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Feet swell 3 months each year - nobody knows why.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 21, 2007
  • 08:36 PM

I lived in Panama City, Florida the past 3 years.
Each of the 3 years from July-Sept my feet and ankles swelled
The swelling didn't go down with taking salt out of my diet, or
putting my feet up, or doing more exercise. They just stayed
horribly swollen.
It would happen like magic about the first of July and magically go
away about Oct 1 or 2.
Well, I have moved back to Tallahassee and here we go again. But it's different months this time.
This time it started on February 1 and there has been no let up (today is March 21).
I wondered if it was something like bug spray in the apartments or spray on the lawns I was coming into contact with. But the bug man says it can't be.
My hands are not swollen, nor is anything else swollen.
My feet don't itch.
Nothing makes them go down.
Do you know what is self-limiting, thatwould cause BOTH FEET equally
to swell like "pigs feet". I feel like a weeble-wobble doll, as my feet and ankles are swollen all over. The swelling even going up to my knees.
I have taken Atarax sometime and this does have some bit of effect on the swelling making it go down a little.
I don't seem to make as much urine as I usually do and that's strange I think. But I'm not more thirsty than usual or things like that.
Thanks if you know of what might be causing this. The first time this happened was 4 years ago. Never had anything like this before. I am 62 now and not terribly heavy, about 130 pounds.
The first year this happened I was frightened to death as I thought I probably had heart failure. But since this is the 4th year and the last 3 years it was self-limiting -- I feel like it's environmental, but I will have lived in 3 different places while this has happened - so it's difficult to correlate what is the same I could come into contact with in such a wide varity of places each time.
Thanks again,

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  • Have they checked your kidneys, adreanals, thyroid and circulitory systems?? Been checked for Diabetes? Do you eat much processed foods, like cold cut sandwiches? Consume diet drinks or foods, they are loaded with sodium???Things like that might be giving you too much sodium, even if you are not adding it from a shaker. Do you have any back problems that might be cutting off circulation?? Are you sitting for long periods? Sorry for all the questions, but something might jog your memory and solve the mystery. Good Luck.
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  • Thanks so much for the "jogging" :)Yep, I have gone over pretty much all those ideas the first year this happened.The mind boggling thing about this and why I have hesitated going in for the "standard battery of tests" (probably $2000 worth, ugh)is that this is SELF LIMITING.In Panama City for each of the three years it started like clockwork July 1 and ended either Oct 1 or 2 three months later. VERY CONFUSING.One doctor friend of mine looks at my feet and says they look like somebody's feet who has sat too close to a fire (like a fireplace). They are incredibly "tight" with the swelling, turn white in some places on the top of the foot ......the sides are red to brawny colored. The ankles are so swollen you can't even seem I have any!They don't itchThe discoloration (red, brawny) goes up in a stock distribution to about mid calf.They don't throbThey are incredibly difficult to walk on and my ankles seem almost "frozen" because I am unable to flex my feet because the skin is so TIGHT from the swelling.I don't have any rashes anywhere.I don't have any headaches.My abdominal girth seems exaggeredly swollen, so I'm thinking the swelling is even included in the intestinal area. Although BMs are just fine.I do wear flip-flops most of the time (living in Fla) and have thought of taking my feet out of the nearness of grass and wearing enclosed shoes like tennis shoes ---thinking maybe it is something I'm coming into contact with off the grass like fertilizer, bug spray, a type of "red tide" in the resevoir water that the grass may be being watered with.I know the "red tide" is horrendous in Panama City ...and July to Oct are pretty much the months it is there.But the swelling now happening in Tallahassee which is many many miles from a coast, now make me sort of rule that out.Then I think environmental: What mold could be in bloom in PC in July to Oct, that may bloom earlier in Tallahassee (it started here this year Feb 2!)I had lived in Tallahassee for 40+ years and never had this prior to my recent 3 years in Panama city....... but I'm guessing maybe I became sensitized to whatever it is while living in PC those 3 years, and now whatever is environmentally present ..........I'm reacting to now and I didn't do it before I got a big dose of "it" in Panama City those 3 years.I guess what I'm trying to figure out is:WHAT BLOOMS OR IS USED ENVIRNOMENTALLY IN PANAMA CITYFROM JULY TO OCTTHAT IS HAPPENING IN TALLAHASSEE STARTING IN FEB.(it is still going on, it is March 25, so I'm counting on this going away about May 1.......if it follows the same pattern as Panama City).Whatever it is ........it goes on for 3 months..........so far.
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