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Fainting/nausea/fatigue/fever/abdominal pain, all getting worse. HELP!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 14, 2011
  • 02:21 AM

I am at my wit's end here. Please, please, someone help me figure this out before I go nuts.

I'm a 25 year-old female, and until about three years ago, I was perfectly healthy. For the past three years I've had a gradual onset of symptoms which have all escalated within the past month and even more within the past week. I feel extreme nausea, dizziness, my abdomen hurts, I feel feverish, I feel like I want to faint and my heart is racing. I've felt this way constantly for about a month - it's just gotten worse in intensity for the past few days. Sometimes I feel like something is pressing on the inside of my throat, like something is stuck deep inside, like when you're choking up from emotion. Two weeks ago I fainted outside of a coffee shop. I have fainted sitting down in my room as well. Right now I feel like I want to faint and vomit at the same time.

I'll try and give a full timeline - I am not sure what is part of whatever condition I may have and what isn't. The mental health episode I had three years ago could be irrelevant, but I'll describe it anyway as it was very odd and has not recurred.

It started with a very sudden depression three years ago. I say depression because that is what the psychiatrist I eventually saw at my school suggested, but to be honest, I'm not sure what it was. I became extremely tired and restless at the same time. I did not feel sad or moody. I did not have a lack of appetite. I asked my dean to take some time off from school; my dean sent me to mental health services; there, I saw a psychiatrist that had me take a blood test to check my thyroid.

The test came back as slightly hyperthyroid. The psychiatrist said it was borderline, and in any case, should have no bearing on my depression. I was proscribed Zoloft.

Within two weeks, I started feeling very moody and prone to anger. I also started getting fanciful ideas: this is extremely painful to admit, but after my psychiatrist mentioned it in passing as an option in case things did not get better, I got it into my head that all I needed was to spend a few days in a mental health hospital to shake myself up. I still can't understand why I acted the way I did - I'm still so angry with myself - but bizarrely enough I lied to my psychiatrist about being suicidal, thinking it was the only way I would get admitted. I was no longer lethargic at this point, but extremely emotionally volatile.

Within a few days of getting admitted, all the fatigue was gone, and I suddenly became extremely energetic. I felt like everything was boosted: my mood, my appetite, everything. The doctor at the hospital was convinced I was faking it, and I had no way to disprove it, obviously, considering I'd lied in the first place. He eventually concluded I was not bipolar - I was not manic, my thoughts were not racing, etc. I was still emotional, prone to anger (which is very atypical). I could not concentrate on anything.

I was released two weeks later and went back to my home country. I did not renew my Zoloft; I had no issues withdrawing; the depression-type mood was simply gone, and my hightened energy and emotional state fizzled out after an additional two weeks.

Ever since that initial burts of energy, I have gradually become more and more exhausted. I am tired all the time, but cannot get to sleep. Cutting coffee doesn't help. That was the only issue for two years.

Within the past year or so, I've started having a racing heartbeat and being nervous all the time. Everything is going great at school, personally, financially, everything. Yet I still get fits of anxiety.

Within the past three months, I've started feeling dizzy and faint at random times of the day. The feeling of something blocking or squeezing my throat also showed up. I swing from mood to mood. In comparison, before all of this started, I was constantly bubbly, never got angry at anything or anyone.

Within the past month the nausea started. I fainted twice, and feel like I want to faint all the time. It's like even when I am not actively feeling sick, it's constantly just beneath the surface. The first time I fainted, somebody had called an ambulance and I got taken to the hospital. They checked my heart and found nothing wrong. They concluded I was probably dehydrated. I should mention that I drink abnormal amounts of water every day, as I'm thirsty all the time. It was a slightly warmer day (but still chilly March), one of the doctors suggested my body was just adjusting to the heat. It's true that I can't stand heat anymore.

Within the past week the nausea and dizziness have become my constant friends. Two of the past nights I've woken up in the middle of the night feeling like I want to vomit and faint at the same time, unable to do either, just stuck in a sweating mess. My lower right abdomen hurts most of the time (but it could be unrelated, who knows).

I haven't gained or lost any weight, but I eat a lot more.

I finally went to the doctor last week, two weeks after fainting, feeling out of my mind already. He suggested hyperthyroid and ordered a test. I took the test Monday.

Today I had such a severe, feverish nausea attack, I called acute care at our school and asked what to do. The nurse called me back later and said she'd looked at my records, and the thyroid test looked fine. She also said a stomach bug had been going around campus, and that I would probably get diarrhea so keep hydrated.

I haven't gotten diarrhea yet, it doesn't feel like I will. The fever is letting up then coming back.

I AM AT WIT'S END. I don't even know if the doctor is going to call me back, seeing as how I don't have hyperthyroidism. It explained every single thing that's been going on with me, but now it's back to square one and I just can't handle going back in to the health center, knowing they probably think I'm simply stressed out. At the same time this is getting so bad I don't know if I can handle it anymore.

Please, please, please, if anybody has any ideas, please just help. Tell me what to do, tell me how to fix this, tell me what this IS. I'm crying right now, I just can't deal anymore.

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  • bumping this post, hoping someone has an answer for you.
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  • "My lower right abdomen hurts most of the time (but it could be unrelated, who knows)"Appendix and right ovary are down there... Appendicitis usually becomes acute and will burst if not treated, but sometimes a low grade infection can persist, though rarely for the amount of time (years?) you are talking of. Hopefully, they did a white blood cell count during your tests. This should have ruled out infection. Polycystic ovary problems should come and go with your monthly cycle, but may be chronic. An ultrasound might shed some light on this possibility. "I should mention that I drink abnormal amounts of water every day"Excess fluid consumption can flush out water soluble vitamins and electrolytes which can cause all sorts of symptoms. Water soluble vitamins are mostly the B-complex family, and a B-complex supplement shouldn't hurt to try for a short time. A low dose B-complex taken twice a day is better than a high dose taken once a day. Potassium and possibly Magnesium are two electrolytes that can cause cardiac and other issues (fainting) you described. It's best to get potassium from food sources. Tomato juice (0r V-8), orange juice and bananas are three good sources of potassium and certainly shouldn't hurt to try. You can get magnesium from foods too (beans, nuts, potatoes), or a "Mag Citrate" supplement. Don't overdose on Mag tho! Low doses (200mg) once or twice a day are best. Mag supplements can also cause loose bowels, so if this happens lower the dose. Boosting Potassium and Magnesium should show results very quickly if this is the problem. If this doesn't help in a week it's most likely something else. Good Luck and GodSpeed to you. Let us know how you're doing.
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