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Fevers, 2 year need a Dr. House

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  • Posted By: slrdmr1
  • March 6, 2008
  • 04:17 AM

My sons fever, sweats, swollen glands, started in 2006 . This happens all the time, sometime it will be 3-4 weeks before the next one and sometimes it is 6 weeks apart and then there are times it 7 days apart. He has been tested for everything he had 3 different doctors, family, infection diease doc, and ent. Had all the ct scans, had sinus surgery in april fo 2007 - had e-coli in his nose, thought that might have been the answer we were looking for. Jan, Feb, March they have come back. He gets so sick with this we have 6 ice bags and to use them to bring fever down. tyl and mortin work sometimes along with the ice. He was in hosp. once to get all the test done. Nothing, his blood test then showed there is a infection somewhere. He is in fear of losing his job he going to graduate this May, he has privite ins. Not good ins. We have spent over 5000.00 in addtion to his ins to try to find some one who will help us. These spells last 3 days and he will be fine for awhile. All we get he has FUO. what is this doing to his body. His fever will go over 104. He has been tested for all know Sexually Transmitted Diseases, all we negative. He has had his liver and kidney functions checked, all checked out OK. He can usually feel it coming on when his neck starts to hurt then, it will move into a full blown attack. I feel that we're out of options and no where to turn. We're afraid his high fevers are going to lead into seizures, which will cause more damage than his body could handle during attack. Any advice of where to turn, or obscure infections that meet his symptoms would be of the utmost help in trying to diagnose this FUO. Please any suggestions, I wondering how long someones body can can do this and not due harm. If and one could point me in the right directions, doctors or hospitals. LOOKING FOR A REAL DR. HOUSE.

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  • Has he always had this or is it something recent?
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  • He has been having these for 2 years. now. I really appreciate every ones help or their thoughts on this matter. Right at this moment you would not know he was ever sick, but in about 3 -2 weeks he will be down with the fevers again, sweating and really weak and his glands in his neck will hurt and swell.
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  • I'm so sorry to hear your son is going thru this!! My 13 yr old son has also had undiagnosed fevers for 2 years. He has had tons of tests! Blood tests, urinalysis, xrays, cat scans but no results. He is still going thru testing. I will inform you if they give us a diagnosis. Will you please do the same for me??I understand EXACTLY what you are going thru. :(:mad::confused:
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  • Any infection at all can cause a fever.. there would be thousands of different things which cause fever which he could have :( and without more symptoms.. i guess his doctors are like looking for a needle in a haystack. Maybe look at natural medicine and boosting his immune system....
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  • I am so sorry to hear about what your son is going through. This is a worst-case scenario (and I truly hope this is not the case), but has your son ever had a lymph node biopsy to test for Hodgkins Lymphoma? His fever pattern sounds similar to the Pel-Ebstein Fever that is associated with Lymphoma. Do his glands stay swollen or shrink back down when he is not sick? Best of luck.
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  • I'm so sorry to hear your son is going thru this!! My 13 yr old son has also had undiagnosed fevers for 2 years. He has had tons of tests! Blood tests, urinalysis, xrays, cat scans but no results. He is still going thru testing. I will inform you if they give us a diagnosis. Will you please do the same for me??I understand EXACTLY what you are going thru. Look up still's diease. we are going back to the doc to see if this is what my sons has. he is still having the fevers, sweats. glands, joint pain, we are going on 3 years now. has been tested for everything and they can't find it. good luck to you and if you find anything out please let me know:(
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  • We finally have the answer, Still diease. I found it my watching one of those tv. shows, We went back to doc and they agree. we were all looking at the horses instead of the zebra. So at least we know now what we are dealing with. I would urge everyone who has a mystery diease to watch and tape everything that is on tv and keep looking on the internet. I had the shows on tape and would watch one now and then, this is how i came across it. It been a long 3 years, but at least we know how to deal with and what to watch for now Sandy Rogers
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  • I am so glad you were able to find a diagnosis, so at least it can be treated! My son has a Rheumatology appt in October to test for Lupus and Still's disease. What kind of dr diagnosed your son? Also, do you mind me asking what kind of testing they did? Thanks & God Bless!
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  • The above post is incorrect on both counts regarding the treatment of Still's disease/Lyme and the similarities in the rashes. The treatment for Still's disease is high dose aspirin (or other NSAIDS) as I'm sure the OP now knows. The rash is salmon colored and is not petechial in nature. It is characteristic of the disease. Lyme and the ricketssial diseases are treated with antibiotics.The young man's case sounds extremely likely for Stills. There is considerable information on the internet if you need further education about the differences between Still's disease and rickettsial illness.
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  • Really glad to hear that you've finally got a diagnosis for your son :) . It sadly often is up to us ourselves, to work out what we do have, when we have one of those "zebra" illnesses. Doctors never were able to diagnose me either (thank God my illness is now more known, thou still mostly undiagnosed via doctors). i originally had to work it out myself (took 5 mths before I came across an article on it!) then go to the doctor with the info.
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  • Thanks slrdmr1! :) My son (age 5) has had 2 rounds of high fever with exact same symptoms, high fever 104, tiredness, swollen glands, joint pain. We've been to ER twice, ped twice and multiple tests with nothing shown except anemia. No mono, no lyme, no lupus, . The anemia made no sense to me since this boy eats like an adult, meat, salad etc. So, when I saw your post, I was really excited. I did some reading about Still's. I will wait to see if we have another 'round' of symptoms (it's happened twice so far: 4 weeks apart exactly) and then bring up Still's to the doc. He's so symptom free between episode tho, it's hard to believe he gets so sick so fast. Do you have to wait for an 'episode' (high fever etc) to get a positive diagnoisis? How has your son been since diagnosis?
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  • Check on a condition called PFAPA syndrome. It took me 4 years to get a diagnosis and they finally hit it on the money. I could schedule our lives around the fevers and they were very cyclical. started at 9 months old and my daughter has not outgrown them - they went away around age 13. It can't hurt to look into this condition. It was diagnosed through blood work and tracking the fevers, etc. I hope this helps. Email me anytime KelBelleFL@aol.com.:o
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  • hi. im a doctor, and i am board certified in infectious disease(s) and immunology i will go back and read over the thread, but right now i have to get to work. but i am interested so ill try to help you out. before i go to work, i just quickly scanned your first post. have him tested for brucellosis asap, or he will die. this is serious. if it is in his brain then you need to catch it now. also, if you feel it is stills, then go with that. but just because the docs say it is stills doesnt mean it is. it could mean 1 of 3 things: 1) it really is stills (it is highly possible, the symptoms do match a lot)2) its not stillsor3) your doctors are just agreeing with you because they are out of ideas and dont want to look stupid. option three is looking pretty good to me right now. i would still have him tested for brucellosis and other infections. 99% of the time fevers are a sign of infection. that other 1% is, of course, non-infectious. do you really want to take a chance?
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  • I happened across yr story and realized... That sounds like ME!! Except I unfortunately have been dealing with the same symptoms since 1999. In fact I'm hopefully onthe tail end of a stint now. My fevers usually last as long as 10days. My fevers have been over 105 & as low as 103 w/motrin and occasionally I will get a normal temperature. I went 2 cancun & ever since I have these recurring fevers. They were happening annually. Now it's every 6 mos. Like your son I've been tested for everything under the sun... ALL results neg. I even have radio isotopes injected into my blood as well as a bone marrow biopsy. Again all negative!!! I am frustrated and concerned as I am 50yrs old. I will have 2 ask my doctor if stills is a test that may I have tested 4. However, I won't hold my breath. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has an answer... Let me know. I am afraid I will never be able 2 maintain a job again... I'm out more than I'm working... & guess who's not working again... Last attack was in june... It's like clockwork :((
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    • January 25, 2012
    • 01:20 AM
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