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  • Posted By: jayzturer
  • February 1, 2009
  • 03:01 AM

I live with fear 24/7 365.. Lets start at the beginning of this, I,m a 33 year male 6' 1" 235 lbs. I was in prison for 4 years, lockup as a young boy from 10 to age 14. I considered my self a so called tough guy. In the summer of 95 i was attacked in my home with a baseball bat at 3 in the morning on a saturday night by 4 men, i was able to escape with little damage, life was fine i continued my tough guy ways. 1 year later i was living in a new place and the same thing happened again, different ppl, but had my head split open by a pistol. tough guy ways contiued, 1 year after that it happened again. Ever since the last time i just shut down living life locked down in my home. I won't go out after dark, i always think ppl are after me, think ppl driving behind me are after me, have 7 deadbolts locking the front door. life is just out of control with my fear. I just do not know how i could go from some who would scrap with anyone to afraid of my shadow. Need help or any one who is experinceing this them selfs. sorry i'm not a great typer.

Fear in texas

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  • First let me say how sorry I am for all the s@#$ that you have been through. It sounds to me that you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. you should see a psych doc and try to get on some meds. I hope that you can find the help that you are looking for.
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  • I agree with Wolf.
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  • This is going to sound bad, but you should move to a safer neighborhood. I think anyone who has had that happen to them more than twice would start to freak out. It's not paranoid thoughts since odds show it's likely to happen to you where you are. I don't mean to make things worse. I want to see you safe, happy, and confident. You're not simply afraid - you're trying to be smart. Let the fear guide you to solid solutions, like researching a nice safe area to move to. Still be cautious, but with time and future pleasant experiences relaxing will come naturally and for good reason. You won't need to worry! You shouldn't have to be a tough guy to get by in life. That's gotta be exhausting, too! I hope you find peace. You deserve it. Everyone does.
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  • I'm usually not this philosophical,but now seems to be a good time to be so.If you believe in karma,it's easy to understand wht those injuries happened to you.To put it in a common way,''What goes around comes around.''There are those who believe that a law of attraction exists:that we attract certain things and people into our lives.Tough attracts tough;love attracts love.Therefore,since what you're doing is not working,you might want to try this approach by becoming the person you want in your own life.I'm older than you so that I've been able to discern patterns in my life and subject them to analysis.And guess what!This philosophy seems to be true as much as I used to argue against it.I think there's a book I read in about 1985 called''Love Is Letting Go of Fear.''I didn't get it then,but life keeps on giving us chances to learn our lessons no matter how severe they are.You have a great opportunity to change and let go of fear by becoming a good and decent person.You can do it!I no longer live in fear.
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