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  • Posted By: izziebelle425
  • June 15, 2010
  • 11:36 PM

ok this is my story. i was a normal teen. when i was about 20, i woke up one morning feeling bloated, and it didnt go away. im now almost 25 and this has gotten worse and worse, to the point my life and quality of life is affected on a daily basis.
this may sound weird, but its how i live my life. im forced to. i live my life revolving around my poop schedule. i wake up at 7 am every morning, with horrible abdominal bloating and discomfort. i feel liek i have to poop, but i cant. i take my dogs outside, shower, then i have to sit on my couch for a few minutes, almost like im letting my bowels relax, and i can feel my bloating and my bowels moving around, and its very uncomfortable. when i feel like i might be able to poop soon, i go outside to smoke a cigarette, and usually that will make me feel like i can go to the bathroom. just sitting and waiting, i wont be able to go, i have to go outside to smoke first. and that works about 75% of the time, but sometimes that doesnt work and i will be extremely bloated and constipated feeling all day. if something messes up my morning schedule, i wont poop that day and it will be a miserable day. travelling is almost impossible because of this. thats not it though, if that was it, i could probably live with it. but after i poop, i still feel bloated. not as much as before i go, but i still feel gassy, constipated, and, well, like crap. as the day goes on it gets worse. every time i eat it makes me feel worse. i have felt constipated nonstop for years, even when i go to the bathroom. but, as i said earlier, the only way i can poop is with my morning schedule. if i stray from that, even a little, i wont poop. so i cant go out at night unless im willing to still get up at 7. im constantly uncomfortable. it makes things like sex and just daily enjoyable things a chore for me. i mean who wants to get intimate feeling constipated? i feel that way all the time. im to the point where i would rather have a colostomy bag than feel this wahy all the time. my first child is due in 2 motnhs, and im more worried about being constipated all the time than i am worried about anything else, because i know with a baby i wont be able to have my schedule. and i want to be a good mom, but its so hard to be motivated to do anything feeling the way i do all the time. when i watch tv or movies, im constantly thnking wow i couldnt do that because of how i feel. i want to be free, i have been to dr after dr, was diagnosed with ibs and celiac, have been gluten free for over a year and still things keep getting worse. byt he time i go to bed at night im a distended, bloated, constipated mess and i know im gonna have to start my whole routine over in the morning. its an endless cycle and i have not found anyone else in the world with these symptoms. but seriously i just want to be free, i want to travel, i dont want my life to revolve around this anymore. and i cant get answers. does anyone else feel this way? i have done all sorts of cleanses, herbal remedies, probiotics, fiber supplements, fruit diets, i mean everything. nothing works. it just keeps getting worse. its like i can feel my poop in there it just doesnt ever want to come out. im miserable, and im only turning 25. what is up with this? i envy people who can just wake up in the morning and go, i cant. i cant stay up all night and sleep all day, i cant travel, i cant do anything. please help someone.

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  • it sounds like IBS .. ask ur doc to prescribe u anti stress drugs like fluoxetine ,amitriptyline etc .. n eat lots of fibre food .. u ll be fine .. god bless :-)
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