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Fatigue, fullnes in abdomen, lack of reality feeling

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  • Posted By: tmmontgomery
  • June 17, 2011
  • 09:24 PM

So I have been feeling like this for over a month, and my body is tired. I haven't been taking any medicine really other than Ativan to calm my nerves... and I just recently started Cymbalta. I do not know what's wrong... It has been such a journey.


General weakness in entire body
Fatigue and more pronounced weakness on left side of body, started in foot and then progressed to leg, then arm.
Feeling of being "full" in left side of abdomen, from nipple down to top of hip. no pain. I seem to think that it seems just a slight bit swollen but my mom says she can't tell a difference.
tightness in chest/ribs and when breathing, but can breathe fine
feeling that heart is tired
rumbling in stomach/left side that seems to be occurring more than normal
vibrating sensation in body, mostly in legs, but can be felt all over.
palpitations (can feel it sometimes in stomach, head,
muscle spasms (they are very small and occur mostly in arms and legs, these come and go)
loss of appetite
slight shaking sometimes
trouble swallowing sometimes
major trouble sleeping
blood shot/tired eyes
"pass out" feeling.... feeling of "woahh" I need to sit down. I have only felt this a few times, and it has been happening less and less.

The feeling and loss of depersonalization is definitely more pronounced when I got outside or away from the house, which I guess would be normal for the way I am feeling. I feel like I cannot leave without feeling awful. When I leave all I can think about is just getting back home. It's very scary.

I have been under the care of a neurologist ever since I started having the weird feeling in the left side of my body, and he ordered a spine and brain MRI which came back normal. I have also been under the care of several doctors, have gotten a pretty significant amount of blood work done, all comes back normal. Just got the results of 7 vials of blood that I gave for testing wednesday back today, including CBC, thyroid, arthritis, etc. etc. all normal. I am thinking that I might have some type of autoimmune disease, but I haven't found anything that really line up with the dreamy, out of touch feeling that I have. And what about the weird feeling in my left side? I was thinking for the longest time it might be MS... but from the MRI and physical exam, my nuero says it is definitely not.

A little history about me...

Back in about 2005... I started having this dreamy feeling, but it was not pronounced as it is now. I had a general feeling that I was not here... in a dream. But not really the loss of reality. I feel like I was more connected back then, mainly having more of a brain fog. I went to many many doctors and specialists. to no avail. Several brain scans, CT and MRI, and two nueros, nothing. Then I finally broke down and went to a psychiatrist who prescribed me Lexapro. It seemed to help me so I took it for a while. Before I knew it I was somewhat back to normal. I didn't feel all the way back to how I felt before I started getting sick, but I felt better. I was able to get back to my life, and still had some of the weird feelings sometimes, even having the "pass out" feeling sometimes (I think that the pass out feeling could be an anxiety attack... not really sure though.)

So I have been pretty much okay ever since then, up until about a month ago, which is when I got sick. I was originally diagnosed by an Urgent Care Clinic with Mycoplasma Pneumonia, but I wasn't convinced I had it because I wasn't exhibiting any of the symptoms. Went back several times, switched medicines, to no avail.

Thought it would get better, but it has only gotten much, much worse. As I said, I am at the point now that I can pretty much not function. I have had to put in a leave of absence at work, and I pretty much cannot leave my house.

I have been under a lot of stress lately, mind you I usually handle it pretty well. I have had two family members die in the past year, someone from my work that I didn't know well committed suicide, my father is in Afghanistan (coming home in a few weeks, I want to be better for that!!!), a very devastating round of Tornadoes ripped through my area in Alabama, my sister has been very sick, etc etc etc...

So my question is.... could this be some type of depression/stress alone causing all of these symptoms?? I am SO desperate for relief... I cannot function. It sucks so bad. As I said, I was thinking that maybe it was some kind of disease, and it still might be, but what do I do??
My internal medicine doctor prescribed generic bupropion (Wellbutrin) 75mg IR once a and Lunesta. Stopped the bupropion and switched to Cymbalta two days ago. Ativan when I need it when I feel really bad.

So my question is... should I go ahead and see a psyche? Or could this still be some type of physical diseast?? I need to get better soon because my dad is coming home from Afghanistan... but I have a bad feeling that it is going to be very hard to get back to normal. I have been literally sitting at home with the exception of doctor's appointments for nearly two months.
I am SO desperate for some type of relief. And I know it's not going to happen overnight, but I just feel like I almost don't have a mind anymore.... and I want it back! What do I do?!

Thank you so much for any help that you can provide.


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  • Hi Taylor, Many of your symptoms sound familiar to me, I suffered anxiety, the sensation of having trouble breathing and that 'spaced out/unreality' feeling. I also suffered a myriad of other problems including muscle weakness, recurrent vaginal thrush, itchy eyes, heart palpitations, depression, fatigue and general feeling of unwellness all over my body. I also had recurring digestive problems, including cramps (in all parts but particularly the lower left side of my abdomen), bloating and constipation. Some of these symptoms I suffered for years without positive diagnosis. Tell me, do you also suffer from skin problems, eg ecsema, achne, rashes? I spent years going to doctors and specialists to no avail- no one could tell me the root cause of all my symptoms. It wasn't until I visited a naturopath that I learnt about systemic candida. I took many rounds of antibiotics in my early 20s and believe that this caused an imbalance in the natural flora in my bowel. There is a theory that increased yeast growth in the digestive system, if left untreated, can spread through the blood stream into other parts of the body. Yeast is a natural element in a healthy body, but when it is allowed to over grow, it excretes toxins which can severely affect all parts of the body, causing many of the symptoms you have listed. It has taken me many months to get my health back on track. Once I realised what the root cause of my symptoms was, I did a lot of research, saw various doctors and naturopaths, I started the journey of healing myself. Candida is not something that you can be cured from over night, it takes alot of trial and error and effort to find the right treatment for you.It takes many months (maybe years) to undo the damage done by years of antibiotics and an unhealthy, western diet. I am not cured yet, but I have come a long way. Many of my symptoms have been cured (including the anxiety, heart palpitations, itchy eyes, stomach cramps), others persist, but are much less severe. My general overall feeling is much better. I have more energy and am feeling more 'normal'. If you have been cleared of any major disease through tests with your GP, and you have a history of courses of antibiotics, I suggest that many, if not all your symptoms are due to an over growth of candida. More people have this disease than know it, and it is not widely accepted as a condition by GPs, as there is no effective way of detecting an overgrowth of an organism that already lives in the body. There is alot of material out there to help you understand this condition (just type candida into google and you'll get heaps!). The two most helpful reading materials (books) I have found were Yeast infection no more and and The Yeast Connection. You can order the former as an Ebook online. You need to follow an anti-candida diet (its hard at first, but rewarding and has many health benefits. You will probably find that your stomach problems will be relieved as soon stop eating things that aggraviate it). You also need to take vitamins to boost your immune system. Finally, I recommend taking a class A (non illicit!) anti fungal drug called Nystatin. Class A means its given to pregnant woment, it has been around for nearly 50 years and is completely safe. My symptoms improved with the diet, but dramatically improved once I started the nystatin. My skin is better than it has been in years! It might take a couple of months for you to really see the effects, and you may have to take it for 6 to 12 months (don't go off it early, your symptoms will come back). Don't take a drug called nizoral, it's highly toxic to the liver and cannot be taken long enough to kill the yeast. I hope this has given you some direction. If your problems are not solely due to candida, you will still find that if you follow an anti candida program, your health will improve significantly. Don't worry, be hopeful, you can and will improve your health. I felt completely desperate and alone too, but the information you need is out there, it is just a matter of finding it and making some adjustments to your life. I hope this helps!Shannon
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  • Hi Shannon,I think I forgot to mention that I am male. I know that sometimes doesn't have anything to do with yeast and that sort of thing but just wanted to throw that out there.Yes, I do have some dry skin, especially on my scalp and face. And yes, I do have some acne. It's not bad by any means but it has never really gone away.Also some additional information, I had an abdominal ultrasound done and they found that I have an enlarged spleen. Have you read anywhere that excessive yeast can cause something like that?I had more bloodwork done about two weeks or so ago and some Epstien Barr Virus antibodies were off the charts, while others were non-reactive at all. Yesterday and this morning I have a weird feeling in my throat. I find it very interesting that yeast can manifest in mucous membranes, as have had a weird feeling in my throat that comes and goes.As far as a history of Antibiotics, I do have some history but by no means an extended period. When I first went to the urgent care clinic when I first started feeling awful when all of this started, they diagnosed me with mycoplasma pneumonia and I did two different rounds of antibiotics that lasted for about two weeks each. They did not help at all, in face while I was taking them I started to feel worse. Now my Internist is sticking with the EBV diagnosis, saying there's really nothing else they know of to investigate, since I've had pretty much every test done that one can do. I also did an ECHO along with my Ultrasound. came back fine. I am at my witts end! :(
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  • I am seriously going through the exact same thing that you just described. What should I do? I've really freaked myself out by thinking I have MS.
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  • Hey there Mary,The thing that has helped me the most during all of this is to keep a journal. It may sound trivial but it helps you to realize that some days are better than others. God gives us sorrow because sometimes we need it to show how happiness feels. Everything has a balance and your body will try to achieve balance and that is why some days are worse than others. But, keep a journal so you can look back and see how you felt on previous days compared to others. It will help you alot I assure you. I am not sure if you are going through the same waning of symptoms as me or not, but my symptoms come and go. They are almost never constant for more than a week or two. Like right now I am having a very hard time with the depersonalization feelings but I have not had any trouble with muscle spasms or the vibrating feeling or palps. It's mostly just the full feeling in my side that I know is still due to my spleen being swollen and the feeling of not being in reality.Have you been under the care of a neurologist? What kind of testing have you done? What does your PCP say??I am pretty strongly convinced that I do not have MS. I have had several other tests done as you can see in a reply post that I did a few weeks ago and just the fact that I have some symptoms now while others have stopped completely just does not follow the pattern of MS. MS has spells of days or weeks followed by times of remission. Mine is more of constant, all the time, the symptoms just vary from week to week.It is one of the most frustrating things in the world, not to be able to know what is going on with your own health... but you just have to keep pushing through and keep on keeping on for everything you love.Let me know what you've done so far in regard to testing. Anybody else's advice is obviously very appreciated at this point.
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  • Post back if you are still ill in another 4mths as I do have a suggestion to make then.. its currently too early right now to be suggested at this point. best luck
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  • Hi Taylor, sorry for some reason I assumed you were female. It is important to note that yeast infections affect men and women of all ages, primarily westerners (due to our medications and diet). I had no idea until I started research just how widespread the effects of this condition are. I do not want to run the risk of diagnosing every health problem being caused by yeast infection, but there is a lot of reading material out there that describes possible links between yeast infection and common health problems (such as skin problems, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, stomach problems) and some severe conditions (e.g. arthritis, MS, leaky gut syndrome). And if you have had extensive testing clearing you of any serious disease, I would suggest that you look into candida related illness. Have you done a candida diagnostic test? It involves going through a checklist of symptoms, giving a score for the severity you suffer. When you add up your score, you can determine whether it is probable that you have a yeast infection, and if so how severe it is. As for your blood test, I also have suffered chronic fatigue (EBV). Your enlarged spleen is most likely a result of this. Candida and EBV often go hand in hand, in that candida lowers immunity and makes the body more succeptible to infection (the same has been said about MS, arthritis and many other serious conditions). At any rate, going on an anti candida program will help improve any health conditions you have, seriously. Most westerners have an imbalance of yeast in their intestinal tract, if not throughout the rest of their bodies. I can recommend two treatments for your fatigue and EBV. They are natural supplements, both of which gave me immediate results (first day of taking them) and drammatically improved my energy levels. The first is Akai berries. You can get them in capsule form from a good health food shop. Three a day is enough to help me through the day and feel normal. They are completely natural (bascially crushed up, concentrated berries) and safe. The other supplement is harder to get, but equally beneficial. I believe that it actually cured my EBV. It is called Ming Gold, and is a unique Chinese herbal combination created by an American company called Neways. Only problem is you have to subscribe and be sponsored. Check out their website, they have really great stuff, including skin care and household products which are more environmentally friendly and do not contain harsh chemicals. Their facial moisturiser cleared up my dry skin immediately. I have been following the Yeast infection no more program and have found that it is helping clear up so many of my symptoms. I have just completed a 3 day juice fast detox - part of the program and while sceptical at first, I am feeling energised and revitalised. I am still taking Nystatin, which is also amazing. I know what its like to be hopeless and helpless about seemingly untreatable and undiagnosable health problems. After 6 months of treatment I am finally starting to see real improvements and a light at the end of the tunnel. Everything I have recommended has been thoroughly researched (through sceptical eyes) and tried, I really believe in these treatments and think they could help you (even if you don't think you have a yeast infection). Good luck and have faith, you're on the journey!
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