have a fever. My diet hasn't changed, I'm a 105 lb 26-year-old female who rarely drinks and lives a dull live of no drugs and no cigarettes. I'm not allergic to any foods that I am aware of. My mother has also made it a point to remind me that I'm due for a tetanus booster. While I do occasionally work around metal, I also haven't been cut in recent memory, and can find no wounds. I thought perhaps it would be helpful to mention. I'm mostly posting this here to get some informed questions to ask a doctor. I seem to have the worst luck with the "I'm listening to exactly half of what you're saying" types, so some questions/concerns/potential test suggestions that may get them to pay attention would be very helpful. Enormous thanks to anyone who can offer anything.

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