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  • Posted By: rctriplefresh5
  • November 23, 2009
  • 11:23 PM

ok i actually posted this exact thread on another board a year ago, but i still have found no solution to my problems so ill post it on this site.

so i have been having a lot of symptoms, and i had suspected i had a brain tumor. i went to my neurologist and got an mri w/wo contrast done. it came back that i had a probable 2mm pituitary microadenoma. anyway my neurologist didnt seem concerned, and told me to get my hormones checked and either take meds, or do nothing for it. I FEEL SUPER UNHEALTHY so i decided to go to a neuro surgeon, he told me the tumor is not causing these symptoms, and i need to see a phychiatrist for imagining these symptoms. he said ishould get my hormones checked as well, and he would not operate. I am a 19 year old male and i have the following symptoms-

low testosterone(got it checked)
headaches0not terrible but frequently
poor eye sight, double vision, blurry vision, sometimes see black **** i nthe air,
stomach issues(been having these for years)
focus, memory and basic feeling of being alive is gone
muscle and joint soreness
feel pressure in the back right side of my head
i sometimes feel a beating there if i touch my head in that spot
i also freqently have chest painhttp://konac.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/grey_loader.gif

high cholesterals.
also sometimes feel like my head will shake
muscles getting weaker(im very into lifting weights)
so the doctor and neurosurgeon said that the probable 2mm microadenoma is not a sign or cause of these symmptoms and its just a coincidence that i found that in my mri, and we should just leave it there and monitor it.

im very suspicious of this, and just want to feel healthy again. i also have another question. since my testosterone is low i was thinking of getting tesosterone injections from the urologist if my prolactin is low etc. if istart trt will my tumor enlarge? the neurosurgeon said no but he was a not nice guy to be completely honest guys.

now, according to the doctors my tesosterone is in the normal range, however im a 20 year old male, supposedly in the prime of my lfie, and when igot tested i was at 270 on a scale of 240-890. now we know this test is used for all adults, so to be 30 pounds within the bottom of the scale is crap. i went a seconmd time and got 420 as my result, which still is kind of low. (these were done at age 19) the endo says my hormones are normal etc. i had gotten a response on another forum, that a lot of doctors call microadenomas incidental if theyre small ,and they dont consider that location of the tumors can be jsut as important as the tumors actual size also. I know this is the reason i have al;l these symptoms, im just not sure what i can do about it? im just tired of being 20, and getting weaker, and weaker. also i have a cloudy feeling in my head all the time. i am getting A'S in school, but i have trouble comprehending stuff. i am a great test taker but have no logic.

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