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fever in 2 y/o that wont go away!

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  • Posted By: kelly_bean83
  • December 30, 2009
  • 07:25 PM

Eep!. i tried to post but it didnt show. Or i may be doing it wrong. So im sorry if this is a double post!!!!

Hello! Im new here and have been lurking on this site for some time now hoping someone has a similar situation to ours. Some are a little bit similar but not exact. Maybe someone can shed some light?
My 2 year old son, Cameron, has had a fever for 2 months now. Its not just a fever that lingers all day, but a fever that fluctuated throughout the day! I know its normal to fluctuate a degree or two during the day as your body's internal thermostat does its work. But his is a very irregular fluctuation. Heres a sample of the temps ive been tracking since yesterday:
11:30am: 102.5
11:45am: 101.1
12:00pm: 100.4
12:45pm: 100.3
2:40pm: 98.4f
3:30pm: 99.5
4:45pm: 101.3
6:35pm: 100.1
8:00pm: 98.5
10:30pm: 98.4
11:00am: 101.2
11:20am: 101.7
and nothing since then since im giving him a break. lol.
Anyway. Weve been tracking them the last two days (and will for the next week) because the drs at Phx Childrens Hospital told us to keep track and if he seems warm or gets a high temp, then to keep tracking it every 20 min or so (or as long as he will cooperate!).
The fluctuations make no sense? They told me he has fever of unknown origin so far untill we can find something else.
Other symptoms for the past 2 months that ive been tracking:
Light yellow stools. Sometimes dark with undigsted food. Sometimes with blood.
Smelly urine, but not dark.
No appetite. He might take a bite here or there but i just dont see how he stays alive. We were told maybe milk was stopping him from eating but hes been off the milk for 5 days now and theres no change.
Recurrent bronchial infections (pneumonia 3 times- 9 mos, 15 mos, 2 yrs 1m)
Poor sleeping habits. Up most of night, wakes up early. No naps.
His blood work has been very irratic. 3 CBCs at 3 different times, all 3 show different results. (ie, #1- high granulocyte, low lymphocyte, #2 low lymph, #3 normal lymph, normal granulo, very low neutophils) all within 2 months
Hes very pale with dark undereye circles but no anemia, in fact hes on the high side of normal on the hemo/iron (i think thats what it was) count for anemia.
Some weight loss. Hes quite thin, you can see his pelvis through his back and his cheekbones. But not a whole lot of weight loss. I think hes lost a lb or 2 in the last 2 months. Hes at 31lbs currently which isnt horrible for 2yrs 4 mos old. So they are not concerned with this.
Oh, and despite not sleeping well or eating well hes insanely active. Off the walls most of the time!
Im sure theres more but im so tried. They keep asking about bruises, and he has a lot of them, but i chalk that up to being a crazy little boy. No lumps that we can see or anything like that, so they are sure its not a childhood cancer (i hope they are right!)
The worst thing i could have done was go into nursing. lol. Im starting nursing school and i know what most of the terms mean when the drs say them and im horrible when it comes to googling things. It only makes me more scared! So i will step away from google. ;) Sooooooo... any ideas?? We have ANOTHER dr appt today in an hour to talk about things. Mayeb this new guy will help me out. Maybe not. Who knows. This just may be how my son is and how he will be for life.
Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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