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fever and stomach pains forever??

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  • Posted By: stanton4
  • October 19, 2006
  • 00:49 AM

Hi all, my name is Cat im 24yrs old. since i've been about 17 i've been getting fevery flushes(some last 5 mins some last for hours) where i sweat all over my body, have goosebumps and have no idea what the temperature is, usually followed by very painful stomach pain. sometimes the cramps are followed by dihorea or vomiting or both. it usually starts before i get out of bed until midday or sometimes all day, night. It used to happen only every few months and i never thought much of it, but now it is so frequent its effecting my life(i have a 10month old), like i can be sick for days, fine for a week then sick for a week etc.. i'm never hungry, i have no energy probably due to lack of food, and when i am hungry i will try to eat, but it only makes me feel like vomiting. My hands are always swollen and very itchy often i cant move them due to the swelling.My legs get very achy some afternoons i can't walk properly.I've never really been a well person, i suffer from asthma and when i get the flu it sometimes turns into amonia(have been hospitalised several times). I have large non cancerous tumas in my breasts(right side has one that petrudes out of me if i get too thin and is 7cmx6cmx10cm and two 4x4 on my left) and for several years suffered depression due to stress. I have several food alergies that require adrenaline and my body does not absorb iron like it should be. I had to have a cesearian for my little girl and got a staph infection in my wound.I sound like a hypercondriac but i can asure you its NOT in my head. i've been back and forth to doctors and specialist and had my blood taken more than i can count and xrays of my stomach but no answer. I don't have lupus, or anyother autoimmune disease so the blood tests say.. i dont have chrons or ibs nor am i ciliac or have raynauds or shleroderma. i don't know what to do.. can anybody suggest?please help me get a diagnosis.. i'm going bananas.. please excuse my terrible spelling.

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