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Frequent urination and pain - but no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: ANAMOD
  • December 18, 2012
  • 07:58 PM

Can someone help me with a closer diagnosis?
I have seen a general doctor and I’ve done some tests, but what they did came out negative: so, I am not pregnant and I don’t have a bladder infection or kidney problem. The doctor sent me to see an urologist but my appointment is in a couple of months. I can just stay like that, so I want to try some natural treatment in the mean time, but at least, I need to reduce the list of what I may have.

It started about 3 months ago when I noticed I started to go more often to the bathroom. The frequency increased with time, some pain appeared, that also increased in time and burning sensation. My doctor put me on Antibiotics for 5 days (beginning of December), but I didn’t felt any improvement.
I did blood and urine test and abdominal ultrasound – everything came fine except this:
“A 2cm echogenic hepatic lesion likely representing small hemangioma. Recheck in 3 months suggested. Otherwise negative examination.”
Older history:
Yeast infection – yes and no for like 10 years
About 4 years ago I got what is called “honey moon cystitis” even had blood in my urine, but all the symptoms exploded in one day – I was treated with Cifran and something else (don’t remember the name)

My symptoms:
Lower abdominal and vaginal pain (the pain feels as it is inside me) - constant about 2 out of 10
Attacks of pain in the lower abdomen (random) – 7-10/10 (it doesn’t even go with over the counter painkillers – my doctor prescribed me a stronger one)
the pain is more on the right side
Burning sensation and feeling of need to go the bathroom 1-2/10
Frequently going to the bathroom - about 5 times in 7-8 hours of sleep at night and about as often during the day. I calculated one day (24 hours) I went about 30 times. Usually the volume is small, unless I drink a lot of fluids (like 3 glasses of water).
When I go to the bathroom the burning sensation increases and pain worsens 10/10
I have a small block before I let go, but I think it somewhat mentally for I know that it will hurt
After urinating pain gets worse 7/10, but then it is again 2/10
I saw something white in the urine like the puff of feathers, but they said they found nothing.
Sometimes I feel very dizzy, but it may because I’m also very tired lately with all my night interrupted sleep

Please help

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  • Seriously have the same exact issue. It's ruining my life. Started 3 months ago with a UTI and then a yeast infection. Now everything is negetive but with the same annoying symtoms. Been to OBGYN until they gave up on me. Now to the Urologist and had CT and scope done and everything is negitive at this point. I'm reading and trying everything. Going crazy, feel like I have to pee all the time. Some times burning and also feels vaginal at times. I'm finding a lot of people with the same issue and know seems to be able to help.
    itsterrie 2 Replies
    • January 1, 2013
    • 10:17 PM
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  • If all other tests come back negative, and I mean all tests for UTI's, STD's and Yeast Infection come back negative then, you could have a condition called Interstitial Systitis. The condition is often misdiagnosed and the cause is unknown. Another more simple condition is irritation from the use of products such as: bubble bath, soap, deodorants and lotions. Hope this helps.
    Grandmom 25 Replies
    • January 3, 2013
    • 06:18 PM
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  • Yes I've read plenty about IC and the doctor sent me on my way with a print out of a diet that is unfounded and impossible to have a life with. I'm searching for something besides the throwaway diagnosis of IC. I can't live with this and it's ruining my life and any hope of a fulfilling relationship. IC because it's typically a female dagnosis is when they can't help you and no effort is putinto finding a cure. There is something wrong and I'm not excepting to just give up. Thanks for your feedback. It's so fustrating.
    itsterrie 2 Replies
    • January 7, 2013
    • 06:17 PM
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  • ANAMOD, First off I am not a doctor just, someone who has had many years of experience with medical care. Your case sounds like what many medical providers do and I can tell you for sure, if they did not do a culture, they do not know what is wrong. What you experienced is common but, sometimes inadequate under the circumstances. When I said a culture I didn't not mean a urinalysis. If they do not grow a culture they do not know exactly whether or not you have an infection nor do they know what bacteria may be present. Question your medical provider as to whether or not they did this test. My husband went through the same thing several years ago with his medical provider. They did the usual urinalysis, blood work up and 5 days of general antibiotic. When the problem didn't go away he insisted (at my urging) on a culture. You see, it was not their common practice to do one as a matter of course. What they found was that he was infected with an antibiotic resistant bacteria requiring a different antibiotic than what they had prescribed. When they ordered that one they didn't prescribe as many days as the PDR recommends for men. He continued to have problems for several months. All the while medical people were telling him the infection was gone and that he needed prostrate surgery. Another opinion stated that he had prostratitis resulting for an untreated infection (UTI). The advised him to catheterize himself since he seemed to have a blockage preventing his bladder from draining adequately. What stopped everything finally was after several months he had to take an antibiotic again for an unrelated problem. After that course of antibiotics the problem was resolved. He did not have prostrate surgery and has been well ever since. That was several years ago. I was reluctant to tell all this since I certainly do not know that your problem may be the same. From what you say, it sounds exactly what my husband experienced. What I do know from my own contact with nursing staff and medical practitioners is that if a culture wasn't done, they do not know whether or not you have an infection nor do they know how to treat it.
    Grandmom 25 Replies
    • January 18, 2013
    • 11:07 AM
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  • I have also had this problem and for quite a while. What is known is that as one ages, gravity can take its toll! Just as our faces, breasts and rear-ends head south, so do our internal organs! Can you imagine your poor urethra banging against something?:rolleyes:
    Vander626 1 Replies
    • February 3, 2013
    • 05:57 PM
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