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Fobbed off as Asthma, inhalers have no effect

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  • Posted By: cuzrainbow
  • January 21, 2010
  • 01:38 AM


Please help me, any help is appreciated.

I'm 20 and have had the following symptoms for almost 2 years:

Shortness of breath & wheezing at night and after exercise
Constantly blocked sinuses
Excessive mucus
Difficulty getting to sleep, wake up after a few hours
Dribbling after peeing
Constant thirst & excessive peeing
Can't put on weight despite eating lots (still weigh 8 stone 3 pounds but I eat more than people who weigh 10 stone)
No energy despite good exercise & diet

And the following for the last few months:

A feeling of heaviness in the body, like I'm going to collapse sometimes
Stiff muscles, like I've just been to the gym, but all the time
Stiff neck
Lower-back pain

I've also been having:

Interruptions in my dreams where suddenly I can't breathe. I'll suddenly wake up gasping for air and usually wheezing and with a tight chest. Happens about once a week.
Repeated chest infections & bronchitis (5 or 6 times in 2 years)
Massive pain when peeing, like a sharp pain in the tip and a major dull pain at the base. Happens rarely (once every month or so)
Occasionally throwing up into my mouth then swallowing it again. Very painful in my throat. Will happen totally out of the blue about once a month

Other information that'll help:

Over the last year I've been going through various treatments for Asthma, but none have worked. Even on MAXIMUM dosage. One Doc thinks it's anxiety and depression... except, whilst stress DOES worsen symptoms, I'm generally happy, relaxed, confident and outgoing. The only thing that usually bothers me are these symptoms, and the only thing that's driving me mad is the doctor calling me crazy!
A blood test last year came up with nothing
Chest X-ray 2 months ago was clear
The phlegm I cough up is occasionally green or yellow (once every week or so) but mostly clear
Been given steroid nasal spray and saline rinse for sinuses for last 7 months, no change. After taking the steroid spray, I often feel MORE blocked up. Need to use small dose of over-the-counter sprays to unblock nose for sleep. Capsaicin spray made congestion worse. Doc's observed that most of the time, my sinuses are almost completely shut.
No known allergies.
Been to the physio for my back 5 months ago, given exercises that take away the pain, but still leave a dull ache. My posture is excellent. I exercise a lot though, that might explain that bit. But I do get my rest in!
I had pneumonia 4 years ago and have always had regular colds after that
Catheter exam last year came up clear
Urine test last year clear
Ultrasound 8 months ago clear except for a small "lesion" on my liver

I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with me. Clearly it's not Asthma, nor anything solvable by nasal sprays.

One of the doctors repeatedly telling me it's psychosomatic isn't helping. How can my breathing attacks be panic attacks when I'm feeling happy and not anxious? How could I imagine the distinct pain in my muscles? And how on earth is the mucus that I see coming out, the pee I see dribbling out, the pee dribbling, the lack of change in weight, or the whistling sound I hear when I breathe at night, the bronchitis diagnoses from other doctors, psychosomatic? How on earth would I imagine those things?!?

I'm at wits end. Any ideas, anyone?

Thank you.


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