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Frequent infections, amenorrhea, NO hypothyroidism

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  • Posted By: MissPickwickian
  • March 7, 2009
  • 05:07 AM

MissPickwickian is back, with new test results and new symptoms.

{17 y.o. female; healthy weight (good diet + admittedly sedentary lifestyle); currently taking psychoactive medication; diagnosed Asperger's syndrome; high stress level; no sexual history (prude); bleach-white Caucasian}

Fam history
--autoimmune disease in the mother (RA, Sjogren's, AND Lupus), maternal grandmother (RA)
--all variety of psychological disorders (ADD PTSD CD mother, OCD CD alcoholic father, CD paternal grandmother, OCD paternal grandfather, PTSD alcoholic maternal grandfather, PPD maternal great-grandmother, alcoholic bipolar cousin, subclinical autistic traits in lots of different people)
--thyroid problems (paternal grandmother)
--leukemia (third cousin)
--Early menopause (women on both sides)
--some bad hearts on the mother's side

--Amenorrhea: a year of irregular menstruation marked by skipping, heavy flow, abnormally short periods (as short as three days), abnormally long periods (as long as five weeks), a hard-to-describe stabbing vaginal pain, and horrendous unpredictability, followed by the total cessation of the menstrual cycle. My last period ended on November 20th.
--Thick, dark, manly chest and facial hair (strange in a light-blond woman)
--Intense, even debilitating mood swings
--Inability to experience pleasure
--Distressing lack of interest in religious observance despite strong beliefs
--Bloodshot eyes
--Tender and swollen lymph nodes under the jaw and on the back of the neck—chronic but only becomes a real problem when I have an infection somewhere else
--Having influenza three times in a single year
--Boils and carbuncles, sometimes in very unexpected and painful places, such as the vaginal mucosa
--Upper-respiratory tract infections
--Lower-respiratory tract infections
--Chronic fungal swimmer’s ear
--Low fevers, origin unknown
--Sore throats
--Slowish wound healing
--Muscle aches
--Pruritus and dry skin (no rash)

Blood counts--whites fluctuate; everything else NORMAL
Mononucleosis? NEGATIVE
Neurologic exam NORMAL
Endocrine panel NORMAL--NO hypothyroidism
Estrogen panel NORMAL
Allergy panel--mild peanut sensitivity, nothing else (I've got nothing for ya, anti-gluten people)
Cholesterol NORMAL
RA factor NORMAL
Blood pressure NORMAL

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  • Most of it sounds adrenal related, have you had your testosterone levels tested? Have you been to an endocrinologist? I would suggest you start there if you haven't been to one yet, go to one connected to a major hospital so that they have access to other specialists as well if needed and they can coordinate your care.
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  • I would ask to have another endocrine panel done. You sound like you have elevated cortisol levels. These fluctate and they can be very hard to catch. Instead of me explaining, you should head over to cushings-help.com and see if anything sounds familiar. Join their forum and they will guide you as far as testing and reliable doctors go. My step dad had cushings and it took him years to get a diagnose. He didn't have the strech marks or many of the symptoms so he was told that he was fine. His only real symptoms was that he was unable to sleep at night and he was horribly tired in the morning. All because his cortisol levels were elevated in the PM and low in the AM when it should be opposite.
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