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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 7, 2007
  • 00:51 AM

Ok, I have been reading through these posts on a nightly basis trying to find answers concerning what seems to be a very long lasting if not permanent mystery virus/infection that seems to be sweeping the nation. For those of you reading - many people have posted in the last year talking of an illness/virus/infection that they believe is infectious, that more than just them have it - like family, friends, or co-workers. If your reading this, I'm talking to you!! Obviously none of us have answers, and no cure, otherwise we would not be convening here!!! None of us are getting better!!! Our lives are completely changed!! Our Dr'd tell us nothing is wrong, and then we go about our lives infection more and more people every day!! I'm not trying to freak people out here, but does anyone thing we had better do something about this? Maybe create a larger voice here..Why hasnt the CDC gotten involved, why are Dr's sweeping this under the carpet?? I don't know about you, but I'm freakin tired of it..I hate it. I'm tired of being sick, I hardly enjoy life anymore, and it's not fair. We need a name to this disease and a freakin treatment. We need to organize!!! We need to establish where we all live, and if people live close together, we need to form groups. Unless all of us want to stay this way!!! I know I'm not crazy, and I'm sure you all know your not too..Crazy does not bring on a very obvious physical highly infectious disease. I'm an educated, successful person, good job, good home, I have no reason to make this up, I just know I don't want to be like this forever.

If you have these symptoms, they you got our disease:

Tired all the time
Bad taste in mouth, dry mouth, spotty tonguel, thirst..
swollen neck glands
stiff achey neck
low grade fevers
occasional skin rashes
endless stomach issues all over the board
Funny stomach noises
leg muscle pains
weird dizziness and tingling in arms, hands, sometimes chest
a strange vertigo like feeling that accompanies tingling
Bad colored snot

I may have left a couple out, and it's important to know you may not have all these symptoms all the time, but they come and go, in severity and number.

I'm not mommycat, I don't think this is ME or CFS, this is something entirly different, it's a freakin outbreak, and we need to do something about it.


Let's start saying what states we live in and if someone in this thread lives in the same state as you, post again with a contact e-mail of your choice, then we can get together, if we go in numbers, maybe people will start listening.

I don't want to be like this for the rest of my life and keep infecting people,



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  • Have your doctor rule out CFS if you don't believe that's the problem.
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  • Look up information on the New Madrid fault line. There is radiation leaking from the earth's core due to external forces. The radiation is making sick people sicker. many with CFS are stating an increase or intensity of symptoms.
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  • i have the same disease but it has almost passed.I live in NYC too. Onset was in Ohio, weeks afterI was in new york.I believe it may be more complex than western medicine canallow for.please contact me. cirgenski at gmail dot com
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  • I have all of those symptoms. cept i had garbage smelling breath, some inflamed parts of the tongue that are now gone. constipated. just swelling nodes, fatigue, constipation and occasional night sweat and weird stomach sounds now. heartless doctors keep telling me il be okay and my immune system will fight it. i believe we need to get our livers, kidneys, thyroid and blood count checked since lymphnode swelling indicates inflamation, infection or cancer. Harristiu@gmail.comemail me. or messenger me.
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  • Western medicine does not have the answers. Eastern medicine is where people are finding relief from symptoms. This does not "pass". There are peaks and valleys associated with it. "Flare ups" come and go. There are a lot of people here with these symptoms. I noticed it too.NAET and Bioset are the best place to start. Then reiki will help also. Look into information on herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system but as always, under the supervision of a doctor.
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  • thats some really helpful information. the pharmaceutical industry is powerful however. where about can you find NAET, BIOSET, and reiki? do you have an email? i am sure there are countless people out there in terrible illness like us. -david
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  • Hello, I'm the original poster. I know NEAT is an option, but I'm not so much worried anymore about curing myself. The syptoms come and go, but I know it's a live long disease, and i'm sure others who are suffering this feel, and that it is not being identified is what is concerning me, and the uncertainty of passing it to others, and the long term damage, prognosis. HIV was an unknown illness until they gave it a name, and I'm sure it took time, and people who pushed the envelope. I'm looking for patterns, geographical areas, although it appears it can be carried anywhere, I'm wondering about environemntal factors. I'm not talking about allergens and that crap. This is CONTAGIOUS, highly at that. It's not an STD, and who knows what havoc this illness can wreak. Who knows. I don't think I can be of much help e-mailing people and discussing it further. I think if we come back to this post, report our location, further symptoms, and any test results or diagnosis found, at least we can take a look at the numbers, and at some point maybe we can come up with an action of some sort. I see a lof of posts on this thing, and I know it when I see it. Twenty nine years I've been on this planet, and I have never seen an unknown, unnamable conatgious illness this long lasting. The posts are easy to recognize - they say I've felt this way for way to long, now my wife, kids, co-workers have it, it went away mostly and came back, I feel weird pains all over, so tired, dry mouth, constant stomach issues, low-grade fevers, node pain...skin issues, and a heaviness, rapid heartbeat...weird, weird feeling....that's it. They've got it. They've given it to everyone around them, and so it goes. I rate my illness in numbers. I've been at a 2 for the past couple weeks, but I came off a 7 that lasted about 2 months. Nightmare really....I've given up on Dr's for the time being. I want to do my own research for the time being, I'm not dead yet. So we'll see. I'd like to look back at this post, and try to help people, and try to commit some data on paper. I can tell you the few things I do to help alleviate the illness if that helps:Drink lots of waterEat bland, healthy foods sleep a lot when you canIf you have mouth issues, try taking pepcid ac over the counter or prevacid, 2 times a day, one in the am, once before bedhot showers to clean the skin outstay away from sick people, over drinking, lots of stressDon't worry too much about the contagious thing, nothing can be done about it. We have to go on with our lives.
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  • how long has this affected your life?
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  • It is not contagious. It is the damge being done to our bodies through the use of vaccines. research CFS vaccines, you will find many doctors, researchers and scientists conducting research in relation to the connection. That's why it does not matter regarding geographic location. People all over the planet are vaccinized these days, hence the increasing number of sick people. Just look around this forum, you will get the picture. MC
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  • It is not contagious. It is the damge being done to our bodies through the use of vaccines. research CFS vaccines, you will find many doctors, researchers and scientists conducting research in relation to the connection. That's why it does not matter regarding geographic location. People all over the planet are vaccinized these days, hence the increasing number of sick people. Just look around this forum, you will get the picture. MCIt is the vaccines-Gash, I was drinking over 2 gallons of water daily due to the persistent inflammation.The vaccines are destroying our immune system. We all have an immune system that is underactive to pathogens and overactive to non-living matter and food!This is the real AIDS.There is Mumps going around right now on the East Coast. I got it in my school but because I had the MMR, doctors refuse to say that vaccines are making us prone to the disease.Hepatitis B vaccine linked to AIDS and Hepatitis.Viruses and bacteria activate it. The low grade fever and the white tongue shows the immune system overproduction of toxins.
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  • thats some really helpful information. the pharmaceutical industry is powerful however. where about can you find NAET, BIOSET, and reiki? do you have an email? i am sure there are countless people out there in terrible illness like us. -davidrustyangel3000 at hotmail dot come if you want to join forces. I am going to be busy in the next couple of days, but I could try talking to you.Someone from this message board is on critical condition. I am having a really hard time right now.Please don't try Reiki. It is useless for this disease.NAET/ Bioset is the only thing that can coach your body to accept nutrients.This diease corrupts the brain and one start rejecting nutrients, at the molecular level. so even if you don't throw it up- your body thinks that food is a virus.Someone came here a week ago, and said that we are guinea pigs for some experiment on our genome.naet.com -- they have a listing. It takes a while to kick in."Never Be Sick Again" is a quick survival guide to this plague.Oil of Oregano is flying of the shelves.Sylmarin and SeleniumQuercitin - Dandelion Root-
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  • I also have been suffering from every symptom listed here and I can't take it anymore. I had no idea anyone else had this and I am so sorry. I don't want anyonee suffering like this!!! My symptoms also included: bloated stomach, white brain matter, burning tongue/vagina.. stomach pain that moves all over. At present time my tummy must be taken care of. I can NOT think in this much pain!! Thanks everyone..I don't feel so alone anymore...V:)
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  • well, the person that posts the things about the hyperelectro activity or whatever- you do have a point. it does affect us all, but what in earth are we supposed to do? move to the middle of no where to get away from the millions of antennas and wifi routers? never gonna happen right now. here's the problem. unless you can afford to eat all organic food, you are going to have these symptoms- period. "fortunately" (ha) for us who have to buy our food on a budget, we can't afford to eat well and are PROGRAMMED not to. the fda, the ftc, the pharmaceutical companies, and the big time health insurance companies are alllll in it together. as long as one is making money, so are the rest. lets put chemicals and hormones in all of our food and make it TOTALLY affordable. GREAT! these chemicals are highly addictive and have crazy side effects, but so what? its cheap food. GOOD! some of the side effects are depression, fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, and most importantly, leave you wanting more. why? because the chemicals on and in our food literally KILL our tastebuds. we have to have foods with more chemical content to even TASTE anything. we lose the wonderful natural flavors of an apple or a tomato because our taste buds are so destroyed. well, now we have all these problems. lets go to the doctor! YAY! oh we're feeling depressed from this, tired from that, head hurts, joints hurt, pooing ourselves or having crazy gas or stomach problems, can't get up, can't go to sleep,runny nose, cough, can't laugh to hard, cry to much, and feel like just DYING. well good! they've got a PILL for you! so take this one for the depression, its gonna make you have diarreah or kill yourself. we've got an antibiotic to give you "just to be sure" we kill any infection running lose in there. not to mention, it will shut down your immune system for ya and your bod won't recognize that foreign body when it re-enters your system and you will be BACK there getting a stronger antibiotic. then they've got an allergy pill that causes heart attacks, a blood pressure pill that causes anal leakage, a birth control pill that can cause sudden unexplained death, and something for joint pain that might make you go blind. Lord, i just don't know why we feel so bad. (?!) But its ok, we keep going back, so the insurance co. is DEFENITELY getting paid. we are taking ALLL the drugs in the world, so the pharmaceutical co. is DEF. getting their money. and the FDA is getting a HUGE payoff, so they won't quit tainting our food in the first place. does the gov't know?? hm... do you think obama is eating a cheeseburger full of hormones with a bun full of BLEACHED (yes, the same u use for clothes) white flour? noooo. he has a live in organic chef. all of our lovely congressmen get paid BILLIONS of dollars a year to shut up. (you think THEY eat like we do? NO. they HAVE money AND resources.) well, now that you get all frustrated and mad at the people making money off of our pain (and yes i am poor and can't afford to eat organic all the time so i am still suffering from these ailments), lets go out and do something about it! we'll riot the streets like they did in the 60's! oh, no. we can't. all of us feel like crap. we won't do anything or cause any king of ruccus about this, because we don't feel like it. at least now you know WHY you don't feel like it. they want it that way. so now when you're mad, you're too sick to fight back. you know, LEGALLY, i can't even tell you a natural way to cure your stomach issues, to make your headache go away, or anything else. they have made it illegal to call any natural cure a CURE. only pharmaceuticals are "cures".(ha.) anyway, so, is there anything to do about it? sure. grow your own food, learn about how to take care of your body without docs (unless it is EMERGENCY medicine), and fight back by proving that we are not an ignorant nation and we will not be fooled. are we going to do that? eh. some people do. if we're on this website, we probably don't feel like it.
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  • Anybody got anything new concerning this thread????
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    • August 21, 2009
    • 04:44 AM
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  • I have had a relapsing illness with the following symptoms for about 1.25 years now. Started about a week after close intimate contact, ie. protected sex. I have had some periods of relief while on antibiotics, with the exception of doxycycline which makes me feel sicker.*Dry mouth and throat, especially while sleeping*Frequent unproductive throat clearing and swallowing (nothing)*Mild recurring raw throat and sinuses*Dry eyes, especially while sleeping*Disturbed sleep, either too much or too little*Numerous Recurring Sinus and URT infections with thick colored mucus*Headaches*Neck pain in the back of my neck and below my jaw joints, that causes a muscle to "pop" likes it's getting stuck as I roll my head*Recurring extreme toxic and ill feeling, much like a flu but without any outwardly visible symptoms*Occasional diarrhea*Sensitivity to restaurant food, and I cannot tolerate alcohol since it makes me feel much sickerAnd of course depression resulting from all this going undiagnosed. I feel like I have some sort of awful permanent disease (like HIV) that spread through casual contact. Just like the OP mine has fluctuating severity but more on a day to day timescale than months or weeks. Obviously I've been tested for everything imaginable numerous times, and even unlikely things like Lyme disease.Anyone else out there experiencing this set of symptoms that seem to be an unknown infectious disease, but can never eradicated from the body? To my knowledge I have not infected anyone else with this. I am also a 32 year old engineer, and was never in my life a hypochondriac. Now the one time I got to the doctors for help and most of them are clueless and want to question my rationality. Please contact me at mazryhm at yah00 d0t c0m
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    • December 21, 2009
    • 05:40 AM
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  • it's sjogren's syndrome. Go to a rheumatologist. It's something autoimmune. And don't let them say, "well, your bloodtests are normal, therefore, you have nothing autoimmune. That is false. You can get a lip biopsy, but even that is not 100% sensitive. You have sjogren's clinically, no matter what the blood tests say. Doctors either don't know, don't care, or most likely, both.
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    • February 21, 2010
    • 04:56 PM
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  • It is not contagious. It is the damge being done to our bodies through the use of vaccines. research CFS vaccines, you will find many doctors, researchers and scientists conducting research in relation to the connection. That's why it does not matter regarding geographic location. People all over the planet are vaccinized these days, hence the increasing number of sick people. Just look around this forum, you will get the picture. MCI can't blame vaccines. I haven't had a shot since I was a kid. I have had the strange,choking,gagging,cough and weak,achy muscles all winter. Lots of yellow vegetables{pumpkin,butternut squash,etc} and about 3000 mg of vitamin c has helped me.
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  • My breat has been Contagious for about 8 years now. At first I guess I was I'm denial and it quickly progressed In 2003 . I tell my doctors, they say allergy or sinuses. I have had a bronchialogy (spelling ) they said they had found nothing. Whenever IM around anyone to long their nose WILL start to run first, after long exposure they WILL get a headache. If I stay overnight or even talk too close they will have flu like symptoms. I have had my blood tested for hiv, herpes ,tb and everything that would explain my symptoms they all came back negative! Everyone has grew to deal with it and say nothing about it. I have a son that is afraid to come close to me he's 12 . I just want me life back!! This has been controlling my life!! I have hi blood Presser, but I haven't ever lost weight or appetite. If I drink alcoholic drinks it seems to make me more contagious. Im not a bad looking man so it rumored that I have hiv. That's nt the case so what can it b ? I've been tested every year cuz I want to know what's wrong. Please help
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    • October 8, 2011
    • 11:59 AM
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  • Let's get this thread up and running again. I am now sick with an undiagnosable illness that matches the symptoms above, and I want my life back! Please, let's start getting this thing publicised!
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    • October 31, 2014
    • 09:48 PM
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  • Did anyone ever find out what this is
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