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Fearing death is near, need advice.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 26, 2008
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im a 19 year old male 190cm who weight trains regularly past one and a half years, who has a host of endocrine problems and has had them for a while including very low testosterone, high estrogen and cortisol did bloodwork for endocrinologist just yesterday and am seeing him soon. Also extremely high IgE antibodies of 1900 normal which is under 100. Also low cholesterol. Allergies to dust mites and common grasses, candida (high amounts found in the blood) and low zinc, iodine, calcium and iron from the candida as well as low iron because of lack of testosterone. Im on a yeast free/low carb diet and ultrabiotic for the removal of candida.

Lately i feel as though i am going to die. I have been having chest pains and shortness of breath most of the time. Last night i was in bed and woke up and felt i was going to lose my breath i checked my BP on my monitor at home and it was 170/90 pulse 44. I walked around a bit then felt better. I am also freezing cold all the time now, my legs (upper legs) are now swelling, and this swelling would come and go and i have unimaginable fatigue and massive salt cravings... also urinating constantly and drinking huge amounts of water (i have been drinking and urinating a lot anyway all my life but alot more then usual) and i dont have diabetes since a glucose tolerance test i did couple months ago came back fine.

I have been to the emergency room 2-3 times and they said from the bloodwork they did (and thats all they did!) and my vital signs their is nothing wrong, although this is a very ****ty hospital. Ive also done a heart EKG twice and xray all which came back fine about 1 week ago, x-ray done about 6 weeks ago.

Basically im fearing for my life and my symptoms are worse and worse, i will probably get a referall from my doctor today to go to hospital and stay their till they find out whats wrong exactly because these are NOT endocrine system imbalances as i have had these all my life and know what they feel like, i just need anybodys help as to what this could be and the best thing to do, i fear the end is near.

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  • I am going through the same kind of issues right now. I can't give you any advice because I still haven't gotten anyone to take me seriously either. My testosterone is extremely low (160 ng/dl) for a 29 y/o. Been to two endo's and they both refuse to treat citing different complications. Trying a urologist now because that's what my primary doctor suggested next. I have many of the same issues as you and it's ruining my entire life. Life-altering fatigue (like I've never experienced before), hot/cold flashes, muscle aches and weakness, loss of strength in hands (can't hold a glass sometimes because I have no strength in my hands) etc.Try to keep at it until someone gives you some kind of treatment or advice. Medicine is an art form and a science but it's not exact, doctors are trying to treat you based on a set of symptoms and what's worked before and they don't always get it right. Any honest doctor will tell you at it's very core medicine is nothing more than educated guesswork based on how your symptoms look. I was misdiagnosed with a different problem twice a couple years ago before a third doctor caught it and fixed it. Just keep your chin up (I know it's hard) and do your research and realize that no one is an advocate for your health more than you. I've had to learn to get some balls with doctors because in the end, it's YOU that has to live with the symptoms daily...not them.Hope you get some relief soon.Take care.
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    • February 11, 2009
    • 02:28 AM
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  • Hey i actually posted this last year when i was at my worst. Im a lot better now dude. I have found out what is causding most of my symptoms it wasnt one thing but a whole bunch of things when combined = ***l ride. 1. Mercury toxicity... i got high mercury from eating fish a lot for the past 3 years plus some bodybuilding drug i used DNP + steroids both had mercury in them. Plus mercury hits the pancreas and kidneys. Reduces digestive enzymes being made by the pancreas.2. Candida overgrowth... again a lot of symptoms3. Weakened immune system... catching colds, middle ear infections and feeling flu-like symptoms almost all the time, still don't know if its full blown immune deficiency but am testing that soon4. Mild chronic gastritis.... more symptoms5. Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies... yet more symptoms6. Mild asthma and full blown allergies Dude doctors don't do ****, i am now my own doctor and its working better than ever before. I have figured out that their are many things that cause symptoms such as vitamin/mineral deficiencies, malabsorbtion problems, heavy metal overload, allergies to foods, chemicals, dust, grass etc..., candida overgrowth (has millions of symptoms literally look into it!!!) hormone imbalances, leaky gut or intestinal dybiosis, undermethylation (misreplication of your DNA due to nutrient deficiencies of Vitamin B12 and Folate which are needed to actually create DNA) Then i started: 1. Taking anti-histamines daily, eliminating allergenic foods (wheat, dairy, soy) Reduced sugar in the diet. Eat only healthy fresh foods such as lamb, beef, chicken, eggs, vegetables, olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, and certain grains/legumes/beans. 2. Probiotics daily to repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria.3. Anti-fungal medication Nilstat, + natural anti-fungal tonics.4. Immune boosting supplements and tonics such as astra 8 immune tonic, vitamin C, Zinc, Echicnacea.5. Fix vitamin/mineral deficiencies (did hair analysis to find out what i was missing)6. Improve digestion (swedish bitters, digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid)7. Mercury chelation with intravenous vitamin C + B vitamins and chorella.8. Improve methylation (B Vitamins particularly sublingual Folic Acid and the Methycobalamin form of Vitamin B12). And about to do testing at genovadiagnostics.com Optimal Nutritional Evaluation Full Liver Detoxification Profile Complete Digestive Stool Anaysis Secretory sIgA Id recommend you look into genova testing for yourself as well buddy it would really help you with your problems. Also look into all these other things i mentioned once you look into all those and fix anything that is a problem every other symptoms usually goes away.
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    • February 11, 2009
    • 03:30 PM
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