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Foot pain driving me insane!

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  • Posted By: feethurt315
  • March 23, 2009
  • 06:55 PM

I'm a 27 year old female ex smoker (3 months) ex drinker (10 months) with chronic and seemingly unrelated health issues. Had thyroid removed after being diagnosed w/ goiter + hyperthyroidism when I was ~19... have been periodically hyper/hypo thyroid and had meds tweaked accordingly. I've also been diagnosed w/ migraines (hormonal, inherited from mom's side of the family) and I see a neuro for them. I'm taking 90-day oral contraceptive to deal w/ hormone fluctuations plus Relpax as needed so those are pretty much under control. My BP runs low @ 100 to 110 over 65 to 70. My resting heart rate is high though, between 90 & 100.

The last 2-3 years have been terrible w/ respect to my feet and general health. I've felt run-down all the time. I have severe cold intolerance; my body temperature has, for years, been between 1 and 2 degrees below normal. Late last year I was diagnosed with Raynaud's syndrome and put on amlodipine (plus I stopped smoking), which helped briefly but now I can hardly walk again. I have the sensation of someone driving nails up my toes into the tops of my feet. When I walk, with every step I can feel every joint, from the balls of my feet forward, crack. My feet still turn purple and they are becoming deformed at the joints (2nd and 3rd toes) and now the outside of my big toe is starting to get growths. Also, regularly they get really warm, tingly and red and you can see all the veins in my feet bulging out up to my ankles... and my feet feel like they're going to burst. It keeps me from sleeping at night. It's awful.

When I went to the podiatrist 12/08 he said the X-rays were clean (aside from bunions and the start of hammer toes) & the bloodwork for RA was clean. I don't wear "silly" shoes. I wear sneakers and hiking boots and cushy inserts so I don't know why I would have any probs. My feet hurt and they look scary. I'm at the end of my rope and would be forever grateful if someone could point me in the right direction on this. Thx!

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  • I've felt run-down all the time. I have severe cold intolerance; my body temperature has, for years, been between 1 and 2 degrees below normal. with the low body temp. I think that sounds as if you have hypothyroidism. Your meds may not be correct.
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  • I had my TSH checked last month and it was actually low (e.g. too much thyroid hormone)... the thyroid hormones were the first thing I thought of when I first started having problems. Doesn't seem to be related to foot pain... maybe the other problems though. I can't help but feel like the foot problems are some funky vascular issue. They also seem to be slowly turning blue from the ball of the foot forward and then they intermittently get red and swollen. It's strange and a bit frightening. The Dr says it's Raynaud's but the blue hue happens despite my feet being warm (e.g. in the shower or w/ heating pad on). Plus I don't think Raynaud's would cause my toes to become deformed around the joints.
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  • I can't help but feel like the foot problems are some funky vascular issueReynaud's is a funky vascular issue. Plus I don't think Raynaud's would cause my toes to become deformed around the joints.It may not be the cause, but I'm certain it is a contributing factor. Hammer toes are usually caused by having a 'flat foot'-- little to no arch in the foot. The larger muscles in your foot take over the smaller muscles, pulling the toes upwards at the joint. Bunions can also present under these circumstances. Have you been checked for rheumatoid arthritis? Some of these toe conditions can be a result of RA, your docs should check.
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  • Evening,Sorry to hear about your foot pain. I would suggest that you speak to your doctor about the possibiliy of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy secondary to a dysautonomia. It is tied with the raynauds vascular changes as well as limb/joint deformities. There are also neuropathic pain medications which may improve your quality of life. Best of luck.
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  • I work for an Iridologist / Herbalist. Please visit our website and contact me. There is a lot that can be accomplished through Iridology. If you have any questions please please do not hesitate to contact. I believe we could really help your situation.
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  • Careful: http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/iridology.html "Iridology makes no anatomic or physiologic sense. It is not merely worthless. Incorrect diagnoses can unnecessarily frighten people, cause them to waste money seeking medical care for nonexistent conditions, or steer them away from necessary medical care when a real problem is overlooked.Some multilevel distributors are using iridology as a basis for recommending dietary supplements and/or herbs. Anyone who does this and is not a licensed health professional would be guilty of practicing medicine without a license, which is a violation of state law.If you encounter anyone practicing iridology, please complain to your state attorney general."
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