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Frequent urination and pain - but no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: ANAMOD
  • December 18, 2012
  • 07:56 PM

Can someone help me with a closer diagnosis?
I have seen a general doctor and I’ve done some tests, but what they did came out negative: so, I am not pregnant and I don’t have a bladder infection or kidney problem. The doctor sent me to see an urologist but my appointment is in a couple of months. I can just stay like that, so I want to try some natural treatment in the mean time, but at least, I need to reduce the list of what I may have.

It started about 3 months ago when I noticed I started to go more often to the bathroom. The frequency increased with time, some pain appeared, that also increased in time and burning sensation. My doctor put me on Antibiotics for 5 days (beginning of December), but I didn’t felt any improvement, it actually got worth.
I did blood and urine test and abdominal ultrasound – everything came fine except this:
“A 2cm echogenic hepatic lesion likely representing small hemangioma. Recheck in 3 months suggested. Otherwise negative examination.”
Older history:
Yeast infection – yes and no for like 10 years
About 4 years ago I got what is called “honey moon cystitis” even had blood in my urine, but all the symptoms exploded in one day – I was treated with Cifran and something else (don’t remember the name)

My symptoms:
Lower abdominal and vaginal pain (the pain feels as it is inside me) - constant about 2 out of 10
Attacks of pain in the lower abdomen (random) – 7-10/10 (it doesn’t even go with over the counter painkillers – my doctor prescribed me a stronger one)
the pain is more on the right side
Constant Burning sensation and feeling of need to go the bathroom 1-2/10
Frequently going to the bathroom - about 5 times in 7-8 hours of sleep at night and about as often during the day. I calculated one day (24 hours) I went about 30 times. Usually the volume is small, unless I drink a lot of fluids (like 3 glasses of water).
When I go to the bathroom the burning sensation increases and pain worsens 10/10
I have a block before I let go, but I think it somewhat mentally for I know that it will hurt
After urinating pain gets worse 7/10, but then it is again 2/10
I saw something white in the urine like the puff of feathers, but they said they found nothing.
Sometimes I feel very dizzy, but it may because I’m also very tired lately with all my night interrupted sleep

Please help

thank you

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