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foggy head, lightheaded... really worried!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 3, 2007
  • 09:43 AM

so, this is how my story goes: i am 30 year old female. i have been diagnosed with asthma when i was 15, since then i have been having problems, but for the past 3 years asthma is under control since i have been on seretide 250 mg. i also have nose polips and chronic sinus infection. my nose was runny for 3 yers or so, but since i am using one drug containing budesonide i am ok, my nose is not runny anymore. i dont have any other chronic problem.

so , here it is what's bothering me. from time to time i have this strange symptoms: i feel very lightheaded, i have some strange foggy feeling in my head, usually no specific headaches, just some head pressure between my eyes and on my forehead.
i hate that foggy feeling, 'cos it makes me feel very blurry, like i am in a twilight zone, that i cannot concentrate well.. the first time something like this happened was 2 years ago when i had my first migraine attack, and then after the attck passed, i was feeling foggy for week or so. but now, when this fogginess happens, i dont experience migraine headache, just that pressure on my forehead that i was talking about.
besides that, i don't get any vertigo, i wouldn't say that i have that usual dizzy spells, it is just that i sometimes feel unstable in my head, like i am on a boat or something like that.

also i would like to point out that i am a serious worry person, i worry about everything, i am also hypohondriac and the smallest thing is a misery to me :-) during past years, due to some emotional and family problem, i have developed some anxiety problems too - stomachache, stomach neurosis, non visible shaking from the inside and headpressure.

one other thing - i have developed some neck pain lately due to bad posture. i am shortsighted, i wear contact lenses, sometimes glasses, i don't see much without it :-) so , hwile sitting in front of pc, i automaticlly go forward, to see the monitor better, which is causing my neck pain.

so, here is my question: my head problems (foggy feeling, lightehaded, dizzy) - could there be a result of chronic sinusitis, even though i don't have runny nose, nor any other symptom of sinusitis, besides high forehead pressure. or, these sypmtoms are also a result of my anxiety, or even neck problems and bad posture? or, the worst option of all, is this isolated symptom which should be treated? remmeber, i am a hypohondriac, so i am thinking about all other terrible things.. MS is my fave immaginary disease heheh :-) fogginess is the thing that worries me the most.

sorry for the long post.. hope someone will be able to help me.

thank you

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  • Recognizing that you are kinda neurotic is a great step forward toward good health. Get a yoga exercise cd or take a class. That should help your neck. I have neck arthritis because I didn't actively pursue neck exercises. When you go to the doc just mention 2 or 3 symptoms. Otherwise they will think you need a antidepressant. Have you looked up meds for possible side effects? (Seretide is Advair in the US).
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  • LeeLoo..please read thread titled "The Truth About CFS/ME"It may help you understand.Hope you are feeling better...mommy cat:)
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