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Fever for 2 weeks, tests are normal

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 27, 2009
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I've had a fever for 2 weeks at an average of 101, but sometimes gets to 102. I am able to keep it down with Tylenol, but it goes back up as soon as it wears off. I've been on 3 different antibiotics in the past week, but they have not been effective. It was suspected as a viral infection by one doctor, with a possible bacteria infection as well (this was on day 8). I went to a more trustworthy doctor 2 days later and told him I thought it could be Lyme Disease. He ran blood work and a urine test which both came back normal. I am still waiting on the Lyme results, but have been getting antibiotics assuming that is what it is. After my fever got higher when on the second set of antibiotics (at least 48 hrs after starting them), the doc gave me another antibiotic. I started that yesterday morning and I am still getting fevers. What could this be? I don't have any other symptoms to go on other than the fever and associated chills, sweats, and body aches. I have been developing a cough in the last few days, but it is not that bad. I don't think it is the cause of all of this, but more likely a complication.

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  • Hi,I suffered from many symptoms similar to yours for NINE YEARS....Went to 24 different docs and specialist...1st they said..o you need a hysterectomy, then it was fibromyalgia, then chronic fatigue, then IBS, then, well its all just surgical menopause; I could go on and on with the diagnosis that have no test to confirm, because all other test turned up normal. Spinal blocks, knee blocks, unnecessary surgeries, muscle cramps, spasms, ....daily pain, horrible pain, fatigue, feeling like I was sick all the time, then people thought I was just a hypochondriac....then you just want to die to end the suffering....Got the t shirt.Tingling, hands, feet, legs, arms going numb having to "shake it out" in the middle of the nite from going numb....all this. Had IBS diarrhea so badly for nearly a dam decade, doubling over cold sweating, cramping kind...could no longer work when this started.Within a few years of becoming so sick, weak and tired all the time (insomnia and depression too...with severe night sweats....of course that was after the hysterectomy for heavy painful periods...at the age of 34, then they said it was all in my head. Even calling it Somatiform pain disorder, bi polar disorder, PTSD...OMG...locked me up in the mental ward three times, nearly died three times from severe adverse effects of the head drugs they had me on...because all blood and mri test were "Normal"....they had me believing this crap too.I had severe allergic reactions to just about all meds they tried me on, every thing you can think of for depression...then they said I was bi polar....you name it, if there was no test to confirm it, I was diagnosed with it... Come to find out, the hair loss was caused by the anti depressants and bi polar drugs...which grew back over several months time after discontinuing....ALL OF IT, a laundry basket full of meds..that made me have to take tons of OTC meds to combat the side effects of those, like antiacids, anti nausea, anti diareahh, zantac, this list is way too long, you get the picture.Skin probs, rashes, staph infections MRSA....had all that too...but yet, yes, it was supposedly all in my head. Had a lung infection for 8 months....lost the use of my left leg, draggin it around, lost vision in my left eye...had to wear a patch, my tongue stopped working, could hardly form words anymore, could not think, concentrate, drive, was near death....AND THEN....I had to pay for a test myself for LYME DISEASE, after my sister suggested trying that.... YES it was LYME, all this time, plus an allergy to mold....well Lyme makes you hyper allergic to many things, especially meds, suffering severe adverse reactions to all the drugs and inhalers they had me on for the asthmatic symptoms.Best thing I can tell you to do is:1. Remember if you have ever pulled a tick off of you....2. Remember if before you became ill with listed symptoms here, within weeks- a month or so after u pulled the tick off if you suffered from flu like symptoms, it would feel like a VERY bad case of flu. Did the area become red or swollen where u took the tick off? 1/2 of the people get that. 3 Go to the website for IgeneX in CA...they test only for Lyme and are the ONLY lab that does the DNA test for Lyme...trust me, I had three negative test come up with using the standard test the doctor will send off...those are 70 percent unreliable, due to CDC BS. No matter what your doctor tells you the results are, get a copy of the Igenex test, it is still tricky even with the proof in your hand, because in order for Igenex to say yes, it is Lyme, they have to go by current CDC guidelines which say you have to test positive for 5 bands...also not true....you can be indeterminate for 2 bands and still have Lyme like me. Then take the results to a LYME LITERATE MD...any other kind of specialist will not do.My Lyme doctor told me this test is like a pregnancy test, you cant be just a little bit prego...(indeterminate test bands, vs. full positive) 4. Watch the video trailers on YouTube "Under Our Skin" there are like 5-6 parts on there 5 min long, for a little Lyme Education. Real people, real stories.5. You must get off all medications you are on, they are probably what is causing your hair and skin problems, and making the IBS worse, along with all your symptoms, like I said medications are NOT tolerated due to extreme adverse side effects if you have Lyme. Ask your doctor how to safely come off of them...some u must come off slowly or suffer worse side effects. (Read the package inserts for adverse effects, many cause lung symptoms, (EVEN ASTHMA MEDS cause lung infections...) rashes, hair loss...etc...and many that are "free samples" ....throw that crap out! You are being used as a guinea pig by the FDA...all adverse effects not known yet on those, as the FDA will tell you if you call the FDA adverse effect drug hotline...or they will just hang up on you as they did me, because they have no answers, and will say yes, it has been on the market for three years, but the full reports aren't in yet, we are still gathering data....this should be a crime against humanity! Free samples..yea, ok, nothing is EVER FREE)6. Immediately start dye free BENEDRYL, I was able to see again within hours, after being nearly blind for three months, and my tongue stopped going dead too, so I could speak again. Turns out all that was caused from asthma inhalers.....go figure...- Every night to help detox your body from chemicals, take an Epsom salt bath, stay in there till the water turns cool, start it as hot as you can take it....soak...this will help also with body pain, edema (swelling), and diarrhea. Use 2 cups for the tub.Best thing for my skin was using a cream you have to ask the pharmacist for behind the counter....it has the active ingredient, Urea...best for dry flaking skin, great on peeling feet. Carmol 20 is one name, I got a prescription for it and it was covered by ins....but dont think you need one to buy it. By the way, I no longer have skin problems either....after suffering with that for years too.7. Contact nearest Lyme support group they will help you find a Lyme Literate MD, and give you guidelines for diet, and ways to improve your condition even before antibiotics are started. 8. I went on a 40 day fast of sorts, eliminating ALL sugar from my diet....and I do mean ALL. The spirochetes (LYME bugs) feed off of sugar and this makes them grow and spread, in your GUT... Start diflucan..anti yeast med...dice up fresh raw garlic and sprinkle it on fish, fresh raw dark greens like spinach salads, eat that three times a day, this helps to kill it and restore bowel health....DO NOT eat anything pre packaged or fast food....nothing processed at all...the chemicals are horrible for people with LYME. After you get well, you can go back to your old bad habits if you must, this is not a forever diet, just 40 days. Use only olive, oregano, or coconut oil to cook your fish or chicken in, and dont bread it. Avoid all wheat, and bread too... Go fresh and raw as much as possible, and avoid red meat as well. Coconut oil is great for restoring bowel health. If you are addicted to tingly drinks like soda....dont drink diet...chemicals again.....buy apolonaris sparkling mineral water, and put some fresh lemon or lime in it...I like it with the juice of 1/2 lime and 1/4 tsp of salt.... Lastly....drink water, water, water...and more water....I drank about 2 liters a day. I also used DanActive Probiotic Immunity 4 oz. drinks daily to improve bowel health...has some sugar, not much though, takes care of the hairy tongue....if you have a coating on your tongue that you cant get rid of, its all connected to the IBS. Xifaxin cleared it for good, which is an antibiotic for intestinal bugs I think, this one aint cheap either, only took it for one month.Also I did acupuncture and massage therapy....definitely helps with pain and detox, don't think I could have recovered so quickly without it, 1-2 treatments a week for six weeks, then once a month. Tell your doctor you want to safely come off ALL meds other than antibiotics, folic acid, and di flucan...these are necessary. The first month will be rough, but mark my words, you will feel better than you have in years. They put me on Zithromax, Malarone, Xifaxin, Deplin, Cerefolin NAC, and Diflucan...had me well in a few months. Was not cheap...bout 1300 a month, but cheaper than 10 years of being sick I assure you, this was not a drop in the bucket compared to living with symptoms and seeking a cure that would never come until I became my own health proxy, and did years of my own research, I was not buying the crap about being ALL IN MY HEAD....even the psychiatrists are nothing but pill pushers these days!Well, good luck to you, I hope this helps, it almost seems that doctors want to keep you sick so you will keep coming back and buying all those expensive meds that only make things worse. That was my 10 year nightmare. I have not taken one prescription drug now in nearly a year after being treated for chronic Lyme...and not ONE bout of diarrhea either, except for a food bug bout, but whole family got sick too. I am functioning in society again, still not 100 percent, don't think I will ever get my complete health back, but at least I can cook, clean, drive, shop, and THINK clearly again, O and I have my HAIR back. Hoping to get back in the workforce soon, but of course I cannot find a job now after being out of commission sick for 10 years, no one wants to hire me, add to that 10 percent unemployment rate.....I am hosed, bankrupt from medical bills and lack of income...but at least I have my health.Sincerely,Lori MCahaba1 @ bellsouth.net
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  • Fever of unknown origin is a common condition. It represents the body attempting to fight off some problem. While the most common conditions are bacterial and viral infections, there are other conditions that cause this response. Blood and urine cultures are commonly drawn to check for infection. If you have been relatively healthy you may have a fever for a long period of time before the locus of an infection becomes known. You may require additional emotional support as you continue without a diagnosis.Since there may be an infectious disease at work, you may want to seek evaluation by an infectious disease specialist. These are generally internists who have specialized in the treatment of infections.There should be some signs of abnormality on blood tests suggesting an inflammatory response. ESR rate generally elevates and white cell count generally elevates along with a fever. In addition the fever may change over the course of the day. It's common for fevers to elevate in the afternoon and drop in the early morning.Good luck to you.
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  • Well the fever is gone, and the Lyme test came back negative. I understand it is still possible to have Lyme and will get retested in a few weeks. Ceftin did the trick for me when Doxycicline and Erethromicin did not work. I am still worried about this though. A fever for 15 days with no clear cause seems very strange. Has anyone had any experience with this? Can it just be a fever that has gone away and no complications will stem from it? Maybe I am just being parinoid?P.S. The fever was highest in the early morning and night, but lowest in the afternoon and I had and increased heart rate (96 at rest) and slightly higher blood pressure than I usually do. Not sure if these are normal things.
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  • If you responded favorably to the antibiotic then it's probable you had a bacterial infection that cleared with treatment. Blood pressure would normally elevate slightly as your body fought off the infection. The fever is a bit atypical. Hopefully it's gone and stays gone. Non-specific bacterial infections that respond to antibiotic treatment are common. You may never know what the infection was or where it was.
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  • Hello,
    I am now going through the exact same thing as you were going through. This is day 15 for me spiking fevers also. I've developed a dry cough with it, and the only thing I have that I didn't see you write is I am getting red patches on me, with little lumps under them and very tender to touch. My doc said that's from my fevers though, and he is wondering if it's a viral infection as well, because all my bloodwork is coming back normal. Did you find out what yours was?
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  • Did any anyone ever find out what was causing all of this to happen to them and why they had fevers for such a long time
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    • August 25, 2014
    • 06:34 AM
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  • Hi im a filipino and forgive my english, i have this problem for 12 days already and nothing shows any improvement. I always feel like i have a fever though my body temperature is just 37°c. It usually occurs early in the morning and late in the evening. I already went to a doctor on the 6th day i had this problem, the doctor said i have a laryngitis and my blood pressure went high to 150/80 he gave me Levofloxacin 500mg an anti bacterial for my laryngitis and metropolol neoblock 100mg for my blood pressure i only took this drugs for 3days though the doctors instruction is for 1week cause it worsen my condition i cant properly sleep at night i was also wondering why i had laryngitis yet i dont have any symptoms of it, as of now i am experiencing this problem everytime my fever occurs i only take analgesic for the fever. I also had a history of urinary track infection before and perhaps put this as consideration of having this problem.
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  • My friend is also suffering from similar condition. She has fever from last 2 weeks now. Her chest reports and urine reports came normal. Her blood test shows sign of high WBC/Lumphocytes/Monocytes etc which according to doc is normal and is high because body is fighting some virus.

    My friend is having tylenol twice a day to suppress her fever from last 2 weeks.
    Did you guys manage to find the root cause of your problems?
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  • I'd also a same problem. And this is crap at all!.. Almost 2wks nows and I haven't seen any improvement. Now suffering dirrhea and my body feel pain from head to toe. I'm only treating sign and symptoms. Which is the analgesics but afraid getting hepatoxicity due to longer used and levofloxacin but nothing happened.
    What is this disease anyone known?.
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