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  • Posted By: nonikhaya
  • March 3, 2008
  • 10:44 AM

I have been suffering from extreme fatigue for quite some time now. I am anxious, tired; I can't concentrate at work, I sometimes have trouble breathing. I can't seem to make a decision about anything. I go from excessive sleep to sleep deprivation, and it all leaves me feeling tired and exhausted in the morning. Is this physical or mental?

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  • Do you feel like it is something mental? Or do you know something is physically wrong with you? Is is brought on by stress or depression? Or do the symptoms persist even though things around you are great? I have unexplained fatigue for awhile now...been searching for a diagnosis. I have been told I was depressed and that's why even though everything was going great in my life. My only frustration was the fatigue. If you think its physical stick to finding out what is wrong with you. Trouble breathing can be anything from anxiety to a symptom of an autoimmune disease. If I were you I would discuss my symptoms with the doctor and see what they think. Maybe try to keep track of when your symptoms are worse, any triggers, that kind of thing. Good luck!
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  • Sorry you feel so tired all the time.My unexplained fatigue turned out to be from Hashimoto's Encephalopathy. It's a rare complication of autoimmune thyroiditis. HE is diagnosed by symptoms and elevated thyroid antibodies; and is treated with steroids, often just a single pulse and taper.Of course, one of the first things they check when you complain of fatigue is your thyroid. My hormone levels were always okay, so for 8 years, I was told the problem wasn't from my thyroid. I was reassured that my gland was healthy. I also had bad headaches and some other symptoms (balance problems) so I went to various neurologists trying to get diagnosed. It took 8 before they checked my thyroid antibodies and sure enough, they were highly elevated. Then they did an ultrasound of my gland and it was full of tiny nodules from the autoimmune destruction. I was pretty devastated at the time because so many doctors had told me my thyroid was fine (I had a lot of thyroid symptoms over the years) and most of them implied I had some psychosomatic disease because all my labs were coming back normal. I mean, some even wrote in my chart that I was "fragile" and needed therapy, etc. I just needed a correct diagnosis and treatment, as I had spent years on antidepressants and they did not help the debilitating (oppressive) fatigue.I don't know if my case applies to you, but i do know that thyroid disease is very common, especially in women. HE is sort of new so most doctors don't know about it, which is scary because many HE sufferers have normal thyroid hormone levels and doctors are trained not to check antibodies unless hormones are off first.Again, i have no idea if this will help- there are many things that cause fatigue. I suspect that many cases of fatigue are actually undiagnosed autoimmune diseases- thyroid or whatever. In any event, if you think the fatigue is too severe to be from depression, keep searching for answers. Depression can cause fatigue and problems with concentration, but so can a lot of other things.Best Wishes
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  • If you feel that this is bodily rather than mental, you could look into post viral fatigue (through immunological blood exams), mineral or nutrients deficiencies or adrenal burn out, which seems to be very common too. Are you under a lot of stress? Do you smoke, consume alcohol, caffeine or artificial sweeteners? Some of these habits can really drain your energy in the long run!
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  • Do you feel acky with mucle pain or cramps? It could be fibromyalgia. There is no tests to diagnose it other than pain when certain parts of the body are touched. Also a lot of doctors don't believe it is a disease so they won't diagnose it.
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  • Stress or depression could cause those symptoms.. do you still get symptoms when you are feeling happy and everything is good with your life? If you get symptoms still when you are feeling emotionally good.. the problem would be more than psychological
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  • I also have fibromyalgia but it is accompanied by pain levels and various other symptoms which you haven't mentioned, but it may be something you like to follow up on/rule out. Elke, a question for you - did you see a specialist to get them to do the other thyroid tests? My thyroid always shows up as normal but a lot of my symptoms (which also relate to fibro so hard to tell) make me curious about these 'other thyroid tests' as I also find it very hard to lose weight despite being relatively active and eating healthily. I believe our thyroid tests are also different in Australia to those in the States.
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  • Graves disease can cause this sort of feeling...
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