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Foot swelling/pain, only an anti-diagnosis so far

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  • Posted By: fecklessdrone
  • August 16, 2009
  • 04:52 AM

I'm a 27 year old male. I've been living with apparently random episodes of severe pain and very dense swelling in both feet and ankles. By dense swelling I mean that the particular area of a given episode will swell about 15% in size and become almost as hard as bone, but not lose circulation somehow.
It's ruined most of my 20's and caused chronic depression, growing sociopathy and a very specific hatred of "medical professionals".

Key notes:
+I've seen foot doctors galore.
+I've had bone scans done.
+I've had mri's, both contrast and non-contrast, done.
+The pain is rapid-onset, the swelling takes 2-3 days to catch up to the pain, and both get worse with elevation. There is only very slight redness accompanying the swelling, probably only from the stretching of the skin.
+EVERY instance has started randomly overnight with my waking up in the morning to pain and stiffness or whatever area of the foot/ankle decided to hurt/swell that particular time.
+The effected areas are only mildly pressure-sensitive. It takes a significant amount to make them hurt. Not like the horror stories of the weight of a sheet causing level 10 pain with gout.
+It does seem to be FAR more likely to occur during the spring/summer months than fall/winter......by far, I mean, I've only ever had 2 attacks during fall/winter months.
+The pain is responsive to tylenol, but I can't take that stuff for long.
+The swelling seems to be counter-responsive to naproxin/ibuprofen/oxaprozin......basically any nsaid i've ever tried. Cortisone shots work wonders within a day, but I can't keep getting those.
+I've been given "invisible stress fracture" diagnoses.....which we all know is a non-diagnosis as some form of scarring would've had to been visible after years of these episodes.
+The Anti-Diagnosis so far is that it is NOT gout (with all the xrays i've had, the crystals would've shown up at some point). Great job geniuses, it's also not an impacted molar, broken nose, or mysterious hairy mole.
+On average, each episode takes 7to10 days to completely go away.
+So far this summer, by the time one area has healed, another has flared up......I'm really and truly getting beyond sick of this. The constant use of tylenol seems to have given me floaters inside my eyes on top of everything else.
+Current pain location: ball of foot, particularly the underside.


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