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Foot problem- 2 years, still don't know what it is.

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  • Posted By: e5ther
  • July 25, 2008
  • 10:40 AM

Around 2 years ago I started to get pain along the top of my right foot roughly below my big and second toes. There wasn't any specific injury that I remember happening- it just started hurting. It also became swollen along the top of my foot where the pain was. I went to my GP and they told me it was a tendon and that it would heal in 6 weeks. Went back after 6 weeks as it was still bad. Saw many different GPs who told me that it was tendons or ligaments but there was no change. They sent me for an X-ray but that came back normal. A year after that I was finally refered to an orthopedic specialist. They sent me for an mri. 8 months later they told me that the mri was clear and that they were sending back to my GP. So over 2 years has past and I have been in unable to do normal things like going shopping because it hurts and swells up.
I now have no idea what to do next or what it could be if the mri was normal. I would appreciate any help I could have because I'm going away to university in around 6 weeks and I don't know what to do!:confused:

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  • Foot swelling and big toe swelling can be a symptom of a type of gout or arthritis. This will not show up on xrays. You don't say how old you are or what your diet consists of. Specifically what does your diet consist of? If it is rich in fats and proteins (proteins over 100 grams a day) your body for some reason may be having a problem tolerating it. The American food industry is pushing lots and lots of protein at every meal. Yea, you curb hunger but it can hurt other things. You have several choices how to treat. Can go to doctor and ask for medicine that may or may not work. You can try a natural remedy, that if it works tells you the diagnosis and you have lost nothing. Buy black cherry juice. Depending on how big you are drink 1/2 quart to a quart from 4 -7 days. Within that time you should loose fluids and joints stop hurting. If that happens, well welcome to the world of the gouts. I have a lot more medical issues and cannot add more pills. I keep black cherry juice (many bottles) in the house. The instant it flares up, I start treatment. Usually gone in 3-4 days. I drink for another 3-4. Lot better than taking some more pills. My metabolic doctor was impressed it works so well. :D
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  • Hi! Thanks for your reply. I've just turned 18. My diet consists of very little protein (I'm vegetarian) and what I would day is a normal amount of fat. Would gout show up on an mri?I have been tested for arthritus previously for something else and the results came back negative.Thanks! :)
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  • I don't think gout shows up on MRI. What are your eating percentages. Are you sure you are getting all the the stuff you are suppose to be getting? Heck I would try the black cherry juice, it can't hurt you. Is not another pill. Also are there any other symptoms and describe your eating with low protein.
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  • Hi, I read your posting with great interest as I started with similar symptoms about 7-8 months ago. My pain started like yours near the toes, but has spread up the foot to the ankle which is also very stiff and swollen. The Doc first treated me for tendinitis. After receiving anti-inflamatories and physio for a while, to no great result, my doctor sent me to a specialist who ordered an MRI to look for hidden fractures or tears - all OK. He now believes it might be a Mortons Neuroma (swelling to interphalangal nerve)- the only thing is that my pain started between 1st and 2nd toes not 3rd and 4th which is more common - so Im now scheduled for ultrasound scan of the nerve and to rule out vascular problems, a dopler ultrasound scan of the lower leg. I really hope you find out what is causing your problem as I know what you are going through. Good luck !
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    • January 5, 2009
    • 11:49 PM
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