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Feels like nerve problem...please help

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  • Posted By: momalot
  • September 26, 2008
  • 02:36 AM

Beginning in March or so, I began having an intermittent, strong "flush" of heat (not to the touch) occur on the left side, slightly to the front of my neck. The sensation has changed over the months and I now have a burning sensation that can last for several minutes or even half an hour. I cannot make it happen. Now, when intense, it can spread into my lower left jaw , down toward my collar bone and slightly below (left side) and around the back of my head, left side. Hardly an hour can pass, without a symtom on the left side of my upper body. It doesn't seem to respond to Advil, etc. I have even noticed it happen during the night, when I move I wake to notice my skin on my colorbone feeling a "burn" or "mild irritation", or the back, left side of my head hurt.
I have gone off Lipitor, as I wondered if it could be the culprit. I have had a doppler--negative. Nothing is evident when a physician feels my neck, glands, nodes, etc. I just had a complete neurological exam this week and all seemed well-he was perplexed. I am being sent for an MRI of the soft tissues of my neck and cervical spine.
I am a 44 year old,122 pound, female in good health. I take a minimal dose of synthroid, zyrtec, and prilosec.
Please give me any suggestions of what I might have missed. I'm getting nervous...

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  • This souds like what A LOT of us go through! There's another forum on here for "Fire Spots". The only way anyone can describe them is spots, or entire areas/extremities, that are burning, and often feel like fire on the skin. The thing is, the skin looks entirely normal. There's never any redness, rashes, bruising, or swelling with these spots. They also happen anywhere on the body, including the head/neck region. As far as we know, none of us who have this have heard of a specific disease name, and of course no cure. The spots seem to appear out of nowhere with no warning, and the slightest movement, including the rubbing of light clothing, will seriously aggrivate them. Even at night, the bed sheets can rub on a spot, and you'll feel like there's fire ants in the bed. A hot shower can be torture. We all believe that these "spots" are attributed to some nerve disorder, we just have yet to find out exactly what it is. As for me, my spots happen on my lower half, from my waist down. I've heard of trunks, breasts, arms, heads, and even soles of feet being affected. Have you EVER had a head injury or surgery? I mean ever, even when you were 5 and maybe fell off your bike, or ran into a wall. It's theorized that these spots are connected to any injury/surgery in a persons life. This disturbance of nerves during the inj. surg. will lay dormant for YEARS. I personally believe it's the nerve endings on the fritz, and I've had a few nerves just die. I had one spot that felt like it "ripped" wide open. I expected to look down and see my leg just gushing blood, yet there was nothing there. The skin was normal color, and surely no tears. A few seconds after this "rip", the area went completely numb and I haven't had feeling back since. That was 4 years ago. I sincerely believe a "spot" got hot so many times, the nerves got overloaded, and the nerve endings just exploded. That explosion is what felt like the ripping, and once the nerve ending was dead, it left me with no feeling. Once again, this is just theory and an opinion, nothing in stone. Please, if you by chance find out what this torturing illness is, let the rest of us know!!! As for now, we just have to live with it day by day.
    LadyLeprechan 24 Replies
    • September 27, 2008
    • 04:59 AM
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  • It can be shingles, without the outbreak. There are blood tests for it.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • September 27, 2008
    • 04:16 PM
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