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Fever, pain, swelling, edema, help!!!

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  • Posted By: agalindo83
  • February 5, 2008
  • 08:50 AM

Hi, My name is Ashley and I am 23. About a year and a half ago I started feeling ill. I was having bone pain, severe swelling in the shoulder and knee of my left side and numbess in the fingers, hands and arm. I went to the ER 6 times in 6 months for chest pain, pleurisy and neck pain and much to my dismay they said I was fine. The ER doc referred me to a Rheumatologist and the Rheumatologist said I had Fibromylagia. I started taking Naprosyn & Tramadol, but I still kept having "flare" episodes. He, along with another doc have ruled out SLE & Arthritis. Since Feb of last year I have had a high WBC of between 15,000-21,000, I have been tested for everything under the sun and to no avail have any docs figured it out. I have fevers only at night (99.9-101.5) and they usually break a couple days later and have me drenched in sweat! My "pain" is mostly on the left side and rotates; sometimes it's my shoulder, then my arm, then my hip and then the knee! When it's the hip or knee I can't walk and I crawl around the house! The arm & knee get very red, swollen and very hot to the touch! I also get a stiff neck from time to time and I have very little range of motion. It's lasts a few days and then things are fine for awhile! I also have severe upper back & chest pain that crushes me and makes me want to puke! I am so frustrated because I am always exhausted, always in pain and I have very little quality of life! Last month I was diagnosed with Neuropathy and I have a history of gallbladder removal and a heart murmur that I born with. Please help! Oh...when I was 18 I was diagnosed with cataracts & optic nerve atrophy! I am a medical mystery and a walking disaster. Everybody keeps saying I am fine, but I am not! I am taking Lyrica for the Neuropathy, Enderel for tremors, Elavil for migraines & high bp, a diuertic for edema and Phernergran for chronic nausea!

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  • Adult Still's Disease? A form of arthritis.. but you have many of the symptoms.
    rad-skw 1605 Replies
    • February 5, 2008
    • 00:33 PM
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  • Can you get a second opinion?Maybe from another rheumatologist (such as one at a teaching facility), or perhaps a neurologist or even an ophthalmologist (they are sometimes the smartest doctors since you have to be a top medical student to get in to ophthalmology)...Bring a sheet of paper that lists out all of your symptoms and problems and abnormal labs with the dates the tests were done. It's really not normal to have such elevated white counts or the pain or numbness, or the gallbladder out at such a young age, not to mention the cataracts and optic nerve atrophy.You need to go to someone smart who can figure this out for you.Do not let them blow you off. These are not things that should be blown off. They are most likely all related, and someone needs to find out what the underlying cause for all of them are.I am sorry you are going through this and hope you can stay strong as you search for an answer.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 6, 2008
    • 06:07 AM
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