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Feeling ill-blood tests normal

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  • Posted By: jeanill
  • May 2, 2008
  • 05:34 PM

First I want to thank “Wrong Diagnosis” for having this forum. It is VERY helpful! :)I am asking why I feel so very ill, and sick (exhausted, sleepy, fatigued, with vague nausea and dizziness) every day. :confused: I think it is called malaise. The doctor took blood tests in 2007 and 2008 (CBC, MET, TSH, TB, CK RF, and ANA) and said they were normal. In March 2007, she said I had a virus and that it should run its course. (I had green sputum.) She gave me some antibiotics (amoxicillin), but it did not help! The sputum went away, but I still felt very unwell! I have been feeling terrible for a year. :eek:In April 2008, I want back and she gave me a different antibiotic (zithromak-to take for five days.) Today is the fourth day, and I still feel awful. Like I could lie down and pass out. Could I still have a virus that did not show up on the blood tests? What makes someone ill, when the blood tests are normal? Please help with any advice. I also have trouble walking, and limited range of motion in my shoulders…but I have decided to ask a question about one symptom at a time.

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  • First of all, antibiotics only help fight off bacteria not viruses, so I'm not sure why your physician keeps prescribing antibiotics if you have a virus... There are several things that can cause your symptoms that wouldn't show up in a typical blood test. Prior to me going into all of them, do you have a fever?
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  • No, I do not have a fever. I did have a fever when I was having green sputum. But not now. My temperature is usually below 98.6 (Like 98.4). I do not think the doctor knows what is wrong. I really feel ill all the time. :eek: I am at the library copmputer...and I saw your reply. :)So give me a few days to reply again, because it is hard for me to get here. Please tell me about viruses, that are chronic. Thank you.
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  • Could I still have a virus that did not show up on the blood tests? A virus may only show up on blood test if the doctor knows what virus to test for. The thing is there are hundreds of different viruses!! and doctors only go and test most common or most likely ones (or the ones they are familiar with).What makes someone ill, when the blood tests are normal? once again.. if a doctor doesnt know exactly which blood test to do.. things can be like looking for the needle in the hay stack. One can be very very ill.. yet appear to be healthy, if wrong blood tests are being done.I also have trouble walking, and limited range of motion in my shoulders…but I have decided to ask a question about one symptom at a time. sometimes it's much better to post all your symptoms at the same time.. in case things are linked (many illnesses, may go along with other illnesses). Posting the whole lot, make it easier for someone to work out what could be going on with you. (I have an idea..but cant suggest it unless you have more symptoms then you said). Do you feel worst after exercise? eg post exertional fatigue or malaise Why are you having trouble walking exactly? what's stopping you.. balance? pain? weakness??????? Is the dizziness worst when you are standing still? Are you waking up tired? Are you having sleeping issues? over sleeping or insomina?
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  • Thank you everyone...I am going to look into Lyme disease, and electrical sensitivity!!!FYI: My doctor refused to test me for it when I asked!:mad: So I have to find a doctor who will do this. I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Also...here are my answers to the questions asked by taniaaust1...I am using the library computer, and do not get here every day...1-YES!!! I feel worse after exercise! The muscles throughout both legs get stiff/heavy (like dead weights) after 20-30 minutes of using them. Any time I stand or walk! It becomes very hard to move my legs. I drag my legs. The burning muscle pain gets severe. The pain stops when sitting, but the heaviness subsides slowly. I cannot kneel down and get up because of the heaviness in my legs, and sore weak knees. 2-I have the dizziness constantly...but it is VERY VAGUE...and it started in 2003, after I had a SEVERE attack of vertigo! 3-And I DO wake up very tired. I have had trouble falling asleep for over thirty years. And I get up to use the bathroom at night also. I hope you can give me some other suggestions of what could be wrong with my legs. Bless you all. :) If so many people are asking questions on this forum...it meand the doctors are not helping us!:(
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  • I cannot offer you a specific diagnosis, except to say that it sounds like you have some kind of autoimmune dysfunction going on. Since you were on several courses of antibiotics you need to be taking a good quality PROBIOTIC to replenish the beneficial flora in your gut. This is crucial to help boost your immune system. You can find a good quality probiotic at any healthfood store or online at www.vitacost.com (great prices). Find one with at least 5-8 strains of beneficial flora. Also, are you currently taking any medications? Lastly, please consider trying acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to help you get back on track. This can be extremely helpful!Best wishesDOM
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  • Any time I stand or walk! It becomes very hard to move my legs. I drag my legs. The burning muscle pain gets severe. The pain stops when sitting, but the heaviness subsides slowly. ummm yeah.. it's like trying to walk with sandbags strapped to the legs. Im going to suggest that by what you said it sounds like you could have chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), also called Chronic fatigue syndrome. This thou is less likely if you havent got memory and concentration issues going on too as most CFIDS people have those issues as well. (I forgot to ask you about that). Hows your memory and concentation? I have CFS myself and my legs are like that too. I also get leg drag (one of my legs at times is usually more affected than the other... I've been actually mistaken for a parkinsons disease patient at times due to the leg drag). Leg drag is worst for me when Im trying to get up a slopes of any kind. It's quite classical for CFIDS patients to keep being told they have a virus. (I kept being told I had viruses for the first 5 mths of this illness). Expecially in the beginning of CFIDS (during the first 6 mths to first few years of it).. the virus like symptoms are very very common. Fever is quite normal during that time. check out http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html Unfortunately.. 90% of CFIDS causes are undiagnosed (studies have shown that..and the CDC recongises this fact).. as most doctors dont know much about this illness and are not up to date with the latest info on it. What you probably need to do now.. is find a doctor who is up to date with CFIDS info.. to rule out everything which can appear like CFIDS and confirm your diagnoses if this is it. (i myself think it's highly likely that this is what your issue is esp if you also have "brain fog" or memory and concentration issues going on too). There are also common abnormalities in CFIDS in which can be tested for with scienctific tests which can also help point to a CFS diagnoses (thou not every CFIDS patient will have the abnormality). So far there is no one test to vertify CFIDS, not every CFIDS patient will get an abnormal result for any individual test). Some abnormalities OFTEN found in CFIDS (probably more likely to show up, the longer one has this illness or the more severe one is with it).. eg - POTS (tilt table testing can show it up).. if you start getting that dizziness more when standing (I actually go unconcious now if i stand too long due to the dizziness).. it's certainly then time for "tilt table testing". (POTS will often come in after one has had CFIDS for a while).- low morning cortisol (shows up adrenal dysfunction going on, which often goes on with CFIDS)- romberg's test (when the issues of CFIDS starts going more neurological)etc etc. (tests which doctors who are not specialists in various fields would not even think to test for. Another reason why it's important to find a CFIDS specialist). CFIDS will affect the whole system.. but nothing will be found unless the doctors are doing the right tests!! and most of the tests which pick up the abnormalities of CFIDS.. are very specialised ones.
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  • Don't rule out the thyroid yet. What were your TSH results? were they between 0.3 and 2.5? (CHECK IT!!!!!) ALso were you tested for the autoimmune disease of the thyroid Hashimotos and Graves disease...very common and often doctors do not test. I would get test for them. If your TSH was out of that range, very, very possible you are dealing with a thryoid problem and your doctor is not up on the latest on this very important gland. It effects EVERY cell in your body...but is usually very treatable. Also, how old are you? 35 and up you may be dealing with perimenopause...do you know that there are 34 symptoms (believe me I have had them all! ) Great site if you suspect that is www.power-surge.com even if you are not ready for this yet, take a look...non commercial and the forum is a GREAT bunch of ladies.....Joan
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