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Foot tingling

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 7, 2008
  • 07:43 PM

So, recently, when trying to learn to ride a motorcycle, the bike fell on my foot. It is not a very large injury, and my foot is not heavily swollen (though still some swelling). There are two cuts and some light bruising.
Whenever I flex or point my foot, i feel tingling in my big toe. When I touch the top of the foot, I feel tingling in the same place. I am curious if some damage has been done to my dorsal medial cutaneous nerve (it runs down the ankle, over the top of the foot, where one of the abrasions is, and into the big toe, where the tingling is)
If I do have nerve damage, is there anything but rest that can fix it?
is it actually nerve damage? Need help with my footsies!

Thanks very much


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  • Hey, thanks everyone for the help. no really. 0 posts. That's awesome.
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  • try some acupuncture..
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  • Take vitamin B1 (thiamine); plus choline and inositol, for faster nerve tissue healing. Maybe by now you don't need it. :) Marionstar
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  • Why not go to the doctor? A neurologist. No really. Gee. A nerve injury and going to a neurologist --it can be a novel idea. Look you know you injured your foot. At this point what do you gain from us performing remote diagnosis for you. We can't do remote viewing and see if there are cracked bones, impinged nerves, etc. Go to the neurologist and have your foot looked at. Duh. I did not go when I thought I had bruised. Now 4 years later in constant pain. I have nerve issues and yes now a neurologist has looked and and confirmed nerve damage that could have been avoided. And if you want to help the nerves heal. Take Active B-6. P5P/PAK. The best brand that seems to work is Country Life. Learned this from a nutritionalist. And it does work for the nerve injuries.
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  • Hi, Abbydoodle, I was just reading about dopamine and learned that it requires P5P in its production. So P5P can be useful in depression, too! Thanks, Marionstar
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  • He He like I don't have enough sources for depression as it is. Just went through a lot of tests for social security last week. Then almost bit a doctor that accosted me this week. He moved into my private space behind me, scared me, then stuck his finger in my face. Knew I was not strong enough to over take him unless sat on him, but knew I could be a turtle and bite finger off. He jumped into a conversation thinking he heard something he did not. He knows I will go to state board if he does not back off. I found out he has done to other patients. If he does not back off, his name goes public. Sorry off topic But treating foot tingling, nerves etc. is suppose to be his specialist. I have totally forgot what dopamine is. Will have to go back to school. Hugs to you. I have been battling weird seizures with the peanut butter cup candy., Until I see neuro on 25th. Can't guess the next thing I will discover that will improve my help. I hope it is the 20 million dustbunnies that live with me. Thy are my commando group and first line of defense for intruders. he he.....
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  • Nerves outside the central nervous system can regenerate, so the idea is to keep sending signals to that toe to move, up & down; left & right, several times daily, for at least a few minutes each. Wear proper protective boots, next time: it can take up to 2 years to recover, with some injuries, but your will probably be quicker, although the extent of recovery is unpredictable.
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  • Dear Abbydoodle, hope the info helps with your depression...keep up the good shield for doctors...it is discouraging to say the least how they often do not listen. Good luck with the neurologist and the seizures.And to Shaneris, good advice on nerve regeneration. Marionstar
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